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Man Drought – Caused by Family Court

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 8:41 pm Tue 16th August 2022

Women – ever wonder why you can’t move into his home?

All your questions are answered by this Canadian man.

Mr Richard Cooper starts off a little slow but I promise you it does windup. Real live examples. Interviews with young men calling in, receiving advice. A few awful suicide stats to boot. 400+ watched this live. New Zealand men gets a mention.

Society breaks down when the family unit breaks down. Just look at the crime we now have in NZ. The gangs are running a muck.

If you want a pleasant a well behaved society with well-behaved children growing into responsible adults, change the law to protect a persons assets and enforce equal after divorce custody.

One notable comment on the you tube channel follows….

“If you want to scare the shit out of your 18 year old son, as he’s kinda graduating High School, take him to a family court afternoon and just sit in there and watch what happens to guys. Let him see what happens to guys.” – Should be mandatory. There should be a class in all this stuff that a man either has to take in high school or before getting married. Imagine how up in arms women would be if you tried to do that, though, i.e. tell young men the truth.


  1. I feel real strongly that it should be taught to our young men at school,, we have it in schools that issues like consent have been deemed necessary, most of these types of new subjects revolve around young women and the protection of, but serious issues arising in relationships could and should also be men specific. Young men indeed need to be made aware of the dangers of relationships and just how grey some areas are or may seem, a little fun could set them up for a fall at any time, if a girl/young woman makes a mistake it can be turned around and become the fault of a young man, she drank too much,, his fault,, she made herself available, he took advantage,, even at a young age men are seen as the guilty party,, and these smart modern women who can do anything are suddenly incapable of making the right decision and can be taken advantage of apparently,, dont dare call them stupid or young and dumb for they are of course the victim.

    Comment by mama — Fri 19th August 2022 @ 2:57 pm

  2. Should we expect those things to happen, to boys.
    If 1000 boys, were to fall victim to a female act.
    Even with education, will 1000 still become victims.
    The female behaviour, uncontrollable.
    We accept the wrong, my not addressing the wrong.
    Females will do this, so you must be careful.
    Men do things, that females should be careful about.
    Does society address, the wrongs of men.
    Because there are wrongs, done by women.

    It’s difficult to see, solutions happening quickly.
    What a sad reality, to have to warn boys of danger.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 19th August 2022 @ 7:47 pm

  3. This has an interesting argument, about law.
    The vexatious litigant, or vexatious defendant.

    This doesn’t look good, for this man.
    It could be, he already bankrupted himself.
    We don’t get context, of the seriousness of acts.
    How bad was his violence, was it brutal.
    Was it actually, both parties and trivial.
    Why no mention, of getting convictions.

    So he gets a protection order, that the courts support.
    He in effect is the person, who lost all there rights.
    Possibly no contact with the kid, and lost property.
    Easily enough, to create a vexatious defendant.

    So his applications, are protected in the judgement.
    As she started procedures, he is only responding.
    But if he was the applicant, it’s different.

    Since he’s shown, willingness to spend everything.
    And courts after endless cases, have solved nothing.
    The problem is not fixed, so the sideshow cases stop.
    The process stops, when justice gets all his money.
    Worse with huge debt, this comes to an end.

    So this cannot end well, for this man.

    I still see the vexatious defendant, as a strong strategy.
    And with a simple crime, you can easily become one.
    The vexatious litigant, can so easily be banned.
    But as a strategy, for the protestor.
    Why not be the litigant, and make them ban you.
    What an accomplishment, to reach such a high standard.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 21st August 2022 @ 10:15 am

  4. #3 Interesting article. I agree – the outcome will not be good for this man. But there is a double standard here given applicants start the process with a bed of facts mixed in with exaggerations, misinformation and pure lies but are never held to account for this. The process has always been about protecting the applicant regardless of their behaviour.

    I struggle to understand one thing with this article. The applicant doesn’t need to reply in all circumstances. She can simply ignore his litigation which seems apparent given her modest legal fees over 6 years. Men (inc myself) have spent over 100K in just 12 months defending the initial onslaught.

    Comment by ErasingDad — Sun 21st August 2022 @ 11:08 am

  5. Hard to comprehend, the sum of money spent.
    For something that should be easy, to resolve.
    Yet somehow, things seem impossible to solve.
    Everything is made difficult, and arbitrary with costs.

    It’s obscene the costs, to prove innocence.
    Worse when it’s ones word, against the others.
    The standard of proof is met, for the accuser.
    It’s also met for the accused, but that’s ignored.

    The article in #3, ignores what he claims.
    What were all those cases, trying to prove.
    Does he claim she was violent, or abusive.
    I doubt they are all denials, so what were they.

    What exactly do the feminists want, from the propaganda.
    Certainly they have the idea, of stoping men doing this.
    It seems an extreme conclusion, that it’s about revenge.
    Is men fighting back to be stopped, even just for objecting.

    ErasingDad may be one of the last, privileged men.
    If they have there way, Protection Orders will be invincible.
    Lawyers will however hate the idea, of people not fighting.
    So don’t expect change, anytime soon.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 22nd August 2022 @ 6:54 pm

  6. It is very difficult to get any lawyer to fight back for a respondent at the beginning of any proceedings. It’s all about defense at first. I remember my lawyer explaining the process to me and she said towards the end (ie leading up to being heard) we will find out who is lying.

    She was right. It takes a lot of time and money to complete a defense and by that stage most lawyers will go into settlement mode. As for me and no doubt many other men, I was deeply troubled by what I had been put through, what my children had been put through. I felt a great sense of injustice. I didn’t want revenge. I wanted the scales to be balanced. I wanted accountability for the lies, exaggerations, coaching/influencing, spitefulness and meanness from the applicant.

    But you have to go about it in a way where you don’t directly say the court was wrong. Perhaps this is where the man in the stuff article went wrong. You have to pick the battles to fight and timing is critical. The judges you get do make a difference. Their relationships with the lawyers make a difference. All variables that shouldn’t come into play do.

    For my first 2 day hearing I had a judge who was only sworn in 12 months earlier and it showed. I had a stenographer who was trained on the first day and was left alone on the second. There were key points missing from the court transcripts.

    I had a lawyer for child whom conducted just one interview with me in over 2 years and not a single round table. She was ‘plugged’ into the applicant all this time and never truly listened to my children. She was all about hanging me.

    I have been extremely lucky rather than privileged. There were key moments when some judges along the way simply ignored the applicants lawyer and the lawyer for the children. Some saw what was really going on and were not invested in maintaining a narrative that they didn’t create.

    Suffice to say my battle is not yet finished. I still need to get out of debt, settle the relationship property matters, get access to my share of the capital and build a new home for my children.

    And at some stage just stop…do nothing but exist for a little while and catch my breath.

    Comment by ErasingDad — Tue 23rd August 2022 @ 8:25 pm

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