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Filed under: General — Downunder @ 9:21 am Thu 30th September 2021

This is what separates the men from the women and the boys from the men – if you care about your country, you don’t have a choice but to understand and discuss these issues when politics fails to function. 

AUKUS is a military alliance between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States – for various reasons it excludes both Canada and New Zealand.

This military pact is part of a global realignment and some considerable international aggrevation.

The simple explanation is tension between Europe and China and one might say, a relationship too cosy for some others.

Within this pact is an agreement for US assistance in establishing a nuclear powered submarine fleet based in South Australia.

The French, although they have protested loudly at the loss of their contract to supply conventional submarines to Australia, will now supply submarines to India.

This supports another alliance called the QUAD Force. India, Australia, Japan and the US.

At the centre of this is an expanding China, or at least one that wishes to expand to support its communist economy and goals.

Between China, and the Democratic Republic of China (Taiwan and all its associated territories) sits HMS QE11 a British battleship with joint UK and US squadrons on board and is accompanied by a flotilla of other naval vessels.

No body wants to push the nuclear button of course but the simple equation exists, this time as it did in the previous conflict.

One side relies on endless debt, the other on military investment.

Only one side can win this game.

In the meantime behind our seemingly innocent position of neutrality we have a similar choice.

We are the next most likely country in the international community to become a communist country.

We will in essence be the new Cuba off the coast of Australia.

In the collapse of the former Soviet Union, that older readers will remember, all their vassal states collapsed along with that communist collapse, except for Cuba.

The reason that Cuba has maintained its marginal survival is through the support of Venezuela.

By the same reasoning New Zealand cannot be a communist country in isolation. While this country does have the option of a closer relationship with China, that will also jeopardise its relationship with the Commonwealth and its longstanding relationship with Australia.

Both the remnants of the Commonwealth and the French lead NATO community could not exist in a global communist world. We see the French announcement now that they will increase their military investment.

At home here we have one person who is both our foreign minister and our local body minister waging war on councils and for political control of the country.

You may recall the BBC article last year saying democracy is at risk in NZ – yes it is and so is the risk of us being a global spectacle of civil disruption if not civil war, if our politicians continue to fail.

4 Responses to “AUKUS”

  1. Lukenz says:

    Hard to be in a nuke sub club when you have a law that prevents nuke powered vessels in NZ.

    To keep this gender based, my question is, are there tens of thousands of men who no longer have the pride in New Zealand as they once did? Treated rather poorly across all fields of life from uneven child family separation outcomes, excluded from consideration in male only health problems, publicly shamed before criminal trials, higher penalties in sentencing than the other gender receives. Lets not forget the loss of exclusively owned property after 2 to 3 years of a live-in girlfriend.

    Calling all able-bodied men to fight for family, fight for your way of life. Hmmmm.

    To be part of communist China? I do not think that is going to happen.

  2. Evan Myers says:

    @1 You may need to take a broader reach in your thinking.

    One possibility for example would be North and South New Zealand as we see with the Korean Peninsula.

    China in the other hand exists by virtue of its relative success in delivering the ideal of poverty reduction. When expansion can longer create success the implosion takes the vassal states with them – not actually part of the country but consequently part of it.

    AUKUS in these senses is more than a nuclear agreement.

  3. DJ Ward says:

    It’s about the money.
    The French don’t get it.
    Someone else gets it.

    Billions, so not spare change.

    Since separation from Europe, the UK needs friends.
    What’s better than a new thing.
    Not that they made new friends, in the deal.
    It’s established friends.
    But a new name, AUKUS.

    When they run out of spending money.
    Will NATO go for cost savings.

    It’s hard to see a war happening.
    If you were Russia, would you attack Europe.
    With China, at your rear end.
    They can make drones faster.
    Searching, out to sea.
    Finding all the expensive submarines.

    War never works out well.
    Even the winner has graveyards to the lost.
    Even in conventional war.
    Syria shows the ease of destroying things.
    City’s wrecked.
    Lives harmed.

    Luckily this is about the money.
    And toy boats.

    Imagine if governments spent the money on spaceships instead.
    They are nearly identical, to submarines.
    And you can do cool things, in space.

  4. Downunder says:

    That’s an extraordinary appeal to authority … that someone else gets it?

    That would depend on who your someone is and what country they are in and what their ideological and economic reasoning might be?

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