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The Amazing Inspiration

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:30 am Mon 4th April 2022

Do you notice how often we are sold the idol through various media?

The three generations of academic women holding hands at a graduation ceremony. Modern authors, if you can be bothered reading the genre writing about women breaking free from their apron strings to boldly go where so many men had gone before and generally the focus is on women celebrities, rather than a Richard or some other Tom, Dick or Harry.

It’s not like the dumpy lady on the couch doing patchwork holds much stock in modern day reverence to our forebears or the scores of barely remembered bodies wasting in rest home beds either.

By comparison, we celebrate the men who were successful in supporting the women’s world. The gracious government employee who did no wrong.

But with thousands upon thousands of dead and missing men in the families of this country, how many are reverred individuals from which grandchildren draw their inspiration?

Not necessarily to be a first at something women haven’t done before – is there is anything left to do?

That’s the bogie man that ignores the resilience, the determination, the dedication, the patience, the inspiration that might be what a grandchild adopts.

Not so much a matter of idols but a conflict in the source of inspiration.

Is it where couch potatoes and gang members come from?


  1. “By comparison, we celebrate the men who were successful in supporting the women’s world. The gracious government employee who did no wrong.”

    We are witnessing that now, with Ashley Bloomfield.
    And he did very well, with many decisions.
    Obviously not everything was correct, legally like mandates.
    But I doubt anybody, could have been always correct.
    The supporting women parts, were pretty blatant.
    Supporting men’s problems, was predictably absent.

    It is hard to judge, the public figure.
    As you do not know, what’s said privately by the person.
    He could be worse, than the public personality towards men.
    Or he could have argued for men, but lost to authority and made silent.

    I have done some more practice, speaking.
    But with a different audience, as a candidate speaker.
    I don’t have desires to ever do that, but it’s a good subject.
    I could continuously speak, with logical arguments.

    Mocking what the other candidates support, obviously.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 7th April 2022 @ 5:57 pm

  2. I don’t think it’s a money problem, it is a plan problem.

    Because if sea level rises, then the problem gets bigger.
    So there must be a solution, that includes land reclamation.
    Even land they live on now, will need saving.
    So unless they become refugees, we must do something.

    Even if you bought a ship, to transport rocks from NZ.
    Most islands have no port, to enable the option.
    So to have rocks, you must also have a smaller boat.
    That is able, to offload itself.
    To have all rock as a solution, would need a small fleet.
    Some rocks may be necessary, but is not the solution.

    But actually large resources, exist offshore.
    If you powered with renewables, an offshore dredge.
    The sea wall may be rocks, but the centre is dredged sand.
    Instead of importing, all the volume of material.
    You now need, far less of high cost resources as a donation.
    With a sea wall made with imported concrete, options are endless.

    With time small teams, could finish big projects.
    With a donated dredge, big changes can be made.
    A small dredge, doing 100 tons an hour of sand.
    Can do 876,000 tons, in a year.

    A dredge, may cost $5 million a year to run.
    An easy donation to make, vs $500 million.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 19th June 2022 @ 12:56 pm

  3. The dredged resource, may have trace resources.
    Passively removed, from the sand.
    The minerals, becoming income.
    It’s byproduct, is making land.

    Then no donations, may be needed.
    Royalty from the minerals, may make them rich.
    They may run out of places, to have more land.
    They may make mountains of sand, as a solution.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 19th June 2022 @ 1:41 pm

  4. Take the Grandads, Grandmas and Dads away, take Male speakers away, replace that with a roving eye Woman Prime minister and her many women, replace real role models with a virtual reality, then give them a world without bounds when they are young to one with major restrictions once they are grown, large doses of confusion around gender, climate, smatterings of what it perhaps means to be happy, teaching to take what you can get..indeed where are the role models,, left to laud sports personalities and super stars??, who live beyond ordinary means,, the nuclear family lived alongside better societal outcomes did not it not… it was not just an old fashioned ideal, it was not that it was just better times,,was it?

    Comment by mama — Sun 19th June 2022 @ 2:24 pm

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