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Why Do Men & Boys Turn To Gangs? – Would It Be Their Families Were Ruined By Government Policy?

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 8:30 am Thu 2nd December 2021

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Why Do Men and Boys Turn To Gangs? – For some, would it be their families were ruined by Government policy? By law?

In the news today I read gang numbers have gone from 2000 to 4000 members in 5 years. Extreme violent crimes from broken men who’s families were wrecked from unfair treatment of dad. Unfairly destroying fathers in the family court. Taking dad out of the family home while mum brings her new man home. Mum missing from the family home for the night. Children wondering why their once loving dad hasn’t bothered to ring. Wondering why he hasn’t been seen. Children who didn’t know he had a phoney protection order against him. Mum too busy in courtship. What does that do to a child’s mind? And what does that do to a child’s mind when dad makes contact secretly, boy says to mum, i saw dad today, then learns he was thrown in jail because mum had him arrested?

Woman back to work as soon as the child is born? How is that working for the kids? I recall my mother being within ear shot as she spent each day with us, playing with us. Caring and taking an interest in me and my siblings. Getting us dressed in the mornings, feeding us, taking us to the park to play or grandmas place to play there. Mothers saying they love their kids, but really love their career and money more.

Gangs seem to be the only home the once cared for male children turn to. Who thinks gangs will continue to grow unless policies change?

Would much prefer familyism instead of feminism.


  1. I would despise government policies. How immature is it to just ‘ghost’ dad or someone. At least government policy could have the balls to say that you cannot erase dad and pretend he did not exist. Only an immature child thinks like this. Government and business leaders should not remove free speech and ‘ghosting’. Perhaps a more middle ground could be found so that Dad could at least know what his child (he is %50 biologically related to this child despite the nonesenwe that feministd would tell you). Go look up birth certificates now, you can find that Dads name does not need to be on the certificate. Even if the mother does not know who the father is at least specify who it could potentially be. I find this so disrespectful I have no idea why kiwi men take this crap

    Comment by s — Thu 2nd December 2021 @ 10:43 pm

  2. That is the reason why I believe boys turn to gangs, because government and their enablers do not care for them. They do not support them. So they find that elsewhere. People in gangs are not always violent (not interested in violence, personally).

    Comment by s — Thu 2nd December 2021 @ 10:46 pm

  3. As far as birth certificates go we’re returning to pre civilisation matriarchalism. Within civilisation most of the world converted to patriarchalism with a few exceptions around the world that have an unbroken lineage system. Imaginings of the grand failure of civilisation most likely gave rise to the song, mother and child reunion.

    The argument was contested amongst the Jews and the Arabs in BCE history and again in the early CE Roman era when the Jews gave preference to a matriarchal system which I would say was a reaction to Christianity being patriarchal rather than Rome itself.

    2000 years later we’re back to the same argument in NZ. Feminism always looking to advance itself would naturally encourage that element of Māoridom that has its tribal roots rather than the progressive Māori that are generally Christian (or religious) or just part of the NZ culture.

    Lineage has naturally been associated with property inheritance which is the fight we’re in over the family home, property and inheritance, which surfaced in 1980s (some will remember the Epsom shooting of the wife) but became a significant part of the Clark government’s legislative programme. If you scrub dad in that respect from the birth certificate as we see now and also make him worthless this advances Feminism, Tribal Materialism/Matriarchalism and Communism that define patriarchal family as means of monopoly and privateering.

    The property issue was one that plagued the Greek peninsula and most likely influenced Roman Law in the opposite direction.

    Rome as we know didn’t survive the meltdown but in its failure was the birth of various forms of Christianity which failed through the passage of Constantinople, succeeded if you see it that way through the British Empire but also surfaced in Europe in the 1800s and through a century led to the Italian socialism successfully hijacked by Mussolini to become the fascism we are more familiar with through the history of Hitler.

    The video shows a politician blaming the police for gang violence. A commissioner discussing the business of organised crime, the mafia that survived fascism and a Deputy IWI Commissioner not discussing the policy of looking after the lost boys.

    One is discussing the law the other is not discussing policy which was the problem Clark created when she reinvented the police shortly after the 1999 election.

    What turns boys into gang members?

    Feminism, Tribal Culture, Fascism, Organised Crime, politicians and confusion over Democracy. Hitler’s dream was to destroy the Jewish Democracy, which succeeds not because of matrialism but because of adherence to its religion which dictates its central family structure and its materialism. That cooperates well with the commercialism of Christianity, Santa and Christmas.

    Some people want to kill Christmas some convert to Islam others are stuck in this unholy mess and others call it the consequences of mindless superstition. Some people blame currency and would happily live in a social credit system.

    But right now we’re on the edge of losing our country to this fracturing mess.

    Comment by Downunder — Fri 3rd December 2021 @ 9:32 am

  4. Possibly why Bridges son ended up in hospital yesterday.

    Comment by Evan Myers — Fri 3rd December 2021 @ 9:58 am

  5. I’m a bit confused when Coster says, “We’ve always had gangs in NZ”?

    Who were the pre-war gangs before 1950?

