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The sexual holy war is coming for you

Filed under: Gender Politics — JohnPotter @ 10:17 am Sun 13th August 2023

Our therapeutic state smothers the human spirit
Published at UnHerd 24th July 2023

But in fact, the therapeutic para-state is today staffed disproportionately by women and routinely addresses its expectations to us in gendered terms, sometimes casting dissent from the programme as an expression of toxic masculinity. So it is to be expected that such dissent will likewise make the legitimacy of the male a thematic concern. To paraphrase Trotsky, you may not be interested in a sexual holy war, but the sexual holy war is interested in you.

Daily life is shot through with an ambient pedagogical project that works to create the modern subject, a creature who internalises the social discipline required by the modern state. In one of his choicest formulations, Michel Foucault referred to “the minor civil servants of moral orthopaedics”. They are found in corporate HR, the Office of Student Life in universities, mandatory “Relationships and Sexual Health Education” in schools, lifestyle magazines and countless other sites of adjustment. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 71% of human resources managers are women. In the University of California system, to take one example, 70% of non-academic staff are women, and in American universities generally, the ratio of administrators to faculty has nearly doubled since 1990. Sixty-seven percent of those who hold a journalism degree are women. In psychology, female graduate students outnumber males by about three to one, and have done so for more than a decade. Seventy-seven percent of sociology majors are women, and women have received about two-thirds of all masters degrees since the early Eighties. If the norm-setting, psyche-tending, world-describing, and narrative-generating professions are staffed predominantly by women, does anything follow from this fact?

It does if you grant that there are such things as male norms and female norms, as social psychology indicates there are, and if you further grant that this difference must show up in the flavour of institutional life. Jonathan Haidt says that among women you get “a different kind of conflict. There is a greater emphasis on what someone said which hurt someone else, even if unintentionally. There is a greater tendency to respond to an offence by mobilising social resources to ostracise the alleged offender.” This concern with offence, which tends to maintain social cohesion, also tends to come detached from the question whether the hurtful thing said was true or not.

This introduces an element of arbitrariness, an invitation to caprice. Notice that in this dynamic, a “hurt” may be attributed, a victim identified, as an act of aggression against the putative offender. The great majority of women do not seek power within an institution under the banner of woke activism. But most of those who do seek power in this way are women, Richard Hanania observes. More broadly, due to important asymmetries between male and female modes of conflict, “women’s tears win in the marketplace of ideas”. Such winning often results in the further extension of bureaucratic supervision into realms where harms might be found.

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  1. I think the war, is well under way.
    Men are losing badly, because of the numbers.
    I go back to 1984, creating a minister for women.
    Democracy was usurped, men lost having an opinion.
    In each job type making decisions, women win with democracy.
    They immediately changed teaching, changed qualifications.
    Brung in child support, the DV act and matrimonial property.
    Best interests of the child, and police safety orders.

    It’s not one single battle, it’s hundreds of battles.
    Every new law and every new policy, women win.
    The war is in your workplace, it’s in your home.

    War inherently has a delay, to a new winning strategy.
    Those harmed in the beginning, lose badly.
    But they learn, they develop new defences.
    Soon the winning strategy, no longer works.

    I don’t think this holy war, saw the internet coming.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 13th August 2023 @ 7:37 pm

  2. A big change with sex, is pornography on the internet.
    And because you can see anything, so do young people.
    There is far more normalisation of sex, as culture.
    Radio conversation decades ago, is not radio of today.
    The world was shocked, with love scenes in movies.
    Now music videos, show children everything.

    Think of the romans, with prostitution in the town centre.
    Graphic paintings on walls, sex openly displayed.
    Just living life, showed children everything.

    On one hand I am worried, the content could be harmful.
    But on the other hand it is only sex, what’s the big deal.
    Is this sexual revolution just an accident, society didn’t plan for the internet.

    Have males got a win, a version of sex is essentially free.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 18th August 2023 @ 10:32 am

  3. If we pick a subject, we can examine the war.
    How has each side won or lost, and the present.

    Think of custody of children, in history.
    It actually has both extremes, the father decides everything.
    But the opposite has existed, matriarchy society’s did exist.
    The modern feminists argument, does start with a patriarchy.
    The father decided, what happens to the children.
    That’s the picture we get, but was it real for commoners.

    So if that’s the war, feminism is winning the subject.
    Most of the time, the mother decides custody.
    At least in effect that’s society, mothers getting more custody.

    As an analogy, think of the scales of justice.
    Law was patriarchal, but has become matriarchal.
    The starting point was tipped scales, it was sexually bigoted.
    As democracy grew, so did early feminism.
    Somehow the scales have tipped, in women’s favour.

    The analogy is idealism, the scales cannot be perfectly balanced.
    Humans are involved, and men are different from women.
    Even if your laws were perfect, the result is still 50% plus or minus.
    Men in prison and absent fathers, ruin the statistics for equality.

