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Dilworth Shame

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 3:52 pm Tue 7th February 2023

Article in NZ Herald

In a statement, Dilworth Trust Board chairman Aaron Snodgrass said: “While this is a step towards justice for Old Boy survivors, nothing we can do today can undo the past. The Trust Board is deeply saddened and disappointed this offending occurred.”


  1. Hard to judge the people of today, for others past.
    The principle or school today, not a guilty party.

    To most people, offending against boys is strange.
    You can explain normal sexual attraction, between genders.
    In this crime the heterosexual boy, is subject to homosexuality.
    A different crime to raping women, different but equally harmful.
    The girl violated, just as the boy is violated.
    The girl now has issues with men, but what happens to the boy.

    Does raping a girl, get the larger sentence.
    Legally the maximum sentence, different.
    Yes the boys, have got some justice.
    Six years is not harsh, but also not soft.
    At his age, it could be all the rest he has.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 9th February 2023 @ 8:37 pm

  2. Her name is Phoebie.

    Phoebie is a real life person of my adolescent high-school years.

    Comment by Downunder — Sat 11th February 2023 @ 5:00 am

  3. I put the comment at 2 to encourage thoughts about what these boys might have lost or not experienced as a result of what happened.

    Phoebie on the other hand was a Maori child who was forbidden, like others from the local pa, to talk to honky boys as we were called.

    It’s adults impacting children’s lives and that’s a matter of considerable debate at the moment.

    The political parent.

    Dilworth is a home for boys, from what I recall are orphaned or have lost their father.

    Comment by Downunder — Fri 17th February 2023 @ 8:30 pm

  4. Personaly I don’t like the idea, of single sex schools.
    Having experienced, what they are like.
    I begged my parents, to let me change schools.
    I didn’t care about education, I wanted out.
    The answer no, and my contempt followed.
    To me the education success, hides social outcomes.
    Instead of genders being the same, they do the opposite.

    Feminism demands equality, single sex schools a contradiction.

    You can’t ignore race, you are the race you are.
    Do children become racist, by learning from adults.
    If race was never mentioned, could the child become racist.
    The parent chooses the school, based on the race of students.
    Showing and telling a child how to be racist, now that’s racism.
    The child bombarded with comments, with adults labelling each other.
    No cycle will be broken, just another damaged generation.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 17th February 2023 @ 10:59 pm

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