    We’ve generally managed to fight off various forms of organised crime besides slave trading and piracy until now – what’s changed is a fair question.

    Sir Robert Peel is a British Conservative Politician marginally ahead of Karl Marx in the timeline but no doubt reflected on the history of Roman policing as he did his contemporary times when he introduced the British police model of democratic policing and policing by consent.

    Policing by consent turned into a rather ambiguous war of words between Bridges and Coster that never got a answer.

    Comment by Evan Myers — Fri 3rd December 2021 @ 11:17 am

  6. Remembering that English didn’t exist until around 1000 AD and at that time tribe described a social group and tribal described their culture and loyalty.
    Tribalism was a political term that surfaced in the transition to modern democracy.
    If you look at Wikipedia the contemporary definition is somewhat confused by comparison.
    It was more likely that as a politician Peel was dealing with political tribalism when he introduced his democratic policing model.
    (Our word police though is derived from the Roman Division of the Policy Enforcers)
    Reflecting on the video you get the impression that through this blended tribal and tribalism that policing by consent has morphed into multiple consents of “communities” rather than a democratic consent to an interpretation of the Law.
    Central to this argument is the different directions Europe and Britain took and quite significantly the ethnic cleansing that resulted in Europe.
    In political science it’s well established that the myopic utopia that allows for the rise of this silo mentality is also the dark side of socialism that allows fascist evolution and conflict.
    There is a strong correlation between tribal conflict that leads to violence and political insularity that leads to conflict and consequentially the rise of organised crime.
    How the introduction of this thinking could not lead to what we see now is somewhat incongruous when the process was observed so clearly in European conflicts as far back as the Versailles Interlude in the World War.
    If the country is allowed to redefine itself by a “he who dares wins” geo-political game possible through Ardern’s government NZ couldn’t exist as it does now. That in essence is the actors on the stage that Clark organised 20 years ago whereby the Commissioner is left to both uphold the law, manage a divisive policy enforcement, along with a new interpretation of policing by consent that allows answers not to surface in a political discussion like the one we see in the video.

    Comment by Downunder — Fri 3rd December 2021 @ 1:02 pm

  7. @6 Downunder.

    We are a nation a very long way down the road to loosing our country to the creditors for the things we purchased and have no way of paying for them.

    Quite hard to find out how much we really do owe. When you click on the NZ debt management office which only says…. Ohhh we are part of treasury and this is our phone number, email and address.

    An organisation headed up by a women Dr Caralee McLieash who claims she would like to improve the living standards of all New Zealanders. If you are male and you think that’s you, you are wrong. I have decoded Dr Caralee McLieash message as taking from you to give to someone who didn’t earn it, save or invest it.

    I suspect the UN along with the IMF quartered in Washington will have a package readied for Weston countries who have allowed this continual taking away of wealth from those who make it to those who do not.

    That one world government (OWG) will probably seem the only way forward by a pre-planned offer and already agreed acceptance allowing local elected government with the authority of a Council rather than a free independent nation.

    The feminist lead government with Clark and now Ardern, in particular property where a woman can turn her charms on a male for 24 to 36 months to kick him out of his home he worked long and hard, went without for decades, take all that is in it to use for herself.

    A grander scale is a nationwide rebalancing from those who continue to do nothing and get lots of assets and land that the whole nation paid for. It includes resources like water given to a race of people without agreement from the nation is frankly thief of assets by legislation.

    Paying tax is a great system were that money goes onto roads and infrastructure like power generation and distribution, hospitals, anything medical, regulations for building things, policing, law courts, military, specialists’ authorities, looking after the nations resources.

    But where is that money going? We have grown a whole lot of other organisations.

    Two are specifically for women.

    National Advisory Council on the Employment of Women
    Ministry for Women

    The Ministry for women who look at each legislation and add to them what they want or think they can get away with taking more from men.

    Arguably there are others like the ministry of justice, family court. Notably I could not find any ministry or government organisation specifically for boys and men that could provide balance to any law being made.

    This leads me to advise the only ministry for boys and men is other men advising them on how to structure their affairs, property and relationships.

    For males it could be your dad or male relation (provided he has not been cut out of your life by the family court), it could be a male friend from work or school. It could be a mate from a sports club or other organisation.

    Gentlemen, it is past time to buy gold and silver, and I mean not a certificate to say you own it. Don’t buy it under your own name. They will tell you “Oh if you take it away we will have to retest it when you sell it at your cost”. Tell them in these words. Piss off ! keep your worthless fancy A4 sized note with words on it.” Buy smaller bars and it and put it in a safe. Better still, bury it deep in a safe in your garden or other location using an accurate GPS app on your phone.

    You will have something to fall back on than joining a gang to survive after the court dicks you over for a false complaint without compensation or taking your real estate and all your stuff in the family court.

