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2 Sorry Letters

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 8:19 pm Mon 23rd January 2023

Before he took his life a man wrote 2 letters to his beloved children the family court said he could no longer be part of their lives.

Dear Cathy,
I hope that one day you’ll be able to understand.
Take care of your sister.
I’ll always love you.

I’m so sorry.
You’ll learn to live without me
like I had to live without you.
Please forgive me.
Love Dad

In 2014 posted on YouTube this above video and script…. Each year over one million Australian children have little to no contact with their fathers due to short comings of the current system and the abuses it allows to occur. Key stakeholders and bureaucrats continue to fail those they claim publicly to protect, while families suffer with alienation, financial hardships and death.

All of which is forced on them by a system that favours one parent’s custody over shared parenting outcomes. Our society as a whole suffers generational abuse in the name of business opportunities and profits that favour a select few. It’s time to stand together and take back our lives and families by replacing this system of shame and death along with those that allow it to operate.

Dear Prime Minister Chris Hipkins,

Do you want to know why they call themselves 21 fathers?
Every week 21 Australian fathers commit suicide as a result of child access issues, child support financial pressure and unfair family court rulings following separation.

We don’t have the NZ suicide statistics. They are hidden from the public. Why does the NZ government hide those statistics?

One Response to “2 Sorry Letters”

  1. DJ Ward says:

    Or course it’s suppressed, they banned publications.
    Men’s suicide rates, were rapidly rising.
    The new court, and new child support laws.
    The Domestic Violence act, was taking effect.

    Suicide rates vs the natural suicide rate, was a disaster politically.
    Labour banned talking about suicide, to hide the problem.
    All that gets published, says nothing relevant.
    Any graphs I find, don’t start until 2000.
    With the per person rate, look at 1970 to 2000.
    Nothing changed for women, but men got slaughtered.
    National just as complicit, not fighting censorship.

    The thing about that, even today there deaths are suppressed.
    Where is the site to go to, to read a persons suicide note.
    When they lay blame or cause, can we then examine the facts.
    The public remains in fantasy land, ignoring reality.


    Safety this, safety that.
    Meetings and inspections, classes and questions.
    The demand the motive, is taking responsibility.
    The company overcompensating, spending more than loses.
    It invests heavily, in health and safety.
    Every little thing, now needs approval.
    A bureaucratic monster, can’t be stoped.

    Now divide society and it’s effort on safety, by deaths in accidents.
    Divide societies effort on suicide, by deaths in suicides.
    One is examined to the extreme, one completely ignored.

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