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If I were the deep state this is what I would do to fathers and children worldwide if I wanted less of them.

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 11:52 am Sat 5th August 2023

If I were the deep state and I wanted to reduce population from 9 billion to 1 billion, I would destroy families and allow gangs to flourish. I would even pay the gangs to exist on that income without having to resort to crime for money.

If I were the deep state, I would take away children from their fathers, destroy their relationships so children wouldn’t have a dad to turn to.

If I were the deep state, I would create a law to allow women to apply without notice to the courts to steal property from men and give it to their former wife and girlfriends after 24 – 36 months of relationship.

If I were the deep state, I would allow IRD to fine men if they could not pay for child support and use that money for something else other than their family.

If I were the deep state, I would cause suicide (now called mental health) in men. I would withhold the statistics for years and never answer questions regarding the imbalance or stop it.

If I were the deep state, I would jail men for 3 times longer than a woman or no cage time at all.

If I were the deep state, I would take away guns from the law-abiding people but not the gangs.

If I were the deep state, I would create a separate and closed court for police with a single judge.

If I were the deep state, and I wanted less families and population I would make laws to destroy men so they do not have children.

If I were the deep state, I would allow false sex accusations from women, pay them huge sums of money for their statement and virtually never prosecute if it was false.

If I were the deep state and I wanted to know and take full control over what people spend their money on. I would take away cash and make all transaction electronic. I would regulate how much they could spend, who they traded with and what I will immediately take from the transaction.

If I were the deep state, I would place a near field I/d and tracker inside everyone’s hand.

If I were the deep state, I would make a one would Government that no one voted for.

I am sure you can think of other things I could do if I were the deep state.

There is an election coming! The only time a politician listens and are forced to make comment and keep or get on the payroll is now. Each of us has a TV station and news network build inside our phones. The free app is called Telegram. Install it. Use it, put it online. Hold them to account.


  1. You imply it’s intentional, that a deep state exists.
    That things were done, with intentional outcomes.

    A huge change was benefits, you could be a solo mother.
    The argument of the abused woman, is still used today.
    But it’s results are bad, children without fathers doubled.
    Some are abused and some are not, it’s actually a choice.
    So while that’s happening, is the policy a deep state policy.
    Unless the late sixties feminists, are the deep state.

    As for birth rates, really it’s accidental.
    Advances for women, have greatly improved contraception.
    The better a nations contraception, the lower the birth rate.
    I don’t think a deep state, has been inventing contraception.
    We would have male contraception, if they were inventing things.
    Imagine that as a dilemma, the birth rate could half.
    In only generations, you could get to a billion people.

    Who said that’s wrong, to get to a billion people.
    That’s a lot of people, on a small planet.
    Because the population still grows, we may go higher.
    The deep state, would want growth forever.
    Not 9 billion but 18 billion, then want to grow to 27 billion.

    You make an interesting argument, about if I was the deep state.
    Because the term implies, that it’s not imaginary.
    Behind the scenes there is people, making decisions.
    For the deep state to exist, it must exist as a group of people.
    Is it a dictator secret to the world, making the decisions.
    Even then people must exist, to carry out the commands.

    Why is the deep state nefarious, why is it not great news.
    This magical group of people, wanting only good things.
    Solo mothers an example, they did it for good reasons.
    Is the deep state something to blame, not blaming ourselves.

    The deep state, created the education system.
    The deep state, made modern medicine.
    The deep state, gave you amazing technology.
    The deep state, is making an amazing world.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 5th August 2023 @ 8:00 pm

  2. Today I see a world, that is struggling.
    All the things you say, are actually taking place.
    We may not be chipped yet, but it’s possible.
    The computer recording, your every move known with certainty.
    Your cellphone, is doing it already.

    Why would a deep state, want men to not have children.
    The laws so biased that children harm life, if your male.
    You would see in statistics, less men having children.
    If a man really wanted a child, many women would say yes.

    So our low birth rate, is not just a woman’s choice.
    While most of the low birth rate, is women making that choice.
    Many women don’t have children, far more than naturally.
    But men are making these choices, the same as women.
    They get vasectomies, so they never have children.
    There is no accidents, with a woman choosing yes to a baby.

    If you were the deep state, why would you let there be any choice.
    But we live in a world, where we do have the ability to choose.
    It’s not when we choose, it’s when we don’t choose.
    What is woman’s experience, vs the male experience.

