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Deceased Estates

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 4:35 pm Fri 16th April 2021

If a man’s life was starting to look like it wasn’t his own, you can rest assured neither will his death be once new inheritance laws are impacted.

Proposals are being considered by the Law Commission at present;

“Other potential changes include giving a surviving partner the right to property of their deceased partner’s estate in the same way as if they had separated or divorced, and for certain family members to claim from a dead relative’s estate to meet their needs if they are not properly provided for in a will.”

Law Commission proposes changes to out of date succession legislation


  1. Wow. Now they taking the woke stick to a deceased persons estate. If there’s a will, the only thing the state needs to do is respect the wishes of the deceased. They might as well get rid of wills altogether if they go down this path.

    Comment by ErasingDad — Fri 16th April 2021 @ 9:46 pm

  2. Men almost always die before woman. So this law is about sharing in a dead mans real estate. A law to take what was not given. A law to overrule his will.

    A man writes a will, leaves his property (i.e. expensive real estate) to someone other than his partner or child. It could end up in a house sale or re-mortgage. And the Government (i.e. woman) see this has a serious problem.

    And now a history lesson.

    A long time ago my mother and father were married until death. Lucky, I had 4 siblings, all to the same mother. Dad worked and my mother was a stay at home mum. 5 Kids, there was a lot to do.

    Children keeping at eye on their mother and if she took her eye away from a child, he/she would pester her to pay attention to what particular toy they were playing with. The older ones, playing a board game, jigsaw, riding bikes, making something, a trolley in the garage, gluing a toy back together. A family. If you did wrong the words from mum was “wait until your father gets home”. And that was enough to behave nicely to the other children.

    There was no question my father left his property to my mother. Faithful in life, faithful in death as they are both are now in the same grave. Yes on rare occasions they had disagreements. But they quickly worked through them. Divorce was rare. In fact my mother said divorced woman were shunned by the other mothers. Dads role was to maintain the house and discipline. Can’t think about how many times the jug element needed replacing.

    The rest of NZ was fairly similar to that.

    Fast-forward to today. Woman have a child or two. Can’t afford to be a stay at home mother. Mothers work. Kids being farmed off to day care until the parents get home. I have a niece who is a solo mother to a 4-year-old girl. Gets up at 6:00am, breakfast, dressed and ready, drops the child up to day care at 7:15am, picks her up at 5:45pm. When that girl is picked up, she is just about asleep, she had enough time to be feed, washed, play, read a story and then into bed. And the process starts again. Alienated, the dad has nothing to do with his child.

    Family is now step-brother/sister. Complexed first, second or third relationships. Woman who successfully alienate his child for money and property. A chess game of who is having what child at Christmas. That child who sided with their mother to help gain the full use of property, and every item he has in it. Meanwhile, he is forced to move on and start again, taxed to death, working 2 jobs, overtime. Some dads choose to stop work, some choose to stop their life.

    That model is the feminist model of family.

    OMG say the Government (code name for woman), wants to make sure everyone gets a slice of the real estate action and not what is in his will.

    When a man dies, the woman (code name for Government) wants to decide who gets what and how much. An example is the child from his first wife alienated for money and property, continues to have little or nothing to do with dad for the sake of appeasement. Maybe received nothing or a very little.

    After death, a child who had nothing or near nothing to do with him now says “hes my dad, thats mine”

    I think there will be many fathers who would say. “Even when you grew up, you didn’t want to share the joy I had for you in life, so why should you enjoy what I have to offer in death”.

    The continual drone of endless laws, court rulings to patch up, after patch up again and again to fix the problems of a “partner for a while family system” and throw away male for cash and property era.

    And don’t get me started on the violent serious crime and drugs our kids turn to.

    What a wonderful country the Government (code name for women) have engineered.

    Discipline today can and will lose your home, every item in it, your children, your income, and now it seems soon, your right to leave a will for the people who cared about you when you were alive.

    Comment by Lukenz — Sat 17th April 2021 @ 8:43 am

  3. Lukenz #2
    Really liked your comment.
    Some wise sentences in there.

    I have been looking at the same subject.
    You say government equals women.
    There is of course factual events that prove that to be true.

    Have the same issue on my mum and dad side.
    With 1/2 siblings, and step siblings.
    Mum has decided equal share, for all siblings.

    Dad however will pass assets onto his new wife.
    And ultimately my 1/2 siblings.
    Not seen my fathers will, but certain I’m a footnote.

    Not that money means anything to me.
    Nice to have, but it is the items with history, that count.
    Often a topic of hurt, when people talk about wills.

    I myself look at my own treasures.
    Things I have made, and my collection.
    And who I would want to give them too.

    Luckily I don’t have a will.
    So I don’t have to actually worry.
    It’s highly likely, my treasure will only go on trade me.

    So ultimately only money.
    And I don’t care about money.
    So safe, from the whims of gynocentrism.

    Sadly I can make a confident guess.
    The new law, will be made.
    For conflict, and more laws for lawyers.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 20th April 2021 @ 8:51 am

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