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Archive of March 2021

Mental Health Report

Wed 31st March 2021: Report Link Twenty years back this platform was a rogue nuisance demanding the freedom of such information. Credit to Henry Cooke, Stuff’s head political journalist for his work here. Many individuals suffered the unfortunate consequences of political aggression because the media wasn’t working as it should. I haven’t suddenly become a STUFF fan, it’s […]

Men Must Write

I’ve copied this from a New Zealand political page … It could just as easily apply here.

Dad’s story – Victim of DV !!

Tue 30th March 2021:

Judge’s minutes >!Ah4Km37emibr2CoH9rEZMhIVHilf The NO-MAN land ! Biased and discriminatory system – read the minutes of the impartial fair Judge !!Ah4Km37emibr2CoH9rEZMhIVHilf A dad’s story (Victim of Domestic Violence) – Mum misled immigration and couple of weeks after she was granted NZ residency, 👉 Mum was charged “assault on a family member” + ” […]

School makes 12 year old boys stand in front of the girls during assembly and ‘apologise for rapes committed by their gender’

News Story Here Parents and male students were left ‘mortified’ after their school forced them to stand in assembly and apologise to their female classmates for sexual assaults committed by males. Brauer College in the south-western Victorian town of Warrnambool held an assembly on Wednesday where boys were told to stand up in a symbolic […]

On Conservatives

Tue 23rd March 2021:

Yesterday I put up a post on Todd Muller but what struck me most in the comments was not reflecting so much on his situation but more along the lines of how that might be seen in thinking about conservatives. These days conservatism is seen as

Housing Crisis caused by Feminism and the breakdown of the family unit.

D-day for the Government’s plan to fix housing, with few easy options i.e. TAX. Housing Crisis caused by Feminism and the breakdown of the family unit. Separated families need two dwellings. Both dwellings need to have a bedroom for each child. That is not what the law says, its what a Family Court orders. […]

On Todd Muller

Mon 22nd March 2021:

I was in a discussion recently about the National Party. More specifically about the year prior. I had to refer to Muller as the guy who rolled Simon Bridges because I couldn’t remember his name. I forgive myself for that, though, he was very much an unknown in the political narrative, but to be fair […]

Conversation around Consent,,, and the need to understand the reasons why we are having this conversation…

Fri 19th March 2021:

When I initially heard what the NSW Police commissioner was proposing,, I kinda liked the idea. He announced they are thinking of using an APP for consent to sex. I thought it could possibly help protect guys.. could make it worse.. debate still out. Actually the phone I personally own doesn’t get used and […]


Mon 15th March 2021:

So, you don’t have empathy or you don’t feel like you have empathy? A small percentage of the population don’t and that has a significant affect on their personalities and their relationships with other people. But don’t let feminists fool you into believing you’re not empathetic if you don’t agree with them or don’t feel […]

Andrew Little is here again to increase the male suicide rate in New Zealand using the new sex violence bill

Sat 13th March 2021:

Andrew Little is here to increase the male suicide rate in New Zealand. Do you want to know how you fade away the rights of an individual? You do it in steps. When people become accustomed you just add another step. A layer. Removal of common law rights. Countries around the world have done […]

New Sex Violence Bill

Fri 12th March 2021:

An interesting critique of the new Sex Violence bill by a QC: One thing the proposed new law seems to do is make it more difficult for a woman’s relationship history to be brought up in court. Fair enough, you might say – obviously there’s a danger of someone’s past behaviour being used against […]

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