    So the world has extremes, on the subject of fertility.
    You can imagine few choices for women, in Afghanistan homes.
    We are the other extreme, our women have all the choices.
    Men are supported in one extreme, we are the other extreme.
    A deep state, would not create the two extremes.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 6th August 2023 @ 10:43 am

  3. If the deep state exists, then it would have policy.
    The post gives examples, where we do have policy.
    There is policy in the west, to ignore men’s issues.
    Somehow many governments, are biased just like us.
    But not all of them, some are attempting equality.
    We blame a deep state, when its about ideology in any nation.

    With humans, it’s about money or sex.
    The Taliban is at an extreme, it controls sex for itself.
    But we are at the extreme, men are prosecuted for anything.
    Woman can literally, do anything sexual to a male.
    Our feminism is an extreme, it controls sex for itself.
    Just as the Taliban ignores women, we ignore men.

    Would the deep state, want to control sex for itself.
    What ideology, does it wish to have.
    It must have an ideology, to make policy.


    If I were the deep state, can be good things.
    What if the deep state, had no ideology.
    It did not do things, for money or sex.
    The deep state, wants to end poverty and homelessness.
    It acts to stop climate change, and preserve nature.
    Everyone has enough, and everyone has employment.
    The deep state, would end wars and solve conflicts.
    It would collaborate, and start living on the moon.
    It would not oppress, it would nurture its host.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 6th August 2023 @ 8:09 pm

  4. Interesting thoughts Lukenz. Not sure who or what the ‘deep state’ is but there does seem to be some goal among powerful world forces to control and profit more from the world population. Many of the provisions you outline will serve that end rather than any goal to reduce the world’s population. And of course, many of those provisions are already in place fully or partially. Scary. Conspiracy theorists do turn out to be vindicated more often than we realise.

    DJ Ward: Neither the ‘Deep State’ nor any government created modern medicine, technology, our amazing world or even education. Some governments have facilitated these developments financially and administratively but it was individual thinking, inventiveness and effort that brought them about. Sure, more sophisticated governance has enabled resources through taxation to be concentrated on wider initiatives but where governments have taken over too much that has seldom produced much of worth. Often, the involvement of the state has prevented individuals from achieving the contribution they could have made, through ideological distortion, bureaucratic control or administrative incompetence. A balance between individual freedoms and state power will always remain crucial for achieving social and technological gains. Governments based on Marxist ideology don’t seem to have been able to maintain that balance. Also, some of the richest and most powerful people do seem to want to become emperors of the world by disempowering and exploiting the rest of us, and that won’t result in a better world for anyone beyond the short term.

    Comment by Ministry of Men's Affairs — Fri 11th August 2023 @ 9:31 am

  5. If you were the deep state, you would practice eugenics.
    And it’s not like it can’t happen, Hitler is the example.
    Just like we breed animals, we can breed humans.
    The argument is about race, but it can be about traits.

    You can breed for height or running speed, not being racist.
    But what would a deep state want, from humans.
    What trait would it support, and the trait it rejects.
    Influencing evolution, breeding humans to its needs.

    You get an interesting problem, women must have babies.
    To get population stability, most women must have babies.
    So you can’t practice eugenics, by policy for women easily.
    The arguments not the same, with fathers.

    Fewer men can have babies, but they have more each.
    Failing men with traits, don’t get chosen for breeding.
    Each generation, you get better and better humans.
    You would judge men, but not judge women for breeding.

    Could a deep state be that clever, to selectively breed humans.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 20th August 2023 @ 2:07 pm

  6. Sometimes rich companies, are likened to a deep state.
    There huge investment, actually deciding policy of government.
    It may be like a lobbyist, just far more powerful.
    Men are off limits, they are capitalism’s worker.

    The deep state, would not then be government.
    It actually is, a small group of very rich people.
    Controlling media and banking, your politics your opinion.
    Shares in everything, with places on the board.

    I think of the US, with extremes of energy policy.
    One side loves fossil fuels, even mocking electric cars.
    It’s not rational to have that belief, with climate change.
    There belief results in 60m, of sea level rise.
    Not in lifetimes, but that’s definitely the result.
    So how can intelligent people, have that belief.
    Can we really blame a group, powerful enough to change minds.
    Yet it’s happening, you can see propaganda everywhere.
    Everyone with the same silly story, with the same script.

    If you were the deep state, then it’s about the money.
    They take short term gain, for our long term loss.
    They become rich, but your government debt grows.
    They gain in the short term, harming the planet in the long term.
    How did they get rich, if nobody became poor.

    How much power some people have, is an interesting subject.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 20th August 2023 @ 5:39 pm

  7. I had to laugh, Elon made a threat to buy a company.
    Because we know it’s real, he can make real threats.
    That’s powerful, and it’s good to watch.
    He even predicts space travel, at faster speeds than I do.

