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How to scam the NZ immigration system if you are a woman

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,Law & Courts — JohnPotter @ 8:43 pm Mon 18th February 2019

A letter via the MENZ contact form. A lesson on how to use WordPress anonymously is probably not what this man needs right now, so I’m posting this on his behalf in the hope he might gain some useful response.

His letter is one of the clearest expositions of how women on temporary visas are recruited and supported to scam the immigration system by using Domestic Violence Act as a weapon against fathers.

This guy made at least two very bad decisions; firstly to respond to his wife’s provocations with violence, and secondly to threaten to kill himself with a knife when faced with arrest. But is this a sufficient reason for a little girl to loose her father forever, which I predict is the most likely outcome of this case?

I’ve added paragraphs to make it more readable, and [redacted] anything that might identify him. Otherwise the words are his.

Hello Menz,
Nice to meet here you all.

Recently I and my wife physical harmed each other.

She walked to police, now there are 4 charges on me.

(1)Assaulting my wife,

(2)Assaulting my [pre-school]child (off course I never ever hit my child, she faked at police),

(3)Using offensive weapons(i took when police reached my home to arrest me, and asked for my wife and daughter passport, first time facing police in the emotion i took knife and said police I cannot see my daughter again I will hurt myself),

(4)Breaching protection orders(a week later my wife served my protection orders though police, I accidently dialed(went as missed call) to her whatsapp while scrolling through her chats with me, she used this chance to file one more charge against me).

I served in [redacted] Central Police station prison twice, once on the day of incident and sencond one 1 month later for breaching protection order.

Child lawyer arranging supervisor for my child visit. Child is with my wife at Present. Child lawyer recommends to appoint professional supervior from an agency called “[redacted]”.

I am not sure how easy for me in having the court eastablished professional supervisor. Courts also appoints an interpretor along, as I speaking with my daughter basically in [an Indian] language. We are [redacted] by mother tongue and my child is not familiar at English.

After the physical harming incident police prosecution has put my wife and daughter at Women’s refugee. My wife has told her lawyer that she decided to end the relationship with me.

I have also been put out of my rental house by the tenancy protection act. Now have not proper house to live. Living in a freiend’s assistance

Now I am paying a huge to my lawyer to defend myself in court and to get the last 3 charges discharged.

I am not a resident or citizen in New Zealand. I am from India and I am living and working in [redacted] on temporary visa. My wife and daughter are also on temporary work visa whose visa are dependent on my work visa.

All my wife want is, live permanently in NZ and her plan is to get the permanent residence status. She do not want to depend on me for applying residence visa.

Moreover she do not like that I am being too conservative towards saving money for our future. She wants to lead a luxurious life and keep spending more money

Now she is using my child as weapon, as she know that I love my daughter like anything. She want to split away my daughter from me. She wants to gain residency status in NZ using the present situation.

As I got criminal charges it is unlikely that I could able to apply for PR. At worst case I may need to leave NZ and deport to India if I am convicted.

I have agreed before police and court for the physical harming I did on my wife, but police or court didn’t given ears when I try to say that she physically assaulted me first and provoked me to hit her.

She did intentionally, to put my residency in trouble and to split my daughter away from me. We have been living in NZ for past [redacted] years.

I was in the process of apply for our permanent residency just the days before incident happen. I did all my efforts to my wife, for her to live with me wherever i had traveled since we married in [redacted].

But after we arriving at NZ she has joined the Play Center as cleaner and she learnt a lot from the ladies there on how to use the NZ police and Law here to put me in trouble in order to execute her plans.

I am looking for some immigration advice here, I tried contcting some immigration lawyers, that look sto be highly expensive about $500 per hour, that I am no affordable to pay

May I get some help.
[name redacted]


  1. Reminds me of Robin Williams in “good morning VIETNAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMM!!!!!!

    What a wake up call for the troops 🙂

    or the other one by Bill Maher in “Groundhog day”

    I can’t say “welcome to vietnam” cause it was only one day at a time. and morning does not last past lunch.

