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The Political Affect of Women

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 1:43 pm Fri 23rd April 2021

This is from another page but in reading it I felt it hinted at the long term involvement of women in politics since they achieved voting rights.

Their involvement in the protest movement, the anti-war movement, left wing causes, and now in this age climate change and particularly in the international arena has been a more singular global voice.

There’s also an element of fantasy, celebrity status that women bring to the political stage which I think is influencing the behavior of men.

Anyway it’s current and topical and relevant to men now as much as it might be in the historical perspective.

Happy Anzac weekend too.

On the Edge of Anzac – 2021 – Our Nuclear Moment.

Climate Change would be Ardern’s ‘Nuclear Moment’, it was loudly proclaimed and we’ve seen as recently as this week Ardern and Thunberg, competing for what might be seen as a world crown to adorn the head of the saviour of our endangered world.

Oh, the political beauty of that parade and I don’t even have to make it up!

Looking back to last century though, superficially we know the story of David Lange and the Oxford Union Debate;

David Lange: “And I’m going to give it to you if you hold your breath just for a moment … I can smell the uranium on it as you lean towards me!”

Well, I’m certainly holding my breath over what Ardern might give birth to while she is in office … because I can smell ‘trouble’.

In 1984 Prime Minister David Lange banned nuclear vessels from New Zealand ports and waters. This was as a result of pressure from the biggest international protest to affect New Zealand since the women’s suffrage campaign and culminated in the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act, that has remained part of New Zealand’s foreign policy and legislation ever since.

Although this legislation was passed by the Lange-Labour government, it had always been the stated intention of the international protest movement as far back as the 1960s to disrupt the ANZUS Alliance and this was achieved when the United States government suspended its ANZUS
obligations to New Zealand at that time, although It did NOT however dismiss New Zealand as a strategic military asset.

The nuclear legislation is seen by many people as a milestone in New Zealand’s cultural identity much like the women’s vote and likewise the process of climate-change legislation would then be the third significant international event to make its way into our legislation, and if that could be progressed under Ardern’s Ministry, it may well be seen as a trifecta of achievement in the history of international protest, New Zealand politics, and possibly the pinnacle of Ardern’s career.

Perhaps not everyone would see it this way but that’s my view, and in part, as to why our government has been so distracted from events at home and why we’ve seen such an obstinate attempt to make Ardern the darling of international politics.

Amid this distraction and the growing list of failed policy outcomes, irregularities and mismanagement, up has popped a more explosive nuclear moment this week in the form of Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta.

The country’s departure from its 5-Eyes relationship with Britain in particular and its preference for China as a favored international partner had the Australian Foreign Minister Down Under quicker than you could sing Waltzing Matilda even if that is what welcomed her when she arrived to no doubt confront our administration as to exactly where we now stand – coincidentally in the week leading up to Anzac weekend.

I’ll be watching too, to see what politics infests the occasion apart from ‘the celebration of women’ that has already been announced. You really get the feeling someone is pulling out a raw prawn and we could easily see a further determination in the current tense Trans-Tasman relationship and a weakening of the Anzac cooperation.

If you take away Australia we’re a long way from anywhere and they are our second biggest trading partner behind China.

I could launch into a dialogue of ifs and buts and I would certainly expect that over the weekend from observant media. We don’t have any choice now that we’ve been put in this position, one that was overtly and officially sanctioned by Chinese support at the highest level during the week when Nanaia Mahuta became the centre of Chinese attention and affection.

But that aside I would prefer that the management of our country was not driven by hysteria and narcissism of all things, which has now conflicted our international position, threatened our trading position, and left our domestic politics to continue to deteriorate in an Apartheid centered nightmare.

Good government?


  1. In typical bigoted fashion.
    Only women’s issues are examined.
    The study revealed high rates of offending/events.
    By self, reporting participation.
    So expect some bias in the data.

    Included was witnessing inappropriate acts.
    Of course the witness, cannot be aware.
    What looks like harassment may be innocent acts.
    Secret partners, teasing each other, for example.
    So what was the real rate of criminal acts, unknown.

    We can’t of course know this.
    Men are not studied, for anything.
    The study, was obviously, not random.
    So inherently flawed.
    With a brush so wide, everything got stained.

    I do wonder.
    When we will see a real study, about sex.
    Like % of lesbians, who lie to men.
    Using them to have children.
    Then leaving, returning to there actual relationship.

    My father was a soldier.
    So a male hit on my mother, during a formal dinner.
    Resulting in a punch up, alcohol included.
    So men who defend women, in harassed incidents.
    Not counted, all men are guilty.

    Deluded the researchers search, the problem.
    Finding a uniform problem.
    No complaints, not heard problem.
    No not prosecuted problem.
    No actual justice, not attempted problem.

    As usual, what’s actually happening.
    Is ignored again.
    Men not included in research.
    What are there issues.
    You might be surprised to read this.

    Females using sex to get what they want?
    Destroying men, destroying competition.
    Hitting on men, to hurt there partner.
    Offering sex, for promotion, advantages.

    They should now study men.
    Publishing in the media, edited for effect resultants.
    The pregnancy without consent rate.
    The your not the real dad rate.
    The too drunk to consent rate.
    The vengeful ex partner rate.
    The false complaint rate.
    The unsolicited bum touching rate.
    The derogatory, your a man, comment rate.
    The psychologically destroyed, due to above rate.

    While I support the idea of females as soldiers.
    An equality thing, as many jobs avoid actual fighting.
    And those that don’t avoid fighting roles.
    Good on them.
    One has see the funny side.

    Stop the war.
    It’s only 3 months after baby. I need more time.
    Hey, enemy, do I look good, in uniform.
    Terrified, the enemy, seeing hate men feminism.
    Only shoot men, in fear of vindictiveness 20 years later.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 2nd May 2021 @ 8:20 am

  2. Sorry for not including link to #1.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 2nd May 2021 @ 8:22 am


    I struggle to see any rational argument as to the uniform effecting performance.
    Swimming the obvious example.
    So the rules don’t seem rational.
    The women having a good argument, for change.

    So the uniform is cultural.
    Even the men’s uniform, is cultural.
    Interestingly to the extreme, of sexuality, for females.
    IE the smallest amount of clothes as possible.

    Luckily for everyone, the rules are improved.
    From the original olympics.
    Of nude athletes.

    After all it’s the perfection of the performance.
    That we wish to see, at the olympics.

    If we wish to see them sexualised.
    Likely just a visit to there social media.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 23rd July 2021 @ 9:06 am

  4. I apologise for my mistake.
    I realise it’s just a technical issue.

    So the uniform is cultural.
    Even the men’s uniform, is cultural.
    Interestingly to the extreme, of sexuality, for females.
    IE the smallest amount of clothes as possible.

    Clearly that is wrong.
    As men wear underwear, topless.
    Who then is being sexualised.
    Do women not desire.
    The men’s bodies.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 27th July 2021 @ 5:10 pm

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