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Children searching for their biological family – Trying to workout what to say when they meet dad for the first time

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 8:15 am Fri 29th July 2022

At age 16 Canadian Miss Robyn Slade released her third single “Hey”. A duet featuring Clint Curtis, tells the story of a young girl meeting her father for the very first time.

Clint sings the part of the father, Robyn the part of the child who never met her dad until she decided to find him.

“Hey” soared on social media platforms capturing the hearts of thousands worldwide, especially those searching for their biological family. The song was picked up by film producers in the United States and is now featured in the full length film documentary “Erasing Family” released April 2020.

Special message to all you judges who blatantly ignore evidence in order to destroy the father financially and his child’s relationship. The children are growing up. A new generation is coming. Their hurt, their story, their loss of their childhood and father will be made public.

Here’s the rub, the parents and child have name suppression, the judges and lawyers do not.


  1. Strangely I have an emotional response, involving tears.
    Meeting for the first time documentary’s, do the same.

    When I’m 18, we get a knock on the door.
    My mother answers the door, to a women like her sister.
    She introduces herself, with hello I’m your sister.
    My mother, had no idea she existed.
    In a short time, more sisters were found.
    The Crown taking babies from single mothers, the cause.

    I experienced many of the meetings, that followed.
    Even ignoring my education, to support her.
    At the same time, my parents marriage ended.
    They both left home, for new partners.

    My mother got more family, and I lost mine.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 29th July 2022 @ 5:50 pm

  2. This is a case, that creates an absent father.
    And due to violence, he may deserve the outcome.
    Plus I don’t support, back door immigration.

    The headline doesn’t account, for her violence.

    “During the course of the appeal, the tribunal received an updated police certificate for Vipul, recording a total of 22 family harm episodes between the couple.”

    That is a lot going on, with her also identified as bad.
    Doesn’t it show the system, not working.
    How exactly, where they allowed to get to 22.
    Shouldn’t there be intervention, with just a few events.
    What violence did she do, while pregnant.

    Would we deport a violent mother, overstaying.
    Would the child be left, with the also violent but NZ father.

    What exactly would be found, if both were tested.
    Would they be, two controlling people.
    The relationship, bound to have conflict.

    At least in India, he can avoid Child Support.
    He may disappear entirely, from the child’s life.
    Deportation was not needed, as there’s a protection order.
    And we know the outcome, by the post itself.

    Finally one day in the future, this man may meet the child.
    The child may discover, the mother wasn’t blameless.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 30th July 2022 @ 8:40 pm

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