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RNZ Settlements

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 5:44 pm Sun 11th April 2021

Screenshot taken from Twitter.

This is not something I know anything about.

When I saw this from Sean Plunkett I thought at the very least media may be letting themselves down here.

Any information gratefully accepted in the comments.



    So before that’s deleted.

    Woman meets man.
    Finds out she is a banned word ‘mistress’.
    Decides to get revenge.
    An makes up bullshit about being harassed.
    Wanting his job, family relationships destroyed.
    The physical evidence exposes the lie.
    She doubles down.
    Finding a patsy, her former partner.
    Likely using sex, or promise of it, for compliance.
    She then accused the victim of rape.
    Creating a convincing story.
    Lucky for the victim, the police see flaws.
    Exposing her.
    She triples down.
    Creating a serous assault scene.
    The patsy ruins his life.

    Meanwhile the real victims life is devastated.
    How many victims are there, actually.
    What happens when the police, don’t see flaws.
    And persecute the victim.
    There employment destroyed.
    There community reputation destroyed.
    There relationships destroyed.
    Freedom stolen, for endless years.
    However the plan only works a little.
    And for short periods, his freedom taken.
    His life turned upside down.
    But the police celebrate, a lucky outcome.
    Blindly others, innocent, rot in prison.

    Lucky he wasn’t in NZ.
    The media would have lapped up the story.
    Helping to destroy is reputation.
    Publishing screenshots, of the harassment.
    Labeled a dog for his affair.
    Launching investigations.
    Lawyers will nod and wink.
    He would be used, to expose.
    Toxic masculinity.
    Soon no males will be left.
    In the legal system.

    Amazingly in NZ.
    She could have created a story.
    About the former partner.
    Attacking her in rage, of jealousy.
    She had an affair, exposing the patty’s motive.
    And destroyed his life too.
    After all, it’s a good story.
    My guess the former partner.
    Lived in fear of her.
    That she would accuse him.
    If he refused to be the patsy.

    The accused rapist, in NZ.
    Likely tried, crossing fingers for outcome.
    Costing 100s of thousands.
    Even exposed, her efforts still celebrated.
    Charging investigators, express denial.
    The jury got misled, by the defence.
    It’s the only explanation.

    The real monster, set free.
    Into the community.
    To ruin more men’s lives,

    Anything in NZ is legitimate.
    If destruction of toxic masculinity.
    Was the intent.

    Settlement money? By government.
    We’re the false accusers exposed, by RNZ.
    We’re they publicly shamed, fired.
    Like they do with accused males.
    Right to work, destroyed.

    Watch out humans.
    This women makes up bullshit.
    A master manipulator.
    Using sex.
    For power and control.

    Don’t worry the false accuser gets protection, in NZ.
    The Speaker, a good example.
    Were the false accusers fired.
    Exposed, by the media.
    The speaker was, for political reasons.
    We’re those who manipulated him.
    Exposed, for the story, no!
    For the patsy speaker.
    To call the, not rapist, a rapist.

    I looked to find out what Plunket was talking about.
    Couldn’t find anything.
    What a surprise.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 21st April 2021 @ 8:51 am

  2. Before I get told off for using the word dog.
    I was trying to find an opposite for mistress.
    Feminists want it banned.
    Sorry have banned it on a site.

    No offence intended.
    To any males labeled with that derogatory word.
    In there past, or present.
    Or long list of other words.

    Phrases, geez.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 21st April 2021 @ 10:21 am

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