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What does the female psychopath look like?

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 11:21 pm Sat 11th December 2021

What does a female psychopath look like? The presenter says it is given away by micro expressions that many people try to conceal.

It includes,


How would you rate this woman’s performance?


  1. I see a lot of this, type of comedy.
    Attacking a person, in clever funny ways.
    It’s so easy, as everyone has flaws.

    The question is, is she a psychopath.
    I think that’s an exaggeration, that doesn’t work.
    The comedy must match, the personality.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 4th January 2022 @ 1:56 pm

  2. Sometimes comedy, is inappropriate but works.
    Bridges attempt, an example.

    The video in this, an example.
    The sea lion, out of bounds.
    I came across one, snorkeling at Napier.
    I’m guessing it saw me, well before I saw it.
    There was no hesitation, to get out of the water.

    The humans actions, just about criminal.
    But the sea lion, was trying to get him.
    You can have memes.

    Flippers force man to walk backwards.

    I have a traditional relationship, with the land.
    I’m taking possession, of this bit.

    You stole my wave.


    It is difficult to make fun, of the sea lion.
    It is easy to make fun, of the humans.

    I have written elsewhere, one left wing and one right wing site.
    The right wing, allowed any jokes about Jacinda.
    The left wing, allowed no jokes about Jacinda.
    So the audience, can govern the jokes made.

    Bridges had one wrong person, in his audience.
    In today’s world, everyone may see or hear the joke.
    And become cancelled, by those who don’t find it funny.

    So personal attacks, are not usually helpful.
    US elections, show how bad behaviour gets.
    It seems, few get converted by the jokes.

    The actions of the sea lion, are the source of comedy.
    Just as you can attack, the policy or results of Jacinda.
    Not personal, but guilt by association to the comedy.

    Cartoons do it well, and some in NZ are very good.
    Jacinda portrayed as a bystander, to catastrophe.
    Saying she is in charge, over the issue in chaos.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 5th January 2022 @ 8:44 am

  3. One could consider this, the actions of a psychopath.

    It’s hard to work out, why it was not attempted murder.

    “Doctors had already warned the family the child may not survive what was then a mystery illness when her tampering with the child’s feeding tube was detected.”

    So she poisons the child, until it needs hospital care.
    Then does more, poisoning.
    Then warned, the child may die.
    Then poisons more, and interferes in medication.

    No man doing that, would not get prison time.
    Even with, a mental health condition.
    In fact, it is likely the unspoken reason given to keep society safe.
    But not for women, obviously.

    The original suspect, the father says it well.

    “My personal belief is a light sentence will only allow her to manipulate the system . . . and someday cause more harm.”

    Getting away with attempting murder, is highly manipulative.
    Avoiding prison, was highly manipulative.
    Has she then caused, more harm.

    “The family said they were told it was because the woman was pregnant again and authorities didn’t want her to have to give birth in prison.”

    What men get off, because they are having a baby.
    Worse, after abusing other children.
    How the hell did she get pregnant.
    Did she have consent, to get pregnant from the male.
    Or was he just another victim, manipulated for her own needs.
    His life now wrecked, with a child support bill.

    The question must be asked.
    Will they uplift, this new baby.
    A woman can’t have the child, in prison programs.
    If they have, a child abuse conviction.

    Men would get banned, from being near children.
    In parole conditions, etc.


    I don’t support banning parents, completely.
    And I actually hope, that is well managed.
    But she ticks to many boxes, to be considered safe.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 10th January 2022 @ 6:41 pm

  4. Pictures, can say a lot.
    Especially, in displaying emotions.
    The psychopath, can possibly act any emotion.
    Some can be interpreted, to imply things.

    So with the first, and third photo.
    You can just sense the mood, is not positive.
    It is commemorating the dead, so good reason.
    I like the 77 years part, the number of time to forgive.
    I like the guy in the grey suit, behind Putin.

    Never turn your back to generals, when your bad at war.

    The second photo, has lots of frowning.

    My great parade of weapons, crap were screwed.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 10th May 2022 @ 10:57 pm

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