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Government paid campaign to destroy the self-esteem of boys.

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 11:53 pm Fri 11th June 2021

White Ribbon funded by the Australian Government are shaming boys by making them apologise just for being male.

Mark Latham former MP says it leads to suicide.

This is a massive campaign and it must stop.

5 Responses to “Government paid campaign to destroy the self-esteem of boys.”

  1. Downunder says:

    Feminism hasn’t been understood. It hasn’t been allowed to be understood because any objections have been shouted down. Free speech hasn’t been understood and so people have let it happen.

    We are starting to wake up to the persuasive effects of propaganda and what’s happening to us.

  2. Lukenz says:


    Its been more than just shouted down. Those who dare speak up about the damage to men and children are persecuted with job termination and career destruction. Loss of ability to pay for family and property.

    And all that leads to male suicide too.

  3. Downunder says:

    Yes, you’re right Luke. I’m personally desensitized to the persecution.

    It’s not normal and people shouldn’t have to live this way.

    I was referring to the other group, those not understanding as opposed to those directly involved.

    You quite rightly make the point that our survivors are trying to be understood because they can identify with the experiences of dead men.

  4. Lukenz says:

    The video in this attached post was on Facebook when I found it on 12 June 2021.

    The day I posed it here on MENZ was taken down.

    It just echoes what John said about Facebook and how they blocked MENZ.

    Thankfully, Youtube still has it.

    The link was here. It no longer works.

  5. DJ Ward says:

    I have watched this person speak, but only on TV.
    He is charismatic and wise, at the same time.

    Since this is about persecution, we must look at the crimes.

    “The first issue related to inappropriate text messages that he sent to a staff member about a decade ago, which resulted in the staff member resigning.”

    “The second incident, in 2019, involved him entering the hotel room of a woman and spending time with her during a Hillsong Conference.”

    Taking place, since 1983.
    Few could claim to be so perfect, most with countless little sins.
    Yet even this man, failed feminists and there tests.
    What then of the seductress, as the man becomes guilty.
    Can I not be in a room with a women, or even proposition one.
    If such things, are now things with judgement.

    Sex with an alter boy, requires judgement because it’s a crime.
    What crime, were these mans petty things.
    Yet his job is lost, from a judgement.

    What then should the young boy think, about his options in life.
    How perfect must the boy become, to pass the tests.
    How then can he aspire to be something, if the test is that hard.
    Yet the women can flaunt sexuality, even twerking to fame.
    Since the boys now events, can be newly judged a decade later.
    What now events, do women not get judged for but will.
    Certainly White Ribbon cannot help, with its one eyed view.

    A boy can literally, in this insane world.
    Be the victim of female sexual choices, be inherently blamed and made guilty.
    Inherently failing, feminist culture and is demands.

    Battling misogyny and the patriarchy, is a badge of honour.
    Strange such a morally corrupted man, failed some code.
    His sin adultery, just for his lust for others.

    The hormone filled boy, has little hope.

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