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Steve Cranston

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 8:16 am Sat 1st April 2023

A Candidate From the newly registered DemocracyNZ Party.

I haven’t meet this guy so I can only go by what I have sourced online.

He is an agricultural/environmental consultant (currently managing a dairy farm) who didn’t like the direction of regulations in the industry. Trained as an Agricultural Scientist at Lincoln and has a very straight forward, probably what many would call, bloke attitude.

I’ve seen his lives online. I can’t think of anyone recently who has a clear straight forward manner like this in politics to compare him to.

He has posted a complaint to the HRC regarding Marama Davidson’s CIS outburst mentioned in the previous post.

Cranston is standing as a candidate in the Waikato electorate, where that rather radical university is located.

I’ve noticed in general though, how the feminist crusade isn’t so dominant in the narrative now and certainly after the Posie Parker incident that might remain the case.


  1. Another hate men feminist, complaint ignored.
    It didn’t even reach, the imaginary Men’s Issues Commissioner.
    No complaints on men’s issues, are ever examined.
    They are at 100% success rate, for hating men.

    Magically if it’s a women’s issue, they investigate.
    Staffed ready, for the slightest infraction.
    Press releases follow, demanding affirmative action.
    My desire to mock them, has become absolute.

    They will not investigate, her decisions as minister.
    The truth to the HRC, is always out of bounds.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 1st April 2023 @ 11:13 am

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  3. Politicians offer things, but do they really.

    So really nothing changes, with National and policy.
    There’s some tinkering, but nothing like needed change.

    “National views success as something to celebrate. Labour views success as something to tax,”

    Well as treasury shows, the rich don’t pay much tax.
    They dramatically increase wealth, with little tax.
    A normal person, pays a higher percentage of earnings in tax.
    So that’s wrong, and can’t be ignored.
    National sees success, as something not to tax.

    So the solution should be, we don’t tax success.
    But somehow that percentage of tax, is corrected.
    I think the solution, is a tax on inheritance.
    When the rich person dies, everything is added up.
    So an untaxed threshold that’s high, as the middle class pays tax.
    The normal family home, inherited without taxation.
    Then since the rich earnings were not taxed, so tax them.
    Capital gains tax is clumsy, but is the same as an inheritance tax.
    Donations to charity at death, not taxed.
    Inheritance tax is clean and simple, and only happens once.
    It’s nonsense, if they say it is to hard to do.
    If the billionaire dies, 10% tax is 100 million.

    While the persons living, you support them getting rich.
    Taxing them punitively, stops them getting more rich.
    Support them in business, they employ people who do pay tax.
    They spend money, and create things.
    But like death, the rich can’t escape the taxman.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 29th April 2023 @ 11:26 pm

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