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Father and Son Music

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 7:30 pm Sat 24th April 2021

I thought I’d put this YouTube clip in here for fathers who like music.

If you’ve got a good link to something similar add a comment.

One Response to “Father and Son Music”

  1. DJ Ward says:

    Have recently purchased a good harmonica.
    And entry level small guitar.

    So my kids have them there to play with.
    I played the clarinet, for about 3 years.

    Yes there is a cheap recorder as well.
    My partner doesn’t like me going to charity shops.
    As I let the kids buy something.
    Result, far too many toys.
    My daughter, is starting to naturally look at clothes.
    Boy still, toys.

    I get told off, because I spoil the children.
    But really, I spend little.
    They learn about choices.
    No! You are only allowed one thing.
    Make your choice.
    This or that, toy.
    Happiness and disappointment at the same time.
    Interestingly the little tantrums at hearing no, are replaced.
    Immediately after purchase.
    Seeing the money change hands.
    And the toy past to them.
    A flicker of emotion.
    It is, actually there’s.
    Even a smile.

    So one day maybe.
    An old instrument will cross path with me.
    And the child still in me, will demand its purchase.
    And attempt to make music with it.
    For the kids, hmmm.

    An old Piano, would be hard to resist.

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