    Can’t say “welcome to Groundhog day!” cause even if he did commit suicide, he will be back tomorrow to serve the sentence.

    “oH my” said tigger, “what to do? the day is almost over and I have not found anything nice to say yet today.”

    BAsically wife got corrupted by the playcenter perverse who fill her head up with bullshit. “you have to go home why? You cook all his meals? even breakfast? and you wok too? and you look after your baby? and you have no friends? And you need help? And you need support? what a horrible man. and he works how long? 18 hours a day? what a criminal! That’s neglect! that’s emotional deprivation! oh you are so strong! I would have left long ago! You both working to make ends meet andyou alone would be better off on the dpb, you’ll get more than he gets… This is bullshit, you need help!”

    and that is how it all got started… the rich helicopter parents need a project “Whose life to ruin this week?”

    Now it’s wine a your house from 11 am until 2:30 when we collect the kids and then from 4 o clock onwards on week days.

    see you next weekend…

    I have seen this with my own eyes. A gang of women going house to house wrecking relationships, perverting, corrupting and kidnapping unsuspecting women out of happy and balanced relationships and even making anonymous call outs to CYFS to get kids removed from parents.

    Comment by JustCurious — Tue 19th February 2019 @ 2:06 am

  2. I feel shitty with myself because I should feel bad for him but I am in glee.

    It’s like a part of me is excited this happened because it proves everything I have been saying it would happen did happen.

    But I do not know him and I do not wish this upon anything or anyone.

    I was in his shoes maybe 14 years ago and I felt probably the same fear, stress, amazement and disbeleif. And yet I had committed no crime and had nothing to confess unless I wanted to accept the lies put before me. And not contest them.

    But his case is direr because his entire existence here is at stake and if he gets deported, his kid will remain and he will not likely have ever any chance of re-entering the country.

    So you got the family court battle ahead, the criminal charges and immigration to contend with.
    Not addressing the protection order, the breach of the protection and child support as well as being the support person for probably 20 to 50 people back in India whose only hope and dream to leave india rests on him. And that does not include the entire family back home he is in charge of for sustenance, medication and probably seeds for farming. And I will be polite enough to not mention legal fees.

    It’s a catastrophy of cosmic proportion for this guy. Pardon the majestic speech but he is “royally fucked!” or to put it plainly, eviscerated and now tasked to hold his inners in for fear of breaching the peace.
    It’s not bad after all. He will recover and first thing is to know he is lucky. No matter how bad it looks right now, it will get better. Just tell him not to do anything stupid… Threatening to take one’s life is childish and as he sees now has made things ten times worse (that’s emotional manipulation by the way and he must grow out of it) and if he is drinking alcohol, he better quit. Now and forever.

    Aaah now I feel better but I am still pissed off by his stupidity.But I did try to say something nice… It’ all going to be all right.

    Comment by JustCurious — Tue 19th February 2019 @ 2:28 am

  3. To the Author of the letter above,,,, I feel badly for you, I hope that you have friend and family, otherwise you just need to keep talkin to get through and heed any advice you can and most of all take care of yourself and do not make any bad moves,.. at all.

    Good Luck.

    Comment by mama — Tue 19th February 2019 @ 1:25 pm

  4. And how many such situations are adding to the current ten thousand plus waiting for housing?

    Comment by Evan Myers — Wed 20th February 2019 @ 11:51 am

  5. And the thing is, this not new.

    UOF encountered this 20 years ago, and the obvious extrapolation for anyone who wanted to think forward, is this will end up being another old women occupying a family home at the expense of the taxpayers.

    While the man, often for whom English is a second language, limited income potential, total loss of capital, and little support, has no other choice but to go back to where he came from.

    I have vague recollections of a court case in a foreign country with a woman being prosecuted for the deception.

    Comment by Downunder — Thu 21st February 2019 @ 7:55 am

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