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Infanticide in the New Zealand Crimes Act and the Inequality Males Face

Filed under: General — db147 @ 6:44 pm Sat 4th June 2022

This dissertation looks at section 178 of the Crimes Act 1961 – Infanticide. The provisions of this section are outdated and no longer fit for purpose. The central theme is that this offence should be gender neutral, as males, as well as females, may suffer from the same antenatal and postnatal physiological and psychological effects. This legislative provision is discriminatory to males and contributes to the continuing inequities that males face in relation to the criminal law.

The element of lactation is discussed and it is recommended that this is removed. Lactation is identified as not being gender specific. It is proposed that the legislation is amended to reflect the now known causes of disturbance of the mind and the fact that this is not a gender specific condition in relation to the effects individuals may suffer as a result of pregnancy or the birth of a child. It is further argued that the “disturbance of the mind” element should be defined within the Act and must be a more than a trivial diagnosis. This means something more than “baby blues” and this is to ensure that this legislation is being utilised appropriately. Lastly, there is the need for the legislation to be amended in relation to the age of the child that may be the victim of infanticide. The current age of the victim can be a child up to the age of ten years old. It is proposed that this is reduced to 12 months of age.

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Infanticide – The Crimes Act New Zealand – Inequity for Males – Men _Bad_ Women _Mad_ 2021


  1. It is a good look, at the subject.
    How it is a law, based around a myth.
    That women can go crazy, if they give birth.
    Research not showing, it’s happening.
    Severe mental health problems, happening at normal rates.
    So in effect, they have the insanity defence anyway.
    But otherwise, mental health is a weak excuse.
    To be infanticide, he argues for a lesser standard than insanity.
    Which I suspect, would apply to any case.
    By default, mothers can’t murder there baby.

    It points out, we don’t know how many are even killed.
    A small number, are called cot deaths.
    A small number, will admit killing the baby.
    A small number, will succeed in hiding the death.

    It exposes any baby killer, is high risk of doing it again.
    Women can be, serial baby killers.

    So I agree with him, in his proposal.
    It’s murder, that we are lenient towards.
    The child having rights, that leniency abuses.
    No matter the cause, baby killing must have prison time.
    And one year, is a lenient minimum.
    Compared to other crimes and sentences, it’s nothing.

    This is a problem for men, legally.
    Males do try to murder babies, in the womb.
    I even suspect some cot deaths, are by men.
    But if caught, it is always a murder charge.
    I even think 12 months is to old, for this to be an excuse.
    10 years old or not your biological child, is just getting silly.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 5th June 2022 @ 3:39 pm

  2. This is but one of many NZ laws that blatantly discriminate against men either directly or by discriminating in favour of women, as in the case of the Infanticide law. A talk was given at the Men’s Summit conference in Hamilton 2020 covering many such laws. Sexual violation by rape is a crime that can only be committed by someone with a penis. Male Assaults Female carries twice the punitive tariff than the law applying when a female commits exactly the same assault on a male. There is a specific law against Female Genital Mutilation but not male genital mutilation. The Care of Children Act specifically makes the mother the sole guardian of a child if she did not live with, marry or civil union with the child’s father. An artificially inseminated woman is legally made the only parent of the resulting child while the sperm donor is not. Parental Leave laws blatantly discriminate against fathers. Equal Pay laws specifically favour women and thereby discriminate against men, aside from comparing jobs on various factors but not risk, thereby preventing men from being paid more for the jobs that result in men suffering around 95% of all workplace deaths and serious injuries in NZ. Laws relating to imprisonment give women special privileges and protections including their relationships with children, that don’t apply to imprisoned men. Visually recording female breasts is illegal but not male breasts (and consider that some men are embarrassed by unusual male breasts due to hormonal or weight issues). Forced marriages are illegal only for women.

    And those are just some of the laws that are written in gender specific terms. There are other laws written in apparently gender neutral terms that however were always designed to discriminate against men and/or are treated by the Courts in gender discriminatory manner. For example, ‘Protection’ Orders and Police ‘Safety’ Orders. Also, section 128A of the Crimes Act that, for example, results in the man always being treated (and convicted and punished) as the offender when both the man and woman were drunk or drug affected when they had sex willingly at the time.

    Comment by Ministry of Men's Affairs — Thu 9th June 2022 @ 9:55 am

  3. This is still, before the courts.
    But it raises the question, of infanticide.
    What would the charge be, if it was a woman.

    Is the death, linked to the child’s birth.
    Even the police, claim it is the case.

    “Simmonds told the jury Pickering and his partner had argued about Poseidyn’s paternity two days before his death.”

    So absolutely, this is male infanticide.
    He thinks the child’s not his, so kills it.
    You can’t ignore, how animal like that is.

    Have they actually tested, if he is the father.
    After all they make a claim, that he is the father.
    If testing was at birth, this may not have happened.
    Protecting women who cheat, but harming babies.

    I have seen myself, how badly men experience not knowing.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 23rd June 2022 @ 3:07 pm

  4. That case just got, disturbing.
    As the mother, has admitted doing it.
    As she admitted, at least dropping the baby.
    Despite knowing that, they still charged him.

    She is known, to be violent.
    And like the twins case, she fled the scene.
    Leaving the father, to look like he’s guilty.
    The family met, to decide who would take the rap.
    The police better have, actual evidence.
    Not some made up story, creating a scenario.
    Because there is evidence, saying he’s innocent.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 28th June 2022 @ 4:57 pm

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