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Full term abortion law while country distracted with pandemic. – Dads rights are nil. Baby’s rights nil.

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 12:06 pm Tue 11th January 2022


There are many good reasons to have an abortion. Medical issues for mother or child. I consider late abortions repugnant. If you don’t want to get pregnant, there are plenty of contraception methods available.

Those who votes against are listed here.’_positions


  1. I think after 20 week abortions, would be very rare.
    It says it must be for clinical reasons, not just because they want one.
    I agree late abortions are repugnant, but I think they will be very rare.

    The issue in isolation, can give no rights to men.
    It is the women’s body, and forced pregnancy is wrong.
    Simply put, women would refuse to name the father.

    Imagine having thousands more, of unwanted babies.
    It can only occur, at huge cost.
    To the taxpayer, and forced to pay child support males.

    Forced pregnancy can ruin, men and women’s lives.
    A pregnancy planed by a mother, and father.
    Will always out perform, unwanted or predatory pregnancy.

    What can lower, the rate of abortions.
    Better contraception, especially for males.
    Adoption, with some rights of contact with the child.

    What is missing for males, is counselling.
    For men having a child aborted, when they don’t want it aborted.
    Or when the mother keeps the child, but they want an abortion.

    If men were treated as human beings, with parental rights.
    One could assume, to result in less abortions.
    Fewer men would demand, the female abort the child.


    This is often made into a religious, argument.
    But there is no specific references, to the subject.
    Only one conception by God is alleged, being the virgin birth.

    All the rest are made by human decisions, not a supernatural God.
    Traditional methods of abortion, have always existed.
    None from any enlightened person, have been spoken against.

    Thou shall not kill, referred to murders.
    Thou shall not intentionally miscarry, is not written.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 11th January 2022 @ 6:39 pm

  2. Feminists have been using the term ‘post-natal abortion’ also known as ‘after birth abortion’, and they are arguing that women should be allowed to kill their babies. See

    Of course, even in NZ they have been demanding the right to kill men through a full legal defence against a murder charge if a homicidal woman alleges some history of abuse from the man she killed as he lay asleep in bed or was otherwise no immediate threat.

    Comment by Ministry of Men's Affairs — Fri 1st April 2022 @ 9:20 am

  3. When artificial wombs become available. Yes they
    are already ready. There will be equality. When
    transgenders and gay couples are able to use this
    technology and or use surrogates more easier. Then
    There will be equality. There is none of this however.
    The feminists are fighting hard to prevent transgender,
    males, for their ability to make decisions around
    fertility possible. Feminists are also fighting for
    men to be able to get more male sex toys and items
    to increase male happiness. They hate men. They are
    repugnant. Men having equality in regards to
    fertility and sex will not be happening
    anytime soon until these restrictions are removed.

    Comment by s — Tue 3rd May 2022 @ 5:16 am

  4. It is definitely the case, humans will attempt to make a baby.
    And from what I understand, it will work.

    So eventually a man could make a baby, with a machine.
    All that is needed is a donor egg, and bingo a baby.
    To the extreme, it could even be a clone.
    Nobody could stop them becoming a father, alone.
    Certainly, women will become redundant.

    Clearly government, should think about legislation.
    Even if just for the tyrant, making armies.
    The technology can help women, who can’t have kids.
    It can help women who want kids, but not pregnancy.
    What if a nation allows it, but another doesn’t.
    Does the child become, not a valid person in some nations.
    Could you make the child in China, when it’s home will be NZ.


    Whatever the scenario, I’m certain of one thing.
    A child must have two parents, whoever they are.
    Otherwise the abuser, can easily abuse.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 3rd May 2022 @ 7:14 pm

  5. I am pro abortion, for the following reason.
    I also support involved adoptions, rather than the no contact type.

    So if you didn’t allow for abortions, 1/4 of babies extra would live.
    But how many, will the article become relevant with.
    Many would have high need outcomes, even predictably bad ones.
    The mother with a mental illness, as an example.
    A mother already in poverty, already not coping.
    The unwanted child, the father an abuser.
    The mother, when the state will take the baby.
    Just coping with University, now an accidental pregnancy.

    The best and only real solution, is planed conception.
    Then some things in the article, may not be needed.
    Injury from childbirth etc, are real as the article highlights well.
    But many of those failing, are accidental pregnancy’s.
    Or pregnancy, without a supporting partner.

    The fathers role, is not included as a way of helping.
    What happens to the fathers and suicide, must be Stuffs next subject.
    Imagine if females were forced to have baby’s, a common thing for men.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 3rd May 2022 @ 8:31 pm

  6. I’ve lost count of the number of times, I have witnessed the word misogyny used today.
    Soon no feminist sentences, will be made without it.
    And it’s used to describe, the anti abortion movement.
    Obviously women are also, part of the anti abortion movement.

    So anti abortion men labeled misogynistic, may have the same reason.
    If an anti abortion woman, is using argument on a principle how is it misogyny.
    So then one must decide if the principal, is misogynistic.
    Life starting at conception, abortion being murder is not misogynistic.


    To me there are some things to consider, with abortion.
    A women waking up one week later, discovering she was raped is unlikely.
    I struggle to imagine at 21 weeks, discovering they were raped.
    Most raped women you would think, would get medical intervention.

    There is already options, like the morning after pill.
    The next medical advance, is pills for early miscarriage.
    So actually the rape argument, is mostly sorted out.
    To me, that’s actually a great achievement.

    Next is actual abortions, with a doctor experiencing removing the baby.
    The older the baby, the more gruesome it becomes.
    So I am no fan of late abortions, for that reason.
    Four months is plenty of time, five months is becoming negligent.

    Opps that looked misogynistic, but technically wasn’t.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 5th May 2022 @ 6:53 pm

  7. The abortion debate is in full swing in USA at the moment.
    I am all for free speech but attempting to push a bill through
    for abortions up to 9 months is disgusting. What kind of society
    accepts that is one that should not exist amd deserves to fall. That
    kind of society deserves to dissappear and cease to exist. There is no
    rationale reason for that bill to pass. For a discussion, definitely, free
    speech is what makes USA great.

    To address the discussion on point 4 DJ Ward. Technology is available for
    artificial wombs or is close to being useful. I have read articles discussing that
    animals have been born through artificial wombs so yes very likely
    and definitely possible in the foreseeable future. I agree
    that it is a cause for concern for abusers or other nefarious ways a tyrant
    could exploit that kind of technology. However, the positives is that it could
    be used for couples or cannot conceive to use artificial wpmbs as opposed to adoption
    or surrogacy. I definitely support the idea that it takes a village to raise a child.
    So therefore, I am open to see governments response to creating solid boundaries
    so that this technology could be implemented ethically. Then again there
    are not many ethical governments so yes terrifying at the same time. Think
    about rogue governments and tyrannical regimes.

    Comment by S — Fri 6th May 2022 @ 12:02 am

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