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Pedophilia II

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Legal Aspects

Social Impacts

Personal Impacts

Financial Aspects: The Cost to the Economy

Political Impacts: Anger & Protest

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Conversion or Grooming-the sheer hypocrisy.





Links with Homosexuality

“The Birth of the Homosexual  is Grounded in Pedophilia”  (Is this true?)

Some arguments along these lines might include the homosexual need to predate on the younger, or more vulnerable members of society.

Conveniently pedophiles make young boys and girls vulnerable; by too early troubling of their sexual triggering and confusing them. It is called ‘imprinting’ in biology. (Konrad Lorenz)

Some examples


Milo Yianopolis

Jerry Saville


Oneself (as Victim!)

What have NAMBLA  (North American Man Boy Love Association)and the man boy rainbow love crowd got to do with its promotion?
This does suggest a link with homosexuality of advantage to the homosexual. It is only in the rainbow crowd that one finds people apparently acceptable holding up signs to stop Pedo bashing.

Vigilantes and the lynch mob mentality.
What is the vigilante?
Why have they involved themselves in this? What’s in it for them?
Generally these are still young looking slightly older late 30s to early 40s 50s sometimes athletic and fit men. The kind who works out at home or in the gym with some still having muscles tone and a slightly body building physique. In the main one would characterize these men often and as ‘stick men’. Men who fancy themselves as good with women. getting them into bed; peacocking, the whole nine yards. Otherwise known as gigilo, Romeo’s,Casanovas, Don Juan’s, Sadists and other names in other contexts. Womanizers. Sexual warriors with a long history of conquests over women and abandonment of relationships.  Are these the people we really want to protect women? Are they not, with this casual, callous and carousing past, also the most suspect? Since after all they go around beating up and bullying other men.  Great company, Eh? Mainly those who stand accused on the grounds of gossipy evidence mainly generated by their women friends, that girlfriend or the partner, currently. So it’s the mirror image of her whimsical nature of her shallow opinions and shallower observations acting as the driver all of these men. This can turn on a dime of an instant and come back in blackmail to haunt you. Is that any evidence at all?
Apparently beating up other men perceived physically weaker than themselves of course a cowardly thing is indication of the character of the bully underneath driving this dreadful social bargain. Cheap policing at a distance in the reign of dictat and ‘mandates’ as was seen also oversee this in the Obama administration. Solo white old man returning drunk was set upon by the score throughout America and beaten to death by a 9-10-year-olds 11-12 13-year-old’s with the occasional backward 15-year-old joining in. Hundreds of kids swarming like an animalistic mob eager upon murder by small strikes that could take no one responsibility; who does then strike the killer blow? The mob is ever this; No care and less responsibility. And our role more for the victim was stand idly by while he was publicly the more butchered, set upon and murdered bruised and broken bit by bit until they went out to the most horrible and ghastly lonely death. Almost nothing was ever done about it and it seems more of this in any kind to the extreme is quite permitted in a feminist society.
We see this here too as it was only just prior to the much vaunted election of Jacinda Adhern in New Zealand as Prime Minister. Before actually forming a covid government. Under the party colours of covid, with forms the colour of covid; both inside and outside the booth; a kind of propaganda forbidden in any other election. A stolen minority governance thought right away the laughing stock of the whole world. Now much less favored than in those times my danger of being so assaulted again has much diminished. I have never in my life being assaulted before these times. Never. Three times then physically attacked; not before in my whole life. Since then personally smeared in a local campaign driven by some vile green,left, purple rainbow coalition all of its own. A dreadful betrayal of all things democratic; a regime of suppression and silence imposed. The terror has begun.
Predated upon yes nowadays sometimes even by women who think I’m rich. I’m not particularly rich. I cannot afford their blackmail.
Some of these vigilantes who also have assaulted me at least from a distance and verbally and threatening all kinds of ghastly ends for my self and various patches my body for even being innocently accused of vile crimes. If they are crimes take them to the police I say. What is my advantage? I have none. What of opportunity; there is none for senior men. Motivation… power over children? That is a given in order to protect them. What conceivable pleasure could I derive? None. Previously involved with some dear and precious women why would I prefer any other orifice above theirs. It is sweet to any man.
But then as old mean no in the men’s movement to be accused is the crime. You are required to cringe within your manhood well before that. This is supposed to be a free country and the democracy
not a bit of it if we have to cringe before unknown others list they accuse us of some wild cry while standing waiting for the bus. This can only have one end. The end about current prime minister who kindly seems somehow to promote this. Mostly by being over friendly to gangs and criminals. For instance all the New Zealanders in Australia kicked out of Australia for criminal activity will welcomed back as far now or family. Beat that.
Thrown out of one country for being drug dealers and violent thugs; yet welcomed in another as if they are fellow comrades in arms. Does this not send the wrong message. All else follows. Friendliness toward known convicted criminals in public displays all welcome standing at the airport to sign them up benefits and free housing and all the rest is if they were the most vulnerable persons as refugees among us having suffered so terribly in some war against injustice. Where is an actual fact they were the injustice.
We have certainly been plagued WITH THE CONSEQUENCES ever since. Thanks to the highest one in the land. Take it from the top. Follow the example. It is said in concrete. When it is said there.
For the rest of this of course it was merely yet another up setting up set set-top by this ridiculous government. It is not a government but a license to print counterfei-t money and counterfeit governance. Let’s have someone more prime ministerial than this piece of junk.

