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More Sexism

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 6:38 am Sun 26th December 2021

Do we take this lying down?

We all know it should be Ken in the wheel chair.

8 Responses to “More Sexism”

  1. DJ Ward says:

    I haven’t seen the stats, but I can take a guess.
    Due to accidents, males are over represented.
    Have they not picked, the rarest of society.
    Some not satisfied, her pale slim figure offensive.

    Some people prescribe, to no toy stereotypes.
    But you cannot avoid it, as it is one or the other.
    And to the buyer, the child walking the toy aisle.
    What will inspire them, to say they want it.

    The child, can rescue this barbie.
    Helping it, to stand and walk again.
    The accessory, will be abandoned in the toy box.
    The boys, have picked other toys.

  2. Evan Myers says:


    You can understand why we have genuine concerns for the survival of the human race.

    “ Anna Leask, specialist in crime and justice reporting for New Zealand’s Herald, has covered some of New Zealand’s biggest events, incidents, tragedies and disasters.

    I’m Anna Leask – Senior Journalist and Crime and Justice Specialist. From a young age, I was an avid storyteller and writer so it was no surprise to anyone when I chose journalism as a career. I studied Mass Communications and Sociology at Canterbury University before completing a Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism in 2005. This led me to my first job at The Star in Christchurch. I spent two years there, covering all things crime and court and then made the move to the Herald on Sunday. In 2010, I became a police reporter, a role that soon came to be much more about broader crime and justice issues and particularly the people involved. I’ve covered some of the most high profile crimes and events New Zealand has seen. To name a few, the Pike River mine disaster; the Christchurch quakes; and the unprecedented four-day sentencing of the gunman responsible for the 2019 terror attack. Alongside my daily reporting I write, host and produce monthly episodes for the chart-topping podcast A Moment In Crime which won a silver award in the true crime category at the inaugural New Zealand Podcast Awards in 2021.”

  3. DJ Ward says:

    So far more men died, but no list for them.
    The murdered men, just a statistic without names.

    You will have, male stabbed by female partner.
    But also former partner, killed by new boyfriend.
    Maybe the list is not printed, for men’s deaths.
    So we don’t notice, females manipulate others to murder.

  4. Downunder says:

    Manipulation not simply to murder.

    There’s the ongoing enjoyment of slow persecution.

    Manipulation of the crowing crowd of supporters over a period of time is probably more cherished that one gravestone.

    It’s seldom unraveled except where the extreme has grown too distant for reality.

    We saw that posted here in the shape of British Lawyer Rhianon Brooker.

    Finally the professional credibility wore off.

    How many ordinary situations remain ongoing, undiscovered or consequential suicides.

    The self serving egotistical justification that give lesser men a purpose in life.

    They’re not always the fairer sex.

  5. DJ Ward says:

    What shall the new year bring, certainly change must happen.
    If our minds can find bias, in the barbie doll.
    Then sexism, can be seen in anything.

    The new year, brings all of human flaws.
    Is there rubbish, not piling high.
    It’s waterways, as polluted as ever.
    It’s forests cleared, for human use.
    More toxic things made, and more nuclear waste.
    Oxygen used, and endless bad gases made.
    Humans fleeing from conflict, and nation shopping.
    Mob shoplifting, and riots wrecking city blocks.
    Persecution by place of living, and by religion.
    People raped without justice, and innocent men in prison.
    The haves, and the have nots.
    Fiat currency everywhere, printed like a Ponzi scheme.
    And for more and more, life was not worth living.

    All the things you see, are human things.
    They have not changed in substance, for many years.
    Just like the carelessly used barbie doll, it’s near inevitability.

    Not in human years, but in doll years.
    It’s life is short, and somewhat brutal.
    Sexism in society, remains unchanged.

    So the new year beckons.
    I dare not, make predictions.

  6. DJ Ward says:

    Well it is sexism, probably not even legal.
    They don’t offer much, for such a rare commodity.
    In my trade, females are very rare.
    Sounds similar to an add, from an all women law firm.
    Like the Law Commission, or women only social services.

    Interesting the push for females, in male dominated industry.
    But any male, going near a female dominated profession geez.
    It may rate a mention as an oddity, but will be otherwise be ignored.
    You will notice, the rare male preschool teacher.
    Or the very rare, male midwife.

    The question becomes, is the discrimination harmful or with intent.
    Does a large company with a single female worker, then become non discriminatory.
    That the all male workforce, is discriminatory so it’s the opposite in intent.
    Not like the statistically impossible demographics, of the Law Commission.
    Where no excuse exists, for a gendered workforce.

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