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Sexism at the Human rights Commission – Video

Filed under: General — Iain Fergusson @ 2:59 pm Sat 18th December 2021

My latest video about the human rights commission, which is examples of the way they see men and women differently. Women have rights, men have responsibilities to women.


  1. Today’s feminist now meets the definition of gender discrimination.

    A person who believes a particular gender should be treated differently to others.

    A person with a prejudiced belief that one gender is superior to the other.

    A person or Government prejudices, biases, and unfair treatment based upon gender.

    It is now at a level that men and boys are so harshly treated by Government departments such as IRD and the family court, criminal courts, they take their own lives. And even when they do this final act the Governments response is to hide it from view and hopes no one sees how bad the problem is.

    The Governments response was “That man had mental health issues”. Yes he did. Mental health issues called by gender discrimination and abuse of him and his children.

    The Governments response is to ignore this prejudiced belief that one gender should be treated differently.

    Comment by Lukenz — Sat 25th December 2021 @ 10:03 am

  2. The Human Rights Commission, is a joke.
    There bigotry is so natural, they don’t notice they do it.
    The hiring process, must be vigorous.

    How could you get so many people, ignorant of men.
    Without it being policy, of government.
    Can politicians not see, how bigoted they are.

    Has no politician got the balls, to even ask the question.
    Who represents, men as a job.
    They must already know the answer, is silence.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 29th December 2021 @ 9:32 am

  3. I have been thinking, about something I said I would do.
    And I know, I haven’t actually done it yet.
    I can also estimate, a date for some kind of ending.
    I have plenty of time, to be annoying.
    Anyway since this is involved, bigotry the subject of the post.

    Oh my, the material for criticism.

    “After a week of testimony from Depp, women around the world are right to be afraid of what that might mean.”

    I think it’s recognition, there is two sides to the story.
    So to be afraid is to fear something, then it’s a man fighting back.
    They fear the male, having any say in what happens.
    The author even saying, his tiny infractions are enough.
    Leaving out, her infractions and record of comments.

    “To be clear, in case it’s not already, women can be the abuser or co-abuser in a relationship. Statistics show it’s rare, but it happens.”

    No need to comment, on something not true.
    Rare, geez.

    “Note the use of “her perception” – a phrase that puts the fault back on Heard, suggesting, albeit subtly, that he wasn’t drunk or high, just that his wife thought he might be (but was wrong).”

    This is a very clever comment, as it’s dishonest.
    He may be drunk, but she thinks he isn’t.
    He may be drunk, any she thinks he is.
    He may not be drunk, and she thinks he isn’t.
    He may not be drunk, and she thinks he is.
    In the relationship, large numbers of those assumptions are made.
    So it’s correct, being arbitrarily her assumption.
    Since all possibilities existed, it’s a petty argument.
    So what, if such an outcome existed.

    “In the court of public opinion at least, Heard is unlikely to get away with that kind of verbal gymnastics.”

    Oh, the comedy of the comment.

    “Users rushing to smear Heard have relied on heavily lopsided framing – Depp is the “eccentric artist” while Heard is simply “mentally ill” according to many posters. None of their posts appear to examine the possible power imbalance between a late-50s megastar, and a young actor in her 20s.”

    First you have denial, that a doctor ‘diagnosed’ her.
    And the go to power imbalance, argument.
    Essentially he must be banned, from relationships.
    Nobody, is as powerful as Depp.
    Don’t know what that power is, but he has got it.
    It has no bearing, in decisions about his guilt.

    “It’s a mucky and uncomfortable public examination of one marriage – but the swell of online support for Depp and the trashing of Heard could well send a terrifying message to other women considering reporting their own experiences of domestic violence.”

    This just got really bad, it now became terrifying.
    Women are now afraid, and terrified.
    It’s like a script, where you predict the next page.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 2nd May 2022 @ 7:35 pm

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