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Gender Issues Around Covid

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 2:29 pm Fri 17th September 2021

I can understand the reluctance to discuss covid and the need to be careful about how this is discussed.

I’ve seen the situation censured twice recently.

However there are gender issues as we can see in the recent research I posted.

If your Covid comments aren’t focused and genuinely related to gender best they be taken somewhere else where they might be appreciated more.

When we look at the PSA there is probably still around the 80% female membership mark and I am well aware that they have a very charismatic approach to the PM – and follow happily with her instructions.

You will have noticed this week though how the PM has shifted her stance away from what the medical director is saying to fluffy rhetoric – that should tell you something.

In the male dominated industries particularly transport and construction male workers are very reliant on information from their employers.

You may have seen a recent video to the construction industry asking employers to be up to date with the changing landscape as there is an awareness Covid-19 may have long term effects on heavy industry.

We’ve reached a point, not in NZ but overseas where research is coming available within a time frame 6 – 12 months ahead of any research we could possibly have here in NZ.

Lancet for example has dropped its paywall until 31 December and invited the publication of any good research or professional opinion supporting the current need to have up-to-date information easily accessible.

I’m quite sure there will be more gender specific information but you will most likely need to be actively involved in searching through overseas media to find that.

That’s no excuse for baseless rhetoric because you disagree on some other basis.

Play the game. If you’ve got other gender specific information about Covid we should consider that.

9 Responses to “Gender Issues Around Covid”

  1. JohnPotter says:

    Well done golfa, the link you provided is very much on-topic for this site.

    Any further comments must also have a gender angle to be appropriate here. Any claims about medical matters must have links to where the information originated.

    Please post any mis-information or conspiracy theories to FaceBook, where they belong.

  2. golfa says:

    #2 Thank you, John. I guess “vulnerable” men will have to be content with living under a bridge.

  3. Angela Church says:

    You freaks still banging on about male superiority. Sad littlittle men.

  4. DJ Ward says:

    Don’t know what your reading Angela.
    I haven’t read any superiority comments.
    Where are they?
    Can you point them out?

    So the psychology of the comment.

    You freaks, references something about herself.
    Banging on, means frustration.
    Male superiority, is she wants that.

    She can’t get what she wants.

    Therefore we must be sad.
    Little means inferior.
    And male means, female.

    Sad inferior female.

    I may be wrong.
    But she gave me little to work with.

  5. JohnPotter says:

    DJ Ward (and anybody else): please don’t feed the troll.

  6. DJ Ward says:

    Here is a relevant article.

    “Recently, rapper Nicki Minaj said her cousin’s friend in Trinidad and Tobago “became impotent” after receiving the vaccine. These claims have been widely rejected — studies have shown the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines appear safe for the male reproductive system.

    Contracting Covid-19, on the other hand, has been associated with male infertility and sexual dysfunction.“

    It also talks about risks for females that have been identified.
    So a good read on the subject.

  7. JohnPotter says:

    I’ll just leave this here:

    Effect of Vaccinations on Covid-19 Deaths

  8. Evan Myers says:

    At the peak of an outbreak the most vulnerable must be at risk.

    There is a coalface in there with deaths on both sides.

    Hopefully New Zealand has done it’s best to help the most at risk groups on both sides of that equation.

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