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Professor Jordan Peterson in NZ

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 9:06 pm Wed 13th February 2019

I have to put this one forward.

A shameful performance from Iris Krzyzosiak, a representative of Auckland Peace Action when Mr Sean Plunket interviews him.

Interview link click here.

5 Responses to “Professor Jordan Peterson in NZ”

  1. Downunder says:

    This is totally hilarious and since this is such an insignificant platform that nobody takes any notice of, I’m safe from having to take responsibility for any repercussions that might occur from having a laugh at his expense.

  2. triassic says:

    What a complete Tosser Iris Krzyzosiak Shows herself to be. I cringed as I listen to Sean Plunkett desperately trying to understand what it was that she was finding objectionable in Peterson. It reminded me of Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux being interviewed by Patrick Gower. Their focus is so narrow that it appears to halve their IQ…..or maybe not?

  3. Evan Myers says:

    Sean Plunket refers to Krzyzosiak as male, but surely she is a trans woman?

    It’s not clear from the sound of the voice.

  4. Greg Allan says:

    @triassic …

    I’ve done several radio interviews over the years and always put hours into preparation. In this case Iris Krzyzosiak has clearly done none at all. Very disorganised. Too used to inhabiting echo chambers I suspect.

  5. Evan Myers says:

    It was like an on air apprenticeship.

    (IT) couldn’t even respond to the press release (IT) was addressing.

    In one respect you might say it was taking the piss, but see this from Plunkets point of view – he had to rescue a disaster from opening moment to make it an interview.

    What did this idiot actually represent.

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