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A one-day event to explore & discuss the struggles of Men & Boys in New Zealand.
On Saturday 9 September 2023 at 8am

At Christian Campground at 60 Pohutukawa Avenue – Ohope 3121
Events details and registration here:

Facebook Link

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  1. Well done, for organising the event.
    And your link, is from an expert.
    Something is wrong, the results can be seen.
    So it’s about the subjects, because we already argue.
    What are the questions, we are not asking.
    Why has our solutions, made or become problems.

    We say to boys, don’t join gangs.
    Yet more than ever, they join gangs.
    We know it’s wrong, but we still get the result.

    We say to boys, don’t be violent.
    Yet more than ever, they are being violent.
    We know it’s wrong, but we still get the result.

    But we talk about those subjects, all the time.
    And all the talking to the boys, has solved nothing.
    So it’s not what boys are doing, it’s what we do to the boys.

    They watch cage fighting, and culture is to be violent.
    Protect your woman, your not a man otherwise.
    Your mate starts a fight, are you not supposed to help.
    Make sure you look, muscled and ready to fight.
    And don’t forget ego, that’s what joining the gang is about.
    You get to have something, that society doesn’t offer.

    So your meeting is needed, because we are the problem.
    We took the boy as society, and made the man.
    And that’s just the easy subjects, that we do argue.
    They are safe, because we see men as the problem.

    There is subjects, that are very confrontational.
    Arguments we don’t have, in any way.
    Not in the media, not even in churches.
    As I have found, to hard even for courtrooms.
    Find a politician then, talking about pregnancy without consent.

    Politicians love women’s events, I hope you get some show up.
    Maybe we can get an opinion, no politician ever makes.
    It is election year, men vote as well.
    It would be nice to know policy, on any men or boy subject.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 1st August 2023 @ 8:56 pm

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