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Ministry of Bullying

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 8:53 am Mon 15th August 2022

Ministry of Bullying New Zealand


  1. It seem an MP has gone rogue, in the ranks of Labour.
    Spilling dirt, on behind the scene events.
    Can you imagine the conflict, of personality.
    Ego vs ego, empire builders and sociopaths.

    It will be a task, to stop bullying in parliament.
    How else to enforce, an unpopular decision.
    How else to keep silent, secrets and subjects.
    Even the opposition, must test the minister.
    If somethings wrong, is bullying then unavoidable.

    Never risking getting your feelings hurt, harms you.
    If a yes is highly unlikely, then you may never ask.
    Because you know, the answer will be no.
    Only those who risk no, can get yes.
    One must then accept rejection, as a good thing.
    Are you now proven right, or proven wrong by getting no.
    If you are still right, then yes is but one step closer.

    Worse if you want to say no, but have to say yes.
    That may make the feeling, of being bullied.
    I suspect for parliamentarians, that’s normal.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 16th August 2022 @ 6:14 pm

  2. It appears the Ardern “Be Kind” ideology has not been extended to Dr Gaurav Sharma. And now comes the muckraking re his expense account, the Ardern spin and his suspension from the Labour caucus.

    All Dr Sharma exposed is the internal and ongoing abuse he had experienced within the true Ardern created culture. Rather than addressing that nasty environment he is experienced, they hit him again.

    If I was the good Doctor I would waste no more time with this circus, declare himself an independent and release those documents today.

    Comment by Lukenz — Wed 17th August 2022 @ 7:12 am

  3. Known Criminal Behaviours – how psychopaths and Sociopaths react.

    Bullies are historically cowards, and many of them are also victims of past abuse.
    They bully for control, and power over others because it makes them feel better.
    Bullies want attention – usually for all the wrong reasons.
    Envy drives Narcissistic harmful behaviour towards others.
    These people lack Care Empathy, Compassion or consideration for others.
    They will NEVER take personal RESPONSIBILITY for the harm they cause – NEVER.

    So how do these harmful people react when CAUGHT out?
    They DARVO, and if you have watched carefully – all the known behaviours and reactions of these harmful people are on full public display.
    DENIAL – DENY DENY DENY – not a single politician when interviewed showed any care or empathy for the victim – they ALL DENIED this was a PROBLEM in PARLIAMENT.
    ATTACK and ACCUSE YOU of the very thing YOU have caught them doing.
    Feign CARE – Are you all right – are you OK?
    BLAME SHIFT – and Psychological projection – Change the narrative – its just about an EMPLOYMENT issue,
    I saw this in the NZ family courts when the child was being harmed, evidence supported by the courts own psychologist which was quickly covered up by the lawyer for child to keep the conflict going – its just a dispute about schooling – while ignoring the over five years of psychological abuse and severe harm, and the alienation and mental health concerns of the mother.!!!!

    TRUST – is Character and Competency – ( Reputation ).

    The Gas lighting bully loves REPUTATION ATTACKS when caught.

    The concerns raised were about STAFF and INCOMPETENCE – and given the frustrations we all see in the public domain, where complaints are ignored, not investigated, bullies and criminals are protected by police – they just admitted harming children in the Abuse in state care enquiry while refusing to protect the actual victims of bullying and psychological abuse and severe harm.

    Hiring INCOMPETENT staff – promoting people on gender and colour and anything else besides COMPETENCY lowers TRUST.

    So true to form the bullying psychopaths have now accused the Victim of the very thing they are doing to all of NZ.
    Destroying TRUST and DESTROYING the WEALTH of this lovely nation – protecting criminals and bullies who often used REPUTATION attacks to remove good people from the race. We all have a concern with this – because this impacts on everyone. Unless of course you enjoy being ruled by Psychopaths Sociopaths and Bullies who will react the same way every time you catch them out.
    if all else fails they feign memory loss. And the showing of CARE that finally arrives from the psychopath – claiming falsely to care about your mental health – and putting you in prison or a mental ward – so you have no credibility, your Reputation is in tatters, and you are no longer around to speak the TRUTH to BULLIES and COWARDS. Thats the cycle of narcissistic abuse by bullies and cowards who never take personal responsibility for the harm they cause to others.

