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Timaru Tragedy – 3 under 10

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:59 pm Fri 17th September 2021–twin-girls-aged-3-and-sister-of-7–had-recently-arrived-in-new-zealand

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There are likely many Covid-19 tragedies so far untold, with people accepting their position in the belief that their circumstance was unavoidable until we have a unique tragedy that actually makes us all sit up and realistically analyse such questions.

It’s not the first time that an event like this has begged an answer.

6 Responses to “Timaru Tragedy – 3 under 10”

  1. ErasingDad says:

    Absolutely tragic – Shine organization must be desperately trying to link the woman’s behaviour to a man given they were on TV spouting how bad men have been during the lockdown.

  2. Downunder says:

    The woman would appear to be not too badly injured as she is due to appear in court this morning.

    You wouldn’t want to speculate about her state of mind though given what’s happened.

    Somehow every man imaginable would be responsible for this in the tiny minds of those from Shine.

  3. Lukenz says:

    Police must follow the “women must be believed”. This is used to prosecute unwinnable false sexual misconduct allegations. Changing the law to reduce defence to get them over the line.

    But there are times when the crime is so repugnant they know there are limits to the public acceptance. My speculation is the father will know exactly what set the mother off and if he chooses not to say, the accused woman will.

    My guess there is or was an affair that followed them from South Africa or the husband said he was in love with another woman and was leaving her. In a blaze of anger, moving from her large home in SA with servants and all the trimmings to get that message, she wanted to punish him in the nastiest way possible. And she did.

    Downunder, you are right to say the feminists will blame him for his part. “its his fault, he started it.” But on this occasion, there is no way the public will accept the devastating outcome for the deceased.

    I think DC John Price already knows what the accused and the father statements are. After the PM’s office approves his report, she will mirror her PR media response.

    In 1697 William Congreve wrote The Mourning Bride….

    Zara in Act III, Scene II: Heav’n has no rage, like love to hatred turn’d, Nor hell a fury, like a woman scorn’d.

  4. Evan Myers says:

    Not sure what to say:

    Dickason and her husband Graham are both doctors recently arrived from South Africa and were living in a DHB home near Timaru Hospital.

    DHB chief executive Jason Power is thanking everyone who has offered support and kind messages, including colleagues from other DHBs.

  5. DJ Ward says:

    This is an update on the case.

    Dickason’s appearance was excused at Tuesday’s hearing, during which Justice Rachel Dunningham set the trial down for March 2023.

    So we have a long time before, any chance of knowing events.

    The defence is asking for its own expert, for examining her mental health.
    And that is unlikely to be asked for, if a person is well.
    And we shouldn’t stereotype, individual cases.

    The question becomes, her freedom before trial.
    Would we let a male who just killed 3 children free.
    And in what institution would we put them.
    In any event of killing a child, it is hardly a sane act.

    In any event, whatever her punishment.
    There can be positive outcomes.
    Medication, and diagnosis, can help her sanity.
    Being highly qualified, she can still help people.
    Paying a debt, that cannot be paid.

  6. Evan Myers says:

    If you look back in history to the beginnings of the family court it was a man who killed his 3 children in a custody dispute that was the basis for the domestic violence legislation.

    One case was a dreamland for a radical lesbian US migrant to change NZ history and that’s how the fight started.

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