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Auckland barrister Samira Taghavi’s Innocence Protection Project

Filed under: General — Sam Butler @ 11:33 am Mon 17th May 2021

I thought some of you would find this of interest. It is a project by an Auckland lawyer to combat the new Sexual Violence Bill – or at least to try to mitigate what are likely to be its effects. Note the comment box where you can share your own experiences with her anonymously or even offer your support.


  1. It makes me sad and deeply concerned that common sense and caution when dealing with human rights are ignored in favour of upholding popular academic feminist rhetoric. It damages both families, men and feminism to ignore the rights of all parties to open, equal justice.

    Political ethnic or gender slant have no place in true human rights. As soon as we lose that perspective, you can destroy a persons life, reputation or career by innuendo alone. There is no allowable defence against lies, and no consequences. Vindictiveness exists in the Family Court system and is seldom punished if perjury is uncovered.

    Comment by Ray Jaymon — Mon 17th May 2021 @ 1:54 pm

  2. Quote:
    Green MP Jan Logie (BA and not LLB) gave a speech that included emotive hyperbole, mischaracterisation as to present supreme authority in this area to nonspecialist and minority legal voices – not to mention “proof” by bare assertion and mere repetition.
    End Quote

    This MP is and has been doing this her entire career.

    This legislation is coming out of the law commission and so is the thinking that has grown to support the thinking of these MPs.

    This is the battle we’ve fought in family court, more so now in Parliament and we will see it infest our criminal courts.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to see this here, but the resolution is a major shift in politics and representation in Parliament to be able to achieve change.

    Comment by Downunder — Mon 17th May 2021 @ 4:58 pm

  3. I got some good legal advice from her.
    In one her well written comments.

    “The minister added that defendants “lose no rights” in having to apply under the bill (hopefully successfully) to a judge to have relevant evidence heard by the jury. Plainly he does not comprehend that the word “right” does not describe something for which one must apply. Rights are things we have without asking – not things for which we must plead.”

    Please can I see my kids?

    The right not to be prosecuted for a crime, when found not guilty?

    Prosecutions alone can ruin a persons life.
    Lawyers costs destroying financial futures.
    Media publicly shaming.

    The Crown takes no responsibility.
    I can see them conspiring now.
    Who cares if the rape complaint is false.
    It’s like there thinking about justice is backward.

    Better 1000 innocent be persecuted.
    Than a single rapist go free.

    Like Karma, or Universal Theorem compliant.
    They desire Justice.
    But sating desires for revenge.
    Inherently do the opposite.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 17th May 2021 @ 7:49 pm

  4. Sam,

    This is a good effort to highlight what is happening to the right to a fair trial.

    But that sexual violence law is now the law. Just guessing it is probably retrospective too.

    Here is a list of the people against the new law.

    Simon Bridges (MP. Used to be a prosecutor for the Police in sex cases)
    All defence lawyers.
    Almost every prosecution lawyer.
    The NZ law society.

    Here is a list of people for the new law.

    The Labour Party.
    Andrew Little.
    Kris Faafori.
    Labour MP’s who can’t vote on their own conscious.
    Woman looking for a worthwhile ACC payment.
    Woman for whatever reason they choose to make up years afterwards.
    People I consider nut jobs like Julie Anne Genter who I recall believes all men charged of a sex crime are guilty upon accusation and have to prove their innocents. (cant seem to find that one on the internet anymore). Please, help me find it.

    The politicians think it’s perfectly acceptable to lock up a man for up to 20 years with new rules to make it extremely difficult to cross-examine the complainant.

    They are good with that.

    I have no doubt, the court of appeal will be busy examining and overturning guilty verdicts on the basis of not a fair trial.

    I’ve come to accept the mindset of others can’t be changed. Those people must be replaced.

    But who in their right mind would want to be an MP?

    Comment by Lukenz — Wed 19th May 2021 @ 4:03 pm

  5. Yes there is a big push for ACC handouts.
    But it’s really only for women.
    And exposes a reality.

    I noticed the ACC acceptance rate, from claims.
    Which is the start point involving free counselling.
    Is 5% for women, 3% for men.

    My guess, a representation of reality.
    While many genuine victims don’t go past that stage.
    Non bigoted psychologists will likely spot the liars.

    No surprise they don’t believe men however.
    It’s part of culture now.
    Any man can be persecuted, for anything.


    The man haters are persecuting a lawyer presently.
    A MeToo, desperate to find one, pinup boy.
    Apparently the fact he was seen in a sauna once.
    Semi naked, meaning clothed, with a women.
    Cuddling, not with the woman complaining.
    Was partly justification.
    For his persecution.

    Why isn’t the female in the sauna, named.
    Publicly persecuted by media.
    For betraying, hate men feminists.
    Isn’t her horrible act, the same as his.

    He was drunk apparently.
    But they danced with him.
    Talked with him.
    Drank with him.

    Luckily he was saved.
    By rare, caring co-workers.
    After all.
    If a drunk women, got into a car with 2 strange men.
    Anything could happen.

    Like having sex when he is to drunk to consent to have sex.
    Or removing the condom during sex.
    Waking him up, to sex without consent, in the morning.

    They could have scored big time.
    Instead of just hate men feminist credentials.
    Likely resulting in a political future.

    They could have got pregnant to a rich man.
    Who needs to work when you can cash in.
    After all, everybody involved in his fake trial, are clearly stupid.

    Why one event, or with a little group.
    All saying similar, innuendo accusations.
    Should there not be, long lists, of actual victims.

    Of his not committing crimes.


    Sex abuse culture?
    Nah, that’s just lawyers, inherently.
    But the victims are all male.

    From Stuff, one of the instigators.

    Russell McVeagh’s #Metoo moment.

    “Lawton created a blog after the scandal broke, drawing hundreds of stories of sexual harassment in the legal profession. Steph Dyhrberg, the 2018 Wellingtonian of the Year and Wellington Women Lawyers’ Association convenor, was disappointed Russell McVeagh was not prepared to share the progress.”

    Wow. Stories.

    Is there a Wellington Mens Lawyers’ Association?
    Or is that illegal in NZ.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 19th May 2021 @ 6:47 pm

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