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Coercive control – Get your man sent to jail.

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 9:37 pm Sun 19th March 2023

This is Australian based. There are a few abstracts for some of the links below.

Coercive control is the latest weapon aimed at destroying men. Be warned, It’s coming soon to a police station near you.

False allegations have long been used by women to obtain violence orders to get men thrown out of their homes. But they need breaches to get him imprisoned. What’s different about coercive control laws is they are criminal offences, which makes it much easier to send convicted men to jail.

1. What is coercive control?

2. The worldwide state of play

3. Coercive control and homicide

4. Roll out to target men.

5. Legal and policing clusterfuck.

6. Male victims in the news

7. Advice for male victims of coercive control

8. Advice for falsely accused men

5 Responses to “Coercive control – Get your man sent to jail.”

  1. DJ Ward says:

    For every two, female victims.
    There is three, male victims.

    Relationship rape, should occur at the same ratio.

  2. DJ Ward says:

    Humans are experts, at lying.
    In some ways, how can you blame police.
    She behaves like a monster, till the police arrive.
    Then it’s all tears, and any accusation works.
    Forced to penetrate cases, are hard to read.
    The system destroys the male, all on lies.

    The criminal justice system, is as corrupt as the family court.

    Everything has become arbitrary, for men.
    A rape allegation, is arbitrarily investigated.
    And arbitrarily prosecuted, on balance of probabilities.
    Yet false statements of allegations, are never prosecuted.
    Even perjury in rape allegations, are arbitrarily not prosecuted.
    False child abuse allegations, are arbitrarily not prosecuted.
    False domestic violence allegations, are not prosecuted.

    Yet for the male accuser, arrest is arbitrary.
    Essentially all male allegations, are made at DV events.
    The male is arbitrarily arrested, if he responded with violence.
    The male is arbitrarily arrested, if he defended himself.
    If nothing happened, he is arbitrarily prosecuted on the footpath.
    The male victim arbitrarily, gets the Police Safety Order.
    The police arbitrarily, refuse to investigate male complaints.

    The video, is all to real for men.

  3. Downunder says:

    The criminal justice system, is as corrupt as the family court


  4. DJ Ward says:

    Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I think they are corrupt.

    Today in court, the judge made it clear.
    They won’t let me defend myself, guilt is compulsory.

  5. DJ Ward says:

    My marriage was as coercive controlling, as possible.
    Maybe I’m in a tiny group, of males forced to marry.
    I’m angry at society, they taught me nothing.
    I was as unprepared, as you can get.

    I wasn’t taught, about female violence.
    How to get help, or who can help.
    That it was wrong, and I should have left her.
    But I didn’t, I stayed and paid the price.

    29% of male victims, experience being stitched up.
    Lying about contraception, and who knows what else.
    Society again, taught me nothing about violent women.
    I just didn’t see it happening, that she would do that.

    Then came the threats, marry or she leaves me.
    The law the threat, of being a banned father.
    Society again, taught me nothing about my rights.
    I was simply prey, and couldn’t stop it.

    In the end violence against my son, was enough.
    Finally something, a good reason to end the relationship.
    So I did it for my son, her punching me became trivial.
    The relationship finished, she then forced me to have sex.

    So I don’t mind, the crown punishing me more.


    Today was very stressful, going to court.
    So when it was over, then came the result.
    At home again, as if today never happened.
    I had a little cry, remembering events in my comment.
    Thinking of my brother, and what they did to him.
    I can blame it on chemistry, my biology responding.
    But I know what I did, in court today.
    Nobody can take it away, I fought the best I could.
    It will be a memory, I will never forget.

    To remind myself, I played my favourite song.
    Memory, by Barbra Streisand.
    I turned it up, to my daughters objections.
    Despite today, there will be a new day tomorrow.
    I must do it again, in the hope it is better.
    Her singing is brilliant, the song with a great ending.

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