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Policies designed by women and feminists to mentally abuse men and boys.

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 12:11 pm Thu 11th August 2022

Dame Bettina Arndt interviews former deputy Prime Minister Mr John Anderson re mens and boys abuse by women and the state.

In 1996 the Governments Australian institute of health and welfare published their findings.

* Mothers are twice as much likely to be responsible for domestic abuse and neglect.
* 73% of abuse and neglect found mothers were the perpetrators.
* 68% of mothers were responsible for emotional and psychological abuse
* 53% of mothers executed physical abuse.
* 93% of neglect was from mothers and children.
* The greatest risk of sexual abuse was from mums boyfriend.

Legislation created based upon fabricated statistics and facts. Uncheck policies designed by women and feminists to mentally abuse men and boys. Research found more often domestic violence is initiated by women to claim domestic abuse. 2 way domestic violence research studies are being ignored.

Reaching the ears and support of the most senior members of the Australian political parties is a huge credit for Dame Bettina.

The feminists are nothing more than a hate group that has established themselves as the Government.

It’s an hour long. But it is a worthwhile hour.

If this nation wants to reduce children falling into gangs and extreme violence the political parties need to work harder at keeping families together.

What we now have is smashing fathers property and parental rights and dishing out extreme mental abuse to men and boys. If you want men and boys to turn out responsible caring human beings, treat them, their property and parental rights with respect.

Australia cancelled the family court. Why is Australia moving on and New Zealand MP’s haven’t worked it out.

There is no more need for a ministry for women.

It is nothing short of bizarre to say women must be believed. That is saying, women can’t and do not lie.

The Australian institute of health and welfare still carry out their role. They have not published a report since 1996.


  1. The headline is confusing, because it used the term privileged.
    But boys will be boys, involves every boy.

    So it’s a criticism of culture, while trying to ignore biology.
    Because boys will be boys, as they are biologically boys.

    “But the “boys will be boys” idiom is an example of patriarchal language that prevents us from dismantling the system, suggesting that the status quo has a kind of permanence”

    How did we get to boys, being a product of a system.
    Or even more interesting, what needs dismantling.
    As there already is, age appropriate justice.
    Two boys fighting, can be boys being boys.
    Whatever is biological, has permanence.

    “Wilder also said the introduction of girls as students to King’s from 1980 helped to soften attitudes and increase awareness of bullying – enshrining the idea that from a young age girls are the ones with responsibility to temper or clamp down the behaviour of their male contemporaries.”

    The figures in the post, says that’s simply not happening.
    And the word responsible, ignores girls will be girls.
    The girls teasing boys, may make jealousy and fighting.
    And why clamped down, just for the boys.

    Geez the Kavanaugh case, used as a reference.
    If I’m not mistaken, the claim was it didn’t happen.
    The people there, said it never happened.
    Sigh I suspect the author, is anti Trump.

    “Boys will be boys” harms women and men – it entrenches victim blaming and limits our perspective of what we can demand from our young men, binding them to an outdated idea of biological wiring.

    Translated as biological boys, are just bad.
    Somehow they must be forced, demanded to be something.
    Yet the author, misses to point entirely.
    Some boys are violent, but most are not violent.
    And that applies, to girls as well.
    To say genetics is not involved, is wrong.

    And what culture today, guides the young boy.
    I can think of a few, that promote violence.
    There is no suggestions, of a new culture.
    And online, it’s full of cultures.

    We get to the point of the article, at the end.
    Even if it took 22 years, to score a political hit.
    Girls accountability is missing, also there biology or culture.
    Just so we know, what male privilege actually means.

    “boys will be held accountable for their actions”

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 11th August 2022 @ 8:19 pm

  2. Standing guard, at the nations bedroom doors.
    Police and Judges, deciding on right or wrong.
    Everything the man does, is a possible crime.
    Every first move, every action.

    But men get prison, for the drunken one night stand.
    The police and judges, deciding it’s wrong.
    Sex not tolerated, if the females drunk.
    Sex with the drunken male, remains acceptable.

    The circumstances of events, are identical.
    The worst happening, is she gets pregnant.
    Certainly the male offender, would have no custody rights.
    The guards protecting, the victim of the offending.

    Yet like sport, countless men experience pregnancy.
    To drunk to actually consent, to the sober predator.
    The police doing nothing, judges doing nothing.
    Thousands of men are prosecuted for acts, but virtually no women.

    The condom removers, the lying about contraception ruled good.
    The paternity fraudster, and men waking to sex ruled good.
    The forced to penetrate, the boy not even legal ruled good.
    It seems the guards, think women’s crimes are ok.

    Humans are therefore gynocentric, inherently sexually bigoted.
    The same things, are irrationally not judged the same.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 3rd February 2023 @ 1:43 pm

  3. You can be angry at the crime, but I am saddened by it.
    A person has ruined there life, just because of sex.
    Certainly it’s not a woman’s crime, to attack strangers.
    A crime you cannot allow, or you have anarchy.

    Obviously something’s seriously wrong, with the offender.
    Just a teenager, and failing badly.
    You can almost predict, a sexual abuse history.
    How did we create him, what was the error we made.
    Maybe how hard we try, these offenders will still happen.
    Biology creating a few individuals, who can’t control themselves.

    Is this a cycle of violence, not being stoped.
    Women do things to men, men then do things to women.
    Women then do things to men, resulting in men doing things.

    But certainly for the victim, it will be hard to respect men.
    We justly prosecute the offender, but the cycle doesn’t stop.
    Since the doing things to men, is not being stoped.
    Inherently the cycle continues, and another male ruins his life.

    Women demand respect, but we don’t have the same demand for men.
    Is there some expectation, men are not a product of the environment.

    Is there a moment, where he is totally disrespected.
    Just an object, you can do what you like with.
    His offending, just a mirror or an opposite.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 3rd February 2023 @ 9:13 pm

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