    A third option, sadly all too common and completely ignored. Even when they turn up to your doorstep in full public view.

    Comment by Lukenz — Sat 4th December 2021 @ 9:19 am

  8. From a society perspective, gangs are not good.
    Ask Mexico, or Columbia.

    And for a start time for NZ gangs.
    It’s when the fatherless, post war children, became adults.
    Also smaller family size started.
    Creating more male absent environments.
    Or apart from mum, stuck in all boys schools, female deprived.

    P is prolific in society, and can make large sums of money.
    So who do they attract.
    Those that society, rejects.
    And those that have rejected, society.

    The causes, many.
    Who then supports males, rejected, to have good lives.
    Is it the Destiny Church, and it’s disciples.
    Are they not also, a group of people, doing strange things.

    Gangs are like a virus.
    Slowly it finds those, that need something, to belong to.
    Where others, watch over you, even raised in its culture.
    Helping you, when you need it.

    Delivering on a promise, of a good life, it’s method of infection.
    Just as Destiny Church can help people.
    So to can the gangs, with its profits.
    What choice, but none, do societies rejected have.

    What then does the government offer.
    Can a young male put up his hand, and ask for help.
    That the government, offers them a fair life, and a real path to it.
    To join a gang, society must offer nothing, meaningful.


    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 4th December 2021 @ 10:17 am

  9. P is more like what you would call the virus. It operates as a pyramid scheme. As the P comes down the chain the customers work their way up. The cartels of South American are organised crime. Having said that you might re-examine your sociology.

    Comment by Evan Myers — Sat 4th December 2021 @ 11:19 am

  10. The gangs started, as groups, before P.
    For gangs, P can be the gift, that keeps on giving.
    It’s there organised crime ability, that enables things.
    The importing, of chemicals, or the final product.
    Making the final product.
    Having a distribution, network.
    P looks like a virus, because it’s very addictive.
    The gang evolves, to law enforcement.
    P does not evolve.

    A better example of a drug that’s a virus, is cannabis.
    The relationship 100s of thousands of years old.
    Until humans farming it, even if it’s hidden, under lights.

    Slowly but certainly, humans evolved, with the plant.
    Our cannabis receptors, improving.
    More we need the plant, and more the plant needs us.

    Strangely it is very safe.
    And basically inert, in our body.
    P is not safe.
    And damages, our body.
    One nature has evolved.
    One is an artificial chemical.

    The new P user, gets addicted.
    Loses all there money, and needs more money.
    So they must go up the chain.
    They buy bigger lots, at lower prices.
    On selling to friends, smoking the profits.

    Like a pyramid selling scheme, as Evan says.
    The gangs selling, bulk product, cheap.
    Taking in huge sums of money.
    They need to do little work.
    The addicts, do it for them.

    If P were to disappear, the gangs would remain.
    P just an emission, of its presence then.
    So the gang is the virus.
    P the side effect, of it making money.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 5th December 2021 @ 8:25 am

  11. P does evolve.

    The pyramid scheme is product, trading rights which then require patch protection.

    That creates excess capital, money laundering, and recruitment development.

    You only see a view of that through gangs.

    Comment by Downunder — Sun 5th December 2021 @ 2:45 pm

  12. Is the person, or the thing, the virus.
    Maybe Rudyard Kipling answers it.

    “A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke.”

    The woman can’t be changed, the cigar can.
    The humans in the gangs, can’t be changed.
    P somehow, can be changed, like the cigar.
    As pleasurable, as the woman is to the cigar.

    If you don’t change the people, P remains.
    If you change the people, will P remain.

    Attacking the drug, has never worked.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 6th December 2021 @ 10:11 pm

  13. When a young male looks at his options, what does he see.
    Should he good and work towards goals, like home ownership.
    Or does he not try, and find an alternative to self worth.
    Maybe gangs offer something, when society offers nothing.

    I had a drive around Auckland today, and are thankful I don’t live there.
    To artificially run the economy, they imported a million people in no time.
    Then crammed them in, like sardines into Auckland.

    Anyway, I noticed something insane.

    “Elm, at 16-18 Orakei Road, Remuera, provides 15 contemporary apartments. At the time of the launch (2020), the one-bedroom apartments were priced from $1.995 million.”

    So let’s consider an OK income, young male.
    He is very frugal, and is saving for a house.
    He only needs a crude, one bedroom apartment.
    A perfect example, in the article.
    Say $30 hr, or $60,000 a year.
    Pays some tax, and has $50,000 left.
    Pays living costs, and has $40,000 left.

    Cleary he can become wealthy, if he saved.
    Ten years later, he has the deposit for the apartment.
    Forty years later, he has paid off the apartment.

    I did not include interest, as it’s insane enough without it.

    Obviously only the insane rich, would buy in Auckland.
    Imagine an actual house, for a family.
    Even the government of Sri Lanka, couldn’t afford one.
    What hope, for the teenage male.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 12th January 2022 @ 4:27 pm

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