    But we see it all unfold, we know his business story.
    We can see deal by deal, how he became powerful.
    The was no deep state, he is just an unusual human.
    Whatever the deep state owns, Elon wasn’t in its plans.

    Imagine Elon not liking something, next minute Elon’s your boss.
    Billionaires like him are uncommon, he isn’t buying real estate.
    His billions in some fund, with guaranteed interest.
    He is far better than a deep state, you can’t predict what’s next.

    A more interesting idea, what has the deep state banned.
    Could Elon make medicine cheap, or is that not allowed.
    Or worse than that, invest in cures not treatments.
    The solar panel skinned car, or factories to solve the energy crisis.

    If he is the deep state it’s pretty good, who knows what’s next.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 21st August 2023 @ 7:28 pm

  8. you freaks are delulu. the deep state isn’t trying to kill you guys.

    Comment by Kitten lvr — Fri 22nd September 2023 @ 8:59 am

  9. I don’t think the post, talks about killing people.
    If I were the deep state, with what’s actually happening.
    It’s a hypothetical argument, it’s sarcasm about reality.
    There is no deep state, but we have a society like it exists.

    Being derogatory is fine, but you didn’t argue why.
    “The deep state isn’t”, implies it exists.
    It exists implied in the sentence, but it is not trying to kill you.
    It’s doing those other things, but ignored that’s acceptable.
    What hypothetical, is proven wrong in #8.

    Thinking those things happen, makes you freaky and crazy.
    Many of them however in the post, are just stating facts.
    That’s more crazy, somethings true but you pretend it is not.
    Personally I am certified crazy, but it’s the world that’s gone mad.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 30th September 2023 @ 8:59 pm

  10. A problem with killing people, is it happens.
    It may be a health policy, or a chemical we get exposed to.
    The safety of a road, or standard of a building.
    We with all deaths, get to blame something.
    In each case those bad things, are about money.
    You can’t afford perfect health, or perfect roads.

    The people in healthcare, are not trying to kill people.
    A person may die on a waiting list, but that’s reality.
    Yes the health system failed, but it’s not a conspiracy.
    The deep state is not saying, kill these people.
    It just can’t afford, everyone living forever.

    “If I were the deep state, I would cause suicide (now called mental health) in men.”

    So that’s happening, but one can assume it’s not intentional.
    It’s mistakes being made, and men accidentally die.
    Like the bad road or chemical, why then did they die.
    Hundreds of men commit suicide, yet nothings to blame.

    That may be what the deep state is, something intentional.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 1st October 2023 @ 12:21 pm

  11. History has moments, that could be the deep state.
    Europeans once sat at a table, and claimed Africa it for itself.
    Look at the poverty of the person, vs the top 1,000 people.
    When they sit at tables, they just get richer and you poorer.
    If a deep state existed, they must be very powerful people.

    You can argue the point, the wealth is not nefarious.
    Elon is not a bad person, and most in the 1,000 are just like him.
    But in this world, money is the source of so much evil.
    Nations wrecked for this and that, coups and assassinations.
    If I was the deep state, things look terrible for the future.

    Humans can be barbaric, they always have been.
    Rape and pillage, slavery and genocide was normal Europe.
    They got so good at it, they accidentally got experts at it.
    So good with new technology, no old world nation survived.
    Not Africa or the Palestinian, no Indians and no pacific island.

    That table still sits with decisions, of making and destroying.
    Violence leads to violence, revenge leads to revenge.
    Once the cycle starts, can the deep state stop it or who gets rich.
    By the day the worst can happen, the victim becomes the offender.
    Previous tables failed, they made ISIS and they made Hamas.

    I look at my children, and I’m so thankful to be in NZ.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 2nd November 2023 @ 7:01 pm

  12. Maybe killing men, has always been a strategy.
    If you kill lots of your men, then there’s more sex for you.
    There was big shortages of men, after the world wars.
    Who knows the deep state, may want less men.
    Things not done for money, it’s all about the sex.

    If population control, is the deep state’s objective.
    Then you would want less women, less breeders.
    You still want the men, you can make them work.
    You would encourage the family, to want boys.
    In just generations, you can have a population collapse.

    If the deep state was real, it would likely be about money.
    Even if the birth rate was low, it would immigrate growth.
    It would use the third world, to mask the reality of the birth rate.
    The economy it controls, would keep making money.
    Things are not done for sex, it’s all about the money.

    If the deep state exists, what does it want.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 16th November 2023 @ 8:15 pm

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