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Falsely Accused – Part I The Problem With Men Podcast

Filed under: Sex Abuse / CYF — JohnPotter @ 9:41 pm Wed 1st June 2022

Welcome To The Problem With Men Podcast
The Problem With Men Podcast

Has there ever been a more confusing and stressful time to be a man?

It seems the gender goal posts are ever changing, spurred on by events like #metoo; and the growth of tribal identity politics. It can sometimes feel like we’re sitting an exam but we skipped the classes.

We’re told we have male privilege; and while it might still be a mans world; it doesn’t mean we should be ashamed or afraid to highlight the difficulties we face.

Masculinity doesn’t have to be toxic, and we’ve shown that by becoming more sensitive; but, we’re also more likely to end our own lives.

So what does it mean to be a man? Where do we fit into the world?

How should we approach Dating? Work? Fatherhood?

The Problem With Men Podcast is here to investigate the issues and challenges facing modern men.

Listen here to Falsely Accused – Part I


  1. A claim could be, only the guilty commit suicide.
    But this person’s experience, made him suicidal.

    I don’t agree, with the title.
    As it’s not a problem, with men.
    Everyone else, has the problems.
    Men are not making, the false accusation.
    Men are not the councillor, changing memories.
    Men are not the police, doing biased investigations.
    Men are not the courts, protecting the accuser.
    Men are not the government, offering cash incentives.
    Men are not the coach, helping the accuser story making.
    Men don’t present evidence of feelings, as proof.

    They even say, they have changed the burden of proof.
    Beyond reasonable doubt, is usurped by believe.
    To stop a single guilty, going free.
    Even the innocent, will not go free.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 3rd June 2022 @ 6:20 pm

  2. There is many problems for men, in this case.

    So the offender, was so disillusioned he has ruined his life.
    Because there is culture, maybe he thinks 7 years is worth it.
    That’s if he’s not let out early, then he got off cheap.
    That is a big problem, for men.

    Culture must be that they get reward, for attacking the new man.
    It may be reinforced, with other men saying they would do the same.
    Labelling with derogatory slang, like calling him a dog.
    I don’t see a single thing, of society trying to change that culture.

    The old boyfriend, is the woman’s problem but she didn’t confront it.
    Instead a purely animal act happens, the new man defends the woman.
    And the woman retreats, from the conflict of her making.
    This is a big problem, for men.

    As the new boyfriend, often ends up dead.
    And in some cases, kills the old boyfriend.
    Endless property damage, and black eyes result.
    But nobody wants to change culture, of the man defending the woman.

    The new boyfriend, can be the patsy for violence.
    The woman, wanting to harm the old boyfriend.
    What better tool for mind games, than endless texts and calls.
    This is a big problem, for men.

    As both the old and new man, are trapped.
    One gone mad in a mind game, the other fulfilling the hero role.
    Either one or both, are about to ruin there lives.
    And in this case, both have ruined lives.

    Why didn’t she block, his calls.
    Where was the red flag, that he couldn’t stop harassing.
    Repeated police interactions, is a big red flag to me.
    This is a big problem, for men.

    As we only look, at what the men are doing.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 2nd July 2022 @ 12:12 pm

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