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Full term abortion law while country distracted with pandemic. – Dads rights are nil. Baby’s rights nil.

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 12:06 pm Tue 11th January 2022


There are many good reasons to have an abortion. Medical issues for mother or child. I consider late abortions repugnant. If you don’t want to get pregnant, there are plenty of contraception methods available.

Those who votes against are listed here.’_positions

One Response to “Full term abortion law while country distracted with pandemic. – Dads rights are nil. Baby’s rights nil.”

  1. DJ Ward says:

    I think after 20 week abortions, would be very rare.
    It says it must be for clinical reasons, not just because they want one.
    I agree late abortions are repugnant, but I think they will be very rare.

    The issue in isolation, can give no rights to men.
    It is the women’s body, and forced pregnancy is wrong.
    Simply put, women would refuse to name the father.

    Imagine having thousands more, of unwanted babies.
    It can only occur, at huge cost.
    To the taxpayer, and forced to pay child support males.

    Forced pregnancy can ruin, men and women’s lives.
    A pregnancy planed by a mother, and father.
    Will always out perform, unwanted or predatory pregnancy.

    What can lower, the rate of abortions.
    Better contraception, especially for males.
    Adoption, with some rights of contact with the child.

    What is missing for males, is counselling.
    For men having a child aborted, when they don’t want it aborted.
    Or when the mother keeps the child, but they want an abortion.

    If men were treated as human beings, with parental rights.
    One could assume, to result in less abortions.
    Fewer men would demand, the female abort the child.


    This is often made into a religious, argument.
    But there is no specific references, to the subject.
    Only one conception by God is alleged, being the virgin birth.

    All the rest are made by human decisions, not a supernatural God.
    Traditional methods of abortion, have always existed.
    None from any enlightened person, have been spoken against.

    Thou shall not kill, referred to murders.
    Thou shall not intentionally miscarry, is not written.

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