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Woman thinks its OK to take your stuff – Take the countries assets

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 12:36 am Thu 2nd December 2021

I don’t want this to be seen as political. Rather a woman, as usual, doing what she dam well pleases without a mandate, any debate or your approval.

Ever find a woman you let into your life who at the beginning of a relationship turns bad when that woman agrees to something then goes back on her word? Her agender was not what she said it would be? You turn around and find your stuff is taken, and your life is turned upside down.

Put that on a grand scale. Take a peek at what this woman is doing to the assets your fathers, your grand and great, great grandfathers built. The men, and it was near 100% men paying taxes to build just to be given away by this woman, redistributed so you can pay retail for the use of them.


  1. To lie, mislead, hide, or otherwise distort the truth … the great deceiver.

    Behind those eyes … a skillful use of underhand tactics … devious by desire.

    Perhaps the greatest deception was that New Zealand gave women the vote, no longer to keep their politics behind their husband’s gate.

    All women are not united by any means but by their own.

    Tremain gets it. His recent cartoon had Ardern with the flag of democracy on the ropes and Mahuta cutting down the flag pole.

    As if we didn’t know. I’m sure it’s been mentioned here before. Didn’t I say that under a post about Ardern in the 2017 election?

    That they have different monuments in Auckland … on the day they remember the vote they don’t gather on the same ground.

    Comment by Downunder — Thu 2nd December 2021 @ 6:13 am

  2. I did actually see a news item of Jacinda, but from overseas.
    Shocked, the message becomes, the left wing country.
    At the power she portrays, as having over our lives.

    Personally I am not to bothered, about Covid.
    Had my shots, aware that risk still exists.
    We can do nothing, but carry on life.

    While we can definitely point out Human Rights issues.
    And mandates risk being arbitrary abuse of rights.
    They cannot last.

    I think she is aware of that.
    And she has not failed yet, in that the health system copes.
    If it were to not cope, political capital will be lost.


    National has a new leader.

    Apart from companies paying excessive salaries.
    He has earned his wealth.
    And performed well, deserving reward.

    Understandably, he will have a flash house.
    And a few holiday homes.
    Understandable, to gain wealth in a rising market.

    He is only one of many thousands, as wealthy.
    He proposed, stability in the housing market.
    Itself terminal, for pyramid schemes.

    Stability means the same.
    He proposes, to change nothing then.
    I guess, he has only just started.


    This recent, rapid rise in prices.
    Is Labour’s fault, they were government.
    Even the start, in my mind was Labour.

    Using housing debt rise, to stimulate the economy.
    Humans like drug addicts, to money.
    Played along, wanting more, and more.


    Some options, for solutions.

    At the point of sale, tax anything purchased, as a rental.
    A homeowner, does not pay the tax, giving advantage.
    A property, already a long term rental, is sold with a lower tax.
    Unless then purchased by a homeowner, again then sold.
    Property developers don’t pay the tax.
    Unless it keeps them, as rentals.
    Charity providers of housing, are exempt.

    So it designates, what that house site is.
    Is it a homeowner house, or there holiday home.
    Is it a rental, or other class, like a b&b.
    Is it commercial, etc etc.
    We don’t designate houses, by its use.
    The market, can be more defined.

    I would make the tax quite high, like 20% on sale value.
    No person, at the time of enacting the law.
    Would become subject to tax.
    What they use the house for, is legislated the same.

    Adding to rental supply, incurs tax, by the purchaser.
    It is not about how much is collected, in tax.
    It is how fair things are, for the common person.

    The market, still has a few homeowner houses left.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 2nd December 2021 @ 3:47 pm

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