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The Political Backlash

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:25 am Tue 23rd November 2021

The political backlash.

It’s happened many times in this country but the myth perpetuates that we have never had aggressive protests, and political violence in the country.

Of course we have, and people have died in some of these events, too. Looking back to the 1980s it took over 100 farmer suicides nationwide before political violence erupted in Lower South Island in response to the affects of Rogernomics.

The complacent Kiwi takes time to decide whether the situation is a lack of personal responsibility or political aggression.

That’s the situation we’re in now, with multiple protests involving tens of thousands of people across New Zealand. Push the envelope too far and it will happen again, like we’re seeing overseas.

Democratic countries have varying tolerances, some lower than ours, but the current disruption in Europe in particular is about excessive government.

It could go either way. Perhaps Ardern’s government will muddle through and avoid that … perhaps they won’t.

Working on the premise that they do, what needs to be taken into account?

In the recent post New Media we looked at the rise of the 5th Estate. This doesn’t happen in isolation. There are political waves corresponding to these media changes – the two are inseparable in a democracy.

If you’re following Barry Soper battling with Ardern what you’re seeing is the same democratic backlash that’s raised the 5th Estate with Ardern demanding acceptance of and compliance with her new propaganda machine.

And that’s exactly what it is, without any exaggeration, the artfully crafted mirage, that stole the media with our money.

In the election last year, the significant difference was in the quality of minor party candidates. They weren’t running on voter adrenaline to fall over the day after the election.

Many of them just carried on campaigning and kept working towards the next election – that’s what’s sitting alongside this new media.

You can see some of these rising personalities being interviewed by new media, also working together and developing a formidable new political force.

It corresponds with what Putin said in a speech earlier this month to his own country … about the need for sensible conservatism, and if in Russia, why not here?

Scott Morrison got a dose of that yesterday when his own senators crossed the floor to vote with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party.

So, what does that mean for the man in New Zealand … the bloke in the street?

At the very least, voter options. But beyond that an opportunity for participation. Not necessarily as a candidate, although that’s a viable option but certainly with policy proposals.

Many have out of necessity kept some degree of political independence for the sake of funding or to avoid political aggression but that’s no reason to ignore the opportunity of providing policy input.

Union of Fathers was very active in that area although those efforts weren’t realised until after National had succeeded at the polls in 2008.

It’s time for a shift in mindset and for men to consider political involvement ‘now’ rather than waiting until the next election.

This is the best opportunity for change in the past 20 years outside of the protests that have been raised by men’s groups during that time.

Hopefully our readers that have a genuine interest in creating change in our areas of concern will take a serious look at this.

What you have in knowledge and experience may be a surprise to many people who are isolated from your experiences, though

But … they will likely have a good understanding of mandatory outcomes.

8 Responses to “The Political Backlash”

  1. DJ Ward says:

    Getting any NZ political party, to have a men’s policy.
    That would be a small miracle.
    I am certain the 5th estate, is stronger than ever.
    And possibly at its most dangerous.
    Not all the 5th estate, is truthful.

    It’s reader, by linking to things.
    Trends themselves, into there own bubble.
    And becomes subject, to a point of view.
    Misrepresenting statistics, and propaganda.
    A world of very misled people.

    We now engage in persecution.
    The government, has made its statements.
    The unvaccinated are a danger, in the workplace.
    So rights, and obligation exists, to protect the vaccinated.
    Law made, and lawyers ready, to make fortunes in the fights.

    The 5th estate can state the obvious, as I can now.
    The vaccinated can catch, and pass on the disease.
    The risk of death, much greater to the unvaccinated.
    Is it not the deaths, that we measure.
    The Crowns argument, flawed.

    To me the ideology is becoming wrong.
    A battle, between two groups.
    It’s a human thing.
    As long as they are fighting.
    The Crown, can do anything.

    The majority, now oppresses, the minority.
    The 5th estate, of the oppressed, more radical.
    Less truthful.
    The bubble, getting stronger, more certain.
    And now, they protest.

    A divided community, will act in contempt.
    Only a strategy of lessening transmission, can work.
    While having an open, functioning society.
    Exclusion, firing, mandating, is the opposite.
    It manifests in contempt.

    The 5th estate, has done its damage.

  2. Evan Myers says:

    Rabbiting on like a bunny in a lettuce patch is normally how we describe someone who is confused about the 5th and 6th estates of modern media.

  3. Evan Myers says:

    Not that one should get “Tu Quoque”.

  4. ErasingDad says:

    Downunder – you make total sense yet again. I would support you 🙂

  5. DJ Ward says:

    Before we find out the ‘truth’ about what he has said.
    The matter was ruled on by the then boss, English.
    He apologised.

    One can’t ignore Judith being under leadership pressure.
    Why something from 5 years ago, well known, with witnesses.
    If he is bad, why is there not more allegations.

    Why is it only men, who say things to women.
    Or about women, that get fired.
    Why are women not fired, for the things they say.

    And from Judith.
    Who celebrated 100% against males Protection Orders.
    As the minister in charge, in parliament.

    Some dumb, smart arse comment by Bridges.
    Verses an actual committed act, of bigotry.
    Who will end up winning?

  6. DJ Ward says:

    There is a mistake.
    It’s Police Safety Orders.
    For her comments in parliament.
    It was her emotional response, in speaking.
    That said, everything.

    Anyway, the word shallow.
    Like, low blow.

  7. Downunder says:

    In 2008 National had obligations at the very least to change.

    It was no perfect solution.

    In the typical swings and roundabouts feminist are always determined to knock back any win.

    Collins played to the girls as well and I haven’t been shy about writing that here.

    Likewise I’ve been critical of Bridges for being too tame in that respect.

    Today is a conservative battle within the National Party.

  8. Evan Myers says:

    What Ardern is doing now is essentially a grander version of what Collins did as Justice Minister and there will be plenty of people in Wellington saying we don’t want her back anymore than we want Ardern gone. Both have a tendency to ignore the rules to get what they want.
    Collins was totally ineffective in the house yesterday. Something had to give.

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