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Young mans life destroyed by police.

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 7:58 pm Thu 19th May 2022

4 Years later, AU$100k, a 3-day trial and a not guilty verdict.

During those years he suffered,

– Lost of job
– Death threats
– Scared to leave the house
– Destruction of career
– A Barrister who pushed him to plea guilty to get a lower sentence.
– Financial loss
– 7 Months in prison
– Name splatted across the news online and social media
– The effect of his mother and family was huge
– Strong suicidal thoughts
– Ongoing mental health problems
– Zero compensation
– Zero support

At the end of it. – Nothing.

In sexual allegations, Ireland has a law to automatically award full name suppression until a guilty verdict is reached. Jacinda’s be kind does not extend to males.

With only a 13% conviction rate, the New Zealand Government does not consider men in this type of situation.

The state abuse and violence of men must stop.


  1. A couple of examples – at least in Aussie this reaches the news – my story and book are out soon as to what’s going on in NZ.

    Our justice system is seriously failing everyone if this continues – the LAW is NOT being applied EQUALLY to ALL.
    It’s far too easy for someone to destroy a reputation with a single LIE – with no proof, no witnesses and no evidence to support the LIE, and our present justice system and all its resources are then committed to chasing a LIE.

    One has to ask how many resources they will throw at pursuing the TRUTH?

    Comment by HORNET — Fri 20th May 2022 @ 1:27 pm

  2. Still proud of his work, detective superintendent Tom Fitzgerald developed a thing called the Complex Investigation Phased Engagement Model that resulted in obtaining false confessions.

    All it is, is a system to get rid of the video cameras, recording devices to hide Tom’s manipulation methods. I personally believe there is absolutely no way a hidden camera(s) and recording devices were not used. Fitzgerald knows it would incriminate him and the police personal who participated.

    “If something goes wrong, it needs to come back to the person at the top. “He needs to take responsibility for what happened,” a police source said. However, saying that and not doing anything about it is worthless.

    All the public sees is “yes, we will take on board the Judge’s recommendations”. Thats a start, but where is the penalty? Where is the loss for Tom Fitzgerald and the other wrongdoers?

    You could start with taking his knighthood off him, then his employment. And why not? Tom Fitzgerald wrecked a man’s life, so why should he be a Knight or be kept in a job to carry out his methods?

    Why is it so important to see justice and a penalty carried out against people like Tom Fitzgerald? Men abused by the state and their henchmen/henchwomen are placed in a lifelong, hopeless position. It can lead on to creating gangs, suicide, serious crimes of personal revenge.

    What the public really wants to see is a reset to the balance in how we treat all people equally.

    60 Minutes report re Sarah Jane Parkinson here. An extremely rare example of a woman who ended up in prison for a false accusation and ongoing engineering. It should have been at least 18 years for all the harm and destruction she caused. Unsure how long her sentence was.

    Comment by Lukenz — Sat 21st May 2022 @ 9:44 am

  3. Well said Luke, there used to be Judges Rules which governed how an interview could take place – this monster of an idea introduced by Tom, in an effort to condone inducements, provocations and traps set to illicit and coerce admissions is diabolical. If your a good detective you dont need tricks and rotten tactics to set someone up and get them to falsely admit to a crime. The level of incompetence today is harming many good people – the police are NOT authenticating complaints, they are not authenticating facts and evidence, they are not corroborating facts and evidence independently, they are not checking the mental health or medication status of those who make complaints and they are not checking the motive of a complainant – they have become lazy incompetent and inexperienced. You dont turn SUSPECTS into WITNESSES – this is the most basic investigative guideline. Often its those involved in the crime who help cover it up. We all consent to be governed on the basis that law abiding citizens will be protected from HARM, and we all consent to be governed on the basis that the LAW will be applied EQUALLY to ALL – today in NZ this is not the case.

    Comment by HORNET — Sat 21st May 2022 @ 12:24 pm

  4. #2 Lukenz the 60 min video.
    It was a female police officer, who realised she was lying.
    He had some prison time, and $600,000 lawyers bill.
    Imagine the taxpayers cost, of the investigations etc.
    And wrecked lives, even a family in the process.
    She got 2 years prison, with good behaviour.

    They do not qualify, for compensation.

    Her motive was money, and she nearly got it all.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 21st May 2022 @ 3:23 pm

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