    Comment by HORNET — Wed 17th August 2022 @ 7:54 am

  4. What the hell, Sharma has 100 secret documents.
    Lucky it’s not the US, his house would be raided.
    The suspense is getting to me, open his wine box.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 17th August 2022 @ 5:46 pm

  5. Hornet – Very well said.

    I’ll bet with the extremely serious financial woes the Arden regime has led this nation into, the pressure and heat will be far beyond the level people can cope with. Government departments will be fighting, nay screaming for a share of such a small pool of money coming in. I read it is sitting around NZ$80 million a day deficit and now I can’t find that news on the net. The cutbacks have been slow to come but now MUST come. This is likely what Dr Gaurav Sharma is experiencing.

    Normally this distress leaks out. This time the good doctor has been upfront about it and now they
    are smashing him for it.

    You would think the very word government is to govern. Oh but instead we have a bunch of ideologists ripping into the wealth of the country and its resources, redistributing it to specific races and gender. Not letting the wealth creators to create wealth. To keep and reinvest most of it.

    Sooner or later, the wealth creators change government by leaving. Our young professionals including the trades and medical are leaving in droves. They double their income in Australia.
    NZ can no longer easily mine our natural resources to make the things people use. The farmers, particularly the livestock farms are struggling with tax and compliance costs.

    Most business are struggling with nonsense compliance costs that include endless retraining, legislation, well paid authorities and precedent set by tribunals.

    Men are not allowing women into their dwellings. They either say no or move into a rental and rent out their own home managed by a trust company. Never taking on women with dependent children because he will have to support them if she turns after 3 years and one week. Giving her the flick after a year can easily result in a false complaint with a minimum of a media trial and at worse sending him to prison for life.

    I suspect most separated dads have drummed into their son(s) the “protect your property and welfare talk”. And the sons who no longer see dad are much more likely to be in a gang, prison or just being a criminal nuisance.

    I am not saying we can’t have any ideology, the issue is we have too much of the wrong ideology.

    Because men, usually if they were brought up in a natural and loving family that does not have to struggle they, by far turn out inherently good by nature. NZ does not care about that “keep the family together” ideology and now this nation, the world is paying for it.

    Comment by Lukenz — Thu 18th August 2022 @ 11:11 am

  6. The waste productivity, is enormous.
    Despite all my training, and experience.
    I’ve built simple robots, and designed circuit boards.
    And have been qualified, to do electrical work.
    I must do a course tomorrow, on electrical safety.
    But there’s more courses, more time needed.
    Already a dozen other courses, face the new staff.
    For me an extra days pay, but the boss pays.
    Tonight all the plugs get tested, by a contractor.
    Regular is a little committee, inspects my area.
    Soon everything will be so safe, I can’t work.

    Or is it the employer, not coping with huge cost.
    Slowly but certainly, rising with each new policy.
    Each new bureaucracy, demanding time and money.
    Until it is no longer viable, due to productivity.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 18th August 2022 @ 4:49 pm

  7. News hub says Dr Gaurav Sharma goes nuclear.

    Says for one and a half years he has been trying to seek answers.

    Says there was a secret meeting before the meeting. In that meeting Ardern said it would be brutal.

    Says he recorded conversations.

    Says the PM should be held to account.

    Says the PM deliberately mislead the public.

    Says the PM does not want an investigation from a QC because it could bring up other things.

    Says what is the Prime Minister trying to hide.

    Comment by Lukenz — Fri 19th August 2022 @ 6:48 am

  8. This looks at men, bullying on height.
    I accidentally did it once, regretting it immediately.
    Making some silly comment, pointing out his shortness.
    Having to watch the reaction to my words, with his emotions.
    I know that my words, hurt the person.

    As for the group of women, judging the male.
    I am certain, the list is longer than height.
    Body parts and bank balance, muscles and car.

    Men do the same, judging women.
    Just with a different list, just as judgmental.
    And like women, most not judging the person’s character.

    The woman who said, to reject the male.
    Can be asked the same, about her.
    What should men, reject her for.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 22nd November 2022 @ 7:31 pm

  9. #8 The difference is, men don’t write articles about it.

    Comment by golfa — Wed 23rd November 2022 @ 10:00 am

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