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Family Court Judge allows violent woman continued custody resulted in little girls murder.

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 9:20 am Sat 12th June 2021

Mothers of Sons is a group of ordinary women whose sons have faced extraordinary ordeals in our unjust, anti-male legal systems and workplaces.

MOS offers advice and support for other mothers and fights for fair treatment for all.

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A Family Court Judge’s 3-month delay left this little girl in the custody of this knowingly violent woman, lead to the murder of a little girl.

The Australian politicians are evolving. What is wrong with our New Zealand politicians?

Why don’t they stand up and speak out against to these violent women?

In 1806 John Stuart Mill said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,”

Let me modernise and change just one of those words.

Men = Politicians

Australia is awarding mens rights activists with Damehoods. New Zealand is ignoring our childrens rights to an equal right to have a relationship with their fathers. Woman are doing it by false allegations and delay.

One Response to “Family Court Judge allows violent woman continued custody resulted in little girls murder.”

  1. Lukenz says:

    In the URL below are 15 mothers stories that reflect on just how the justice system works for accused men and boys, fathers and former partners of women.

    I was trying to work out which one was the most appalling. Barbara’s story is right up there. But when I read Millie’s story, I was disgusted and ashamed of the system.

    Erin’s story is about her 18 year old sons false rape. Whereas the accuser was found to have sperm from 2 other men inside her. It turned out also that she had made similar accusations against other males to cover up the fact she was cheating on her boyfriend.

    It seems when dads choose to not give up on their children, they are thwarted at all levels. Generally it seems to be money, property and child support payments are the bargaining chips. “I will trade you access to our children if you give me the house”.

    Men, dads are not supported by the system. They have their lives destroyed at their former partners pleasure.

    Young gentlemen, It will be hard for you to accept your emotional and loving perfect girlfriend with all the joint hopes and dreams of owning a home and raising a loving family can turn into a nightmare at the toss of a coin. You will be wrapped up in a cocoon of love and support from your new wife, de facto relationship. You will be soulmates. You will be so attached you can’t wait to see her and she you.

    When she finds someone else, or if she wants your home, your children. The system will say without question absolutely.

    You will not get any equal rights from the family court.

    You will not be able to see your children.

    You will lose your home and everything in it.

    You will lose your savings. It will cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Maybe hundreds of thousands.

    You will continue to pay many more thousands of dollars.

    You will not be able to save. The bank will not loan you money with your overheads.

    It will carry on for many years.

    You will look at your future, your options. It will include considering suicide. If you call any suicide hot-line the police will place you under arrest, put you in a mental ward. Instead, seek help from your parents and close friends.

    In reality, it is mental abuse from woman and the full force of the bias state that is responsible for the almost 5 to 1 male suicides. In time this will be recognised and change will happen. That time is coming, it is picking up momentum but is some way off.

    The country needs laws to put those women in prison. It is my belief and hope it will be the mothers who will rise up and be driven by passion for their sons injustice that will seek to be elected to parliament.

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