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The psychological impact of false accusations of sexual abuse

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 3:32 am Sun 21st November 2021

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Margaret Gardener helps men, boys and their families with the psychological impact of false accusations of sexual abuse. She deals with male suicides, the families, children that are left to deal with that.

Talks about a tweak to the UK’s law requiring bad character evidence can’t be given against the accuser, but it’s OK to be given against the accused. How that alone is convicting men who were falsely accused. Our politicians here in NZ have tweaked the law to require defence evidence to be given a year in advance so the accuser and prosecution can work out how to explain away evidence that would normally result in a not guilty verdict.

I note the sexual violence legislation bill has sat at the committee stage for almost a year, just one reading away from becoming law. A law that Simon Bridges says the law society and almost every lawyer, both defence and prosecution, believe is unworkable, would result in placing young men in prison.

Ever wonder how such laws are dreamed up? Who makes them? They must sit around a table and say, hummm, these men are being found not guilty because the men produce factual evidence she is a slag. Well, we can’t have that truth on the table. Let’s make a law to make sure she can say he’s a womanizer, he can’t say she’s slept with 3 other men that night. It’s that sort of nonsense law that allows a jury to get it wrong. Increases male suicide and increases the psychological impact of false accusations of sexual abuse.

Instead, we have to put up with the endless stream of mental health, the billions poured into it, the cost to families and their children. The feminists are the promoters of mental health. Just wondering when the west will move away from this crap and move towards a nation that makes products and services other people want to buy or use.

Would like to see the real helpers and carers of the whole community like Margaret Gardener in Government. Instead, we have fancy dressed socially inept dimwits pouring out rubbish legislation, causing mental health and the destruction of the family unit.


  1. He maintains his innocence.
    Resulting in punishment.

    If he was to admit guilt, would he be released.
    The extra punishment, occurs at sentencing.
    Those that admit guilt, getting a discount.
    So he got no discount at the beginning, punished more.
    And is punished more, for his defiance.

    They have punished him once.
    Now punish him more.
    Was the first extra punishment, made irrelevant.

    Is he a bad, violent prisoner.
    No he is a good, productive prisoner.
    So that is not the reason.

    He has a place to live, so monitoring is OK.
    And an offer of employment, a very positive thing.
    So that is not the reason.

    “You’ve killed two people in callous circumstances … and that’s never been explored,” he said.

    But he cannot, if he is innocent.
    In the way, they want it explored.
    But it is false, to say it has never been explored.

    The Judge has no evidence, to say it was callous.
    It’s an assumption, the most suspect, made guilty.
    As everything it based on theory’s, and stories.

    One must question.
    Why would the guilty person, not confess.
    Why would they maintain innocence.
    Knowing they will be punished more.

    Board member Alan Hackney was concerned at Watson’s high score in his psychopathy report.

    So a high score but not a diagnosis.
    Is does not say, this person is a psychopath.
    That must be the reason.

    Any reason will do, he is possibly a sex offender, in the story.
    It does not matter the contradiction, of who gets punished more.
    That he serves time, when he normally would not.

    Has the vindictiveness of the state, become limitless.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 30th November 2021 @ 9:35 pm

  2. If Watson where to admit guilt there is a question of what happened to two bodies that haven’t been found and who else might be involved.

    Reading it that context is perhaps a little more productive than seeing this as additional punishment.

    Comment by Evan Myers — Wed 1st December 2021 @ 1:11 pm

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