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Father Jailed for 2 Years for Texting Son

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 11:46 am Tue 20th July 2021

Father Jailed for 2 Years for Texting Son – Link

Kavanach NZHC 1747

Robert aged 55 said to his son. “The problems we have, and the trouble you are causing, will take its toll on you and the family … you are only making things worse.”

Robert said over a meal to his child “never talk to the police, and not go to the upcoming court case, and no one could make them”.

Robert who defended himself, said he was merely informing his children of their rights.

Robert, defending himself for the sole reason he was broke from his ordeal.

Robert was jailed by Judge Tony Zohrab because he thought Robert was not remorseful.

In my view, Judge Tony Zohrab has caused emotional life-long mental harm to Roberts children.

On the penalty of “perverting the course of justice”, how many women have been jailed for 2 years for that crime in the Family Court?

By that I mean…. How many women have perverted the course of justice by influencing and alienating a child against their father?

Dear Robert. I stand beside you.


  1. Just reading it made my blood boils . With such a terrible ideology kiss goodbuy to western civilization and a family .

    Comment by tony — Tue 20th July 2021 @ 8:10 pm

  2. That’s an extreme sentence and his children must be distraught. While I don’t agree with all of his actions, clearly there are signs his actions are out of desperation/frustration. This man needs legal representation. What are the barriers for men to obtain legal aid if they are financially destitute? From what I’ve seen and heard, men often try to represent themselves or are forced to discontinue (eg civil matters such as parenting orders) due to lack of finances. How do we even up the battle field so that men have access to legal services?

    Comment by ErasingDad — Wed 21st July 2021 @ 7:54 am

  3. This man does not need a prison sentence.

    He needs love, care and support for what has happened to him. He has lost his faith in the integrity of New Zealand and the family court system. His efforts to set up a family, work and provide for them has been abused, and now to top it off he is now in prison.

    The man needs a place to stay, food in his belly, good fellowship, support and most importantly to see his kids on a daily basis. Thats every single day. Perhaps in charge of taking them to and from school.

    The kids are not there as a bargaining tool for property and money as she is likely doing.

    Comment by Lukenz — Wed 21st July 2021 @ 8:06 am

  4. Judge Zohrab, is not a person I trust. He is the only judge I have ever seen loosing total control over himself and started uncontrollably screaming at me to leave the court. I do not think that think that this judge knows about fairness and real justice. I talked to more people about him here in Nelson and he is not very well liked.

    Comment by Gerald Moonen — Wed 21st July 2021 @ 8:33 am

  5. #3 – All comments I agree with. I take it he is currently homeless and therefor Home Detention is not an option? I have only seen my children 7 times in the space of 12 months. Yes I’m bread lining and the spousal maintenance battle may finish me off. But there’s no way I could represent myself effectively. The system makes it overly difficult for men to access legal aid – until this is sorted, men are crippled from the start.

    Comment by ErasingDad — Wed 21st July 2021 @ 8:41 am

  6. The memo says: In her two years as principal judge of the Environment Court, Judge Joan Allin had about nine personal assistants, was cited in at least two personal grievances, had a manager who received medical treatment for stress because of the judge’s behaviour towards her and had an undisclosed number of staff refusing to work for her.

    Comment by Downunder — Wed 21st July 2021 @ 9:03 am

  7. A social worker told me that the mother told the child to keep quiet as mummy would get into trouble. Now no where is that written down. Was anything done about it. Police took mother took criminal court for child abuse twice. Both times mother finally admitted to abuse. When it came to family court they didn’t believe the child. Instead forced the father to have no contact with said child. I have seen said child for 4 years. Told if I make contact I would be jailed. Justice what a joke. The massive amount of false accusations towards father’s side has been unbelievable. Things got so bad I had my life threatened over something that never happened. No evidence ever existed that it happen. I feel for this father. 4 years and every day I think about said child. Not knowing if out when what will happen when we meet up.

    Comment by 2c worth — Wed 21st July 2021 @ 4:09 pm

  8. Gentlemen

    Robert is in prison at this time. It appears he has little or no money. As I understand, prisoners have an account they can draw from to buy goodies like extra food and things of comfort.

    I would like to put money in that account for him. I hope others would too.

    If someone can let me know what the procedure is for that and tell me where he is held.

    Perhaps someone in the area or city could at least visit him?, tell him we care about him. We will help him through this time.

    I would like to see the court ruling if someone knows how and where to find that.

    Comment by Lukenz — Wed 21st July 2021 @ 4:42 pm

  9. Is there no judge.
    Who has denied a conversation.

    We need to know more about the case.
    What were they originally charging him with.
    Was it just the protection order breaches?

    I suspect there is important information we are missing.
    In saying that.
    Other events must have influenced the severity of the judge.
    An offence should have a fair sentence.
    Not one from the dislike of character, disproportionate.
    As some have commented.
    About normal activity of mothers, and there helpers.
    Oblivious to law, and justice.
    Yet the male, persecuted.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 21st July 2021 @ 5:01 pm

  10. #8 – LukeNZ – I believe the process to follow to provide money is here:

    Not sure which Prison he is located at?

    Comment by ErasingDad — Thu 22nd July 2021 @ 9:16 am

  11. To make deposits via online banking or at Westpac branches you will need to know:

    the prison your friend or family member is in
    their Prisoner Record Number (PRN)

    Comment by ErasingDad — Thu 22nd July 2021 @ 9:18 am

  12. I have just found a High Court appeal from 2 years ago. I have added a link to it in the original post. It seems Robert won this appeal. Not entirely sure if he won all of it. If someone could explain.

    Comment by Lukenz — Thu 22nd July 2021 @ 10:10 am

  13. So Judge Tony Zohrab convicts him for protection order breaches.
    The high court case, overturns his decision.
    As it was wrong.

    How embarrassing.

    So he ends up again.
    Before a judge that he embarrassed.

    His visit to the school was wrong.
    But hardly the crime of the century.
    And settled, finished

    So we are dealing with something else.
    A new allegation, so still missing information.
    A judge shown to ignore evidence of innocence.
    In the past with this defendant.
    A decision overturned, as wrong.

    And now a new opportunity to punish.
    Given to the same judge.
    There is an issue to me as to how the school behaved.
    Did they know he breached a protection order by turning up at school.
    Was the delays he faced, caused by this.
    Delays that made things far worse.
    As the child, noticed his presence, at school.
    Noticed, or shown.

    This case stinks for some reason.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 23rd July 2021 @ 8:15 am

  14. He breached the protection in 2 ways.
    Turning up to the school.
    A place a protection person was at.
    And texting his son.
    A protected person.

    As it happened the son texted him first.
    But he obligated by law, to ignore him.
    So his reply was illegal, no matter what is said.

    It is a moral thing to reply to a text.
    A normal person would reply to a text.
    His text in reply, relatively innocent in content.

    Was he not then prosecuted for the morals.
    Of a normal person.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 23rd July 2021 @ 8:45 am

  15. Downunder,

    We are not failures.

    We are being failed by the state.

    Robert did not fail.

    He was failed by his wife.

    His rights to see his children pushed him beyond what he could cope.

    Judge Zohrab failed him too.

    To cap it all off the media publishes a story that made it look he just went to prison. WTF is that! It was so misleading.

    Comment by Lukenz — Fri 23rd July 2021 @ 10:39 am

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