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Archive of February 2020

Imperative reading if you intend to live with a partner for 3 yrs +

Wed 26th February 2020:

Property Relationship Act (How to make theft legal) You won’t get this from a lawyer PRA

how to proceed with my case ?

this started off with a without notice application based on violence and drug use also citing child neglect and untidy living conditions (majorly played up for maximum effect) i held onto my daughter for a week over our informal arrangements due to being threatened to never see her again, police did an uplift after an […]

Family Trusts to protect your house against gold diggers

Mon 24th February 2020:

New story here. Top NZ lawyer closed his family trust and others should follow suit I am not a lawyer so correct me if I am mistaken. A friend of mine has a prenup also called a contracting out agreement and a family trust which both have failed. There is an abundance of newer case […]

Back to the Future

Tue 18th February 2020:

I spied an advertisement I am not sure as to what exactly it meant a job vacancy for support/caregiver work but implying that Women need only apply I supposed that possibly their clients were mainly women..?? Do they not need strength to lift and support, to sing, to charm, kindness and great knowledge and interests […]

Self Representation Workshop – February 29

Fri 7th February 2020:

This workshop is designed for parents who have been left with no other option but to self-represent in family court. About this Event Family court is not for the faint of heart. Whether you are applying for custody or defending an application, this is the workshop for you. Knowledge of the unknown makes the process […]

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