Arguments Against


Questions to ask

What is paedophilia?

Degrees of touching

If there is a predetermination that the subject enjoys the behaviour and seeks it out where the forest seems to know what you notice or something more serious the presumption is at jump to defining it as the fall on sexualized activity. And is prosecuted and proceeded with on their presupposition. I would suggest that some harms greater than others. And while some harms done by all of this activity plainly the most traumatic ones heaven and a mobilized and ferocious assault aspect to them. This is the one that leads to a life long diminished person subsequent to such a high level of trauma. You can see this in some of the cases related to the cheery several BPC television in England.
All crime hairs make components in common. Namely occasion or opportunity, risks and rewards of leisure or advantage [a calculated assessment is made], access to set-top such opportunities and occasions to increase the likelihood of the year occurring [such as taking up employment bringing one closer to vulnerable adults or fundable children or vulnerable others in one sense or another being it physical or mental or psychological power relationships being available to manipulate toward the end they seek.
This could be a lawyer Dr. a loud mouth dominating sort self social role behaviour admixture. Or someone who is just persistent and is constantly all about it until someone gives in either within the family or within a social group within any available social formations normally found in life. I have observed this in library trips that the local school children make to the library where he young teacher read or someone attached to the group was grooming. And even sensitively one particular type it child under the counter quite literally on the public side of the library away from the persistent staff members, while plainly viewable to the public library user basically had no authority what ever in the library to call this charming little I kneeling with the child out for his behaviour. And no way to speak publicly albeit in the moment. Also I have seen at dismaying bag lady approaching children infants in trolleys and stroking their legs and arms in a way that was not permitted in any normal sense but with her to and secretive while the mother’s back was turned. Again anybody viewing this momentarily outside the occasion would be a sudden interruption to the mother bringing her attention to it and would lack any authority. So the bag lady was able to get away with it for quite some time. These are virtually self telling occasions were it’s pretty play what’s going on yet very difficult in a moment to suddenly speak of it if this rather high level of consciousness needed to express it. For to something so invasively intimate yet by Chom and secrecy can be performed openly right in front of us. There is no urgent cry and L language which basically is saying HELLO? There is something wrong going on here and he’s doing it right now. It is something you know in your guts squirming away that something is not quite right-it is very subtle in the case charming young man whose race couldn’t be mentioned nor his youthful good looking a much, again on the presupposition that someone so young attractive and charming and on the supposed press race could not possibly be doing this. Yet he was; this however safely long ago. As was the bag lady. I’m not naming names here I am speaking abstractly and theoretically with illustrations. There are many more I could think of. But the topic is so ugly to all of us like to scratch that part of our minds in order to recall it.

What is the child?
Is it child person so many at a years different from any predator?
Or is it child defined by its own actual age? I.e. when we consider the age of majority
is it 16 or 18 or 21
in Japan apparently the age is 13? We might think that there would be an onrushing high
tide of perpetrators constantly and continually visiting and revisiting Japan for the GPS pleasures. Is this actually so the however? Why is Japan not notorious for this as it appears not to be. Rather it is places in South Asia like Laos. Is this because children are cheaper there? Or Perrins old Willie to turn a blind eye?

This suggests an economic basis for its practice. And a calculation of the risks involved.

There are three main groups that expert experience in this area including child on child.
Which is often the surprise to many that a third of all cases of pretty well fact.

The next age group is from around late teens to three late 30s or early 40s and they constitute roughly a third of all cases. Then the last group the one people imagine as being the most important following on from the dirty old man image take up the race.
Most study is done on IE presumption of male perpetrators.
Child perpetrators are seldom brought to notice or corrected.
Female perpetrators to work her yet I seldom sort as subjects for investigation and often gives way with their illegal activity.

There are many more questions for all sides to be opened up on this.

Lynch mob psychology

Interviews with Perpetrators

Interview-points of victims.

The meta-psychology of paedophilia

How it is created

Consequences of actions.

False accusations

Stockholm syndrome components

Are current guidelines fair to justice

Counselling and cessation (disease extinction)

Profile of a paedophile

What paedophiles are looking for? How to guard against it.

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