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The March of Men

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:49 pm Fri 22nd July 2022


I don’t know anything about this. It’s currently of NZ social media.


  1. I avoid spectacles like this. On the surface, it appears to be something “positive” for men. But once you scratch the surface, it’s nothing of a sort. It’s about criticizing men, saying men are the “problem” and we need fixing. It’s bullshit. And it’s nothing short of indoctrination from feminist media.

    Could you imagine if this “event” was held by women ? And one of them stood up ad told then the “women are the problem and we all need fixing” ? There’d a be a flipping riot.

    But no, as men we’ve become used to be belittled and devalued. So much so that we BELIEVE that we ARE the problem and we NEED fixing. It’s complete rubbish.

    Next time you see a burning building or a car crash with trapped victims, who do you see running towards it to help ? It’s MEN. We are not the “problem”, we are the solution.

    Comment by golfa — Fri 22nd July 2022 @ 4:42 pm

  2. I’ve twice, gone to fight a fire.

    The first time, was a toddler with a lighter.
    Who set a teddy on fire, on a bed.
    The mother was no less brave, in helping.

    The second was oil on a stove, and TV as the cause.
    And I raced from my house, being a little down the road.
    The sister-in-law, was waiting outside the house.

    They are not events, that you forget.


    As for events like this, it’s better than no event.
    So #1 Golfa, questions that.

    In some way, examining ourselves is important.
    As all of us, could be better.
    It is men looking at men, to change men.
    Not men looking at women, to change women.
    While Golfa shows, women look at men to change them.
    It’s ok for women to demand, that men change.
    But demanding women change, is out of bounds.

    Does the church, do a women up event.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 22nd July 2022 @ 7:33 pm

  3. March of progress, the evolution of homo sapiens illustration created for the Early Man volume of the Life nature library,, what to call it now,, the progress of homo sapiens undeniably led by man, supported and in conjunction with woman,, maybe our progress was because of a high protein diet, led by man,,, I think any march is better than no march as said above.

    Comment by mama — Sat 23rd July 2022 @ 1:08 pm

  4. Well men’s evolution didn’t take place, in absence of women.
    Just as women’s evolution, inherently involved men.
    They are the same creature, but biological opposites.
    At some point, the cell required the opposite cell.
    Just as RNA, became DNA.
    Each statistical miracle, like DNA getting to 23 sets.
    Our family tree, must be 23 long.
    Each and every step, our genders are still similar.
    Inherently gender is dependent, on the opposite existing.

    What were, the first opposite things.
    Even for existence, from nothing.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 25th July 2022 @ 6:39 pm

  5. It’s seems some young boys, rebelled against imprisonment.
    Is it not already to late, for the March of Men.
    It’s customers are not the boys, it’s the men.
    How then were they created, to become offenders.
    What of the fathers, what of the mothers.
    The teachers, and the health system.
    What of girlfriends, and gangs in society.
    Even for the changed men, the harm already happened.

    It seems the blame was easy, as the boy is in prison.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 4th August 2022 @ 5:17 pm

  6. Things are bad, when men start marching.
    Getting to the point, protest happens.

    “After all, it doesn’t take much insight to see that when the dockworkers, mail workers, waste workers, school workers, train drivers, bus drivers, airport staff and trial lawyers are all striking at once, something truly stinks.”

    So one can ask, what has caused inflation.
    Because every pay rise, adds to inflation.
    House price inflation, causes rent inflation.
    Cheap debt, helps price inflation.
    Energy price inflation, causes everything to have inflation.

    So inflation can be controlled, by lowering prices.
    Houses lower in price, lowering rents.
    Wages stay stagnant, or less than inflation.
    Debt is not cheap, so retailers ask for less.
    Less reliance on oil, and more cheap renewable energy.
    More is produced, lowering prices.
    Government has a neutral budget, so not overspending.

    But if you can’t control those things, protest can happen.
    Overspending is in conflict, with pay rises.
    Ending oil dependency, will be no quick or cheap task.

    So we are just as vulnerable in NZ, as people in the UK.
    Rents had already pushed low incomes, into poverty.
    Power and food prices, everything costing a little more.
    But when it gets to much, even for the middle class.
    When interest rates, make the mortgage really hurt.

    Dare I mention how socialism fails, with dependency.
    It’s costs slowly growing, every portfolio wants more.
    Or capitalism fails with the housing market, built with debt.
    Without control, the poor can’t get out of poverty.

    So should we expect, our low paid striking.
    Men getting together, protesting things.
    Few things behave worse, than a group of angry men.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 3rd September 2022 @ 8:16 pm

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