    What % custody does equality give, vs the % we have in society.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 18th August 2023 @ 12:09 pm

  4. This post can not be understated. If it were men who occupied 70 percent of universities, 90 percent of school education, there would be an uproar fully supported by all genders in parliament. Now why is that? Just imaging a single male MP waving a tiny flag for men matters or even worse, white men matters. He would be shouted down and expelled from the house. He would be sent out to the political wilderness. As for the sexual war is coming for you – I believe they are coming for your assets, what you can provide on an ongoing basis. With a bit of smoke and mirrors legislation and accepted procedure, men can be tossed out of their homes on a moment’s notice. This legislation has to become more gender-neutral and no amount of slide of hand can be used to remove property and parenting rights. Holy war? For the record, the people who are most against any war are the people who were forced to war will do all they can to avoid the next one. There’s your reduction of new people on the planet right there.

    Comment by Lukenz — Sat 19th August 2023 @ 2:24 am

  5. Feminism is about equality, where women don’t have it.
    But if they are advantaged, then it’s a success as well.
    It does not want equality, it wants everything.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 19th August 2023 @ 1:13 pm

  6. That is a blunt way, of describing feminists.
    Because most feminists, don’t think males get treated badly.
    They don’t intentionally, do bad things to men.
    When do they ever, get shown males as victims.
    They may live in a bubble, of one perspective.
    They do treat men badly, thinking it’s normal.

    I heard an interesting argument, about school.
    To force women into work, they made school.
    The more women worked, GDP increases so does tax.
    School did not free women, it was to enslave them.
    The more free women became, the more they worked.
    Now humans are trapped, both must work to afford life.
    Once children grew up, taught life by the parents.
    School was following the parent, helping them.
    For all of human history, that was normal.
    Now the government, is the teacher.
    School is a huge advance, you wouldn’t go backwards.
    Did feminists want that result, women have to work more.
    So they lost something, they lost what’s normal.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 24th August 2023 @ 9:21 pm

  7. I was listening to an argument, about clothes.
    I think it’s France, and what school students wear.
    What women must wear, due to religion.
    And the state, having no religion in schools.

    A woman defending the clothes, used racism and sexism.
    The white man controlling women, so both wrongs.
    Racism is the out, when you don’t have an argument.
    The governments clothes culture, just like religious clothes.

    In the case of France, it is we’re white men come from.
    They have a clothes culture, as nonsense as any other.
    They have a culture for boys, and one for girls.
    The woman demands, the white man must change.

    She also ignores women, as if they are not in French politics.
    They create the culture, as much as men do.
    They want there culture, not a foreign culture.
    She blames men, because you can’t blame women.

    Women in the west, are free to wear anything.
    And I don’t think, they will give that up.
    Replacing it with a culture, demanding certain clothes.
    You must wear a suit, as nonsense as a woman’s culture.

    If you want Gods opinion, Adam and Eve were naked.
    Everything else about clothes, humans did it.
    What a strange thing, how each society dresses.
    Each irrationally claims, it’s the right way to dress.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 2nd September 2023 @ 10:18 pm

  8. I do worry about men, and what’s happening.
    Sex is changing, and it’s changed in little time.
    In many ways the change is good, but what’s bad.

    I have recently heard of a case, involving rape.
    People I have met, devastated being there child.
    A stranger attacked a boy, you can imagine the rest.
    That’s insane to me, that a man would do that.
    Yet sex is that powerful, the man has ruined his life.

    In countless ways, men can’t control sex.
    Even the relationship occurs, because sex made you do it.
    Otherwise it’s just a person, like any other person.
    Sex drive is that strong, countless men ruin there lives.
    And in this world, there’s a hundred ways to do it.

    There is an extreme, which is hyper sexual episodes.
    Not something I get now, but definitely when young.
    The sex chemicals, turn on full and stay on.
    Sounds great, but it’s a nightmare in real life.
    But even that’s no excuse, to offend sexually.

    The boys case is an extreme, there is desire for being harsh.
    Why did it happen, why was desire that great.
    It is not even evolutionary valid, as a breeding strategy.
    Again it’s insane, the man went to that extreme.
    Why men, why men committing these horrible crimes.
    Sex is as causal as ever, we have the internet.

    Just as irrational, men paying for Only Fans.
    The desire for sex so strong, fortunes get made.
    It’s biology, men will do anything for sex.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 5th September 2023 @ 6:56 pm

  9. The subject forces us, to look at gender.
    What % are women in a particular job, or getting qualified.
    And implies there’s a result, the professionals become biased.
    There becomes less men, making male decisions.

    That makes a difficult question, about men and women.
    To say the result is different, women must think differently.
    In turn for men, we also must think differently.
    Try then do that to science, do women get different answers.
    Or mathematics, does the female accountant add different.
    Those are without emotion, what of judging emotions.
    Between genders, the answers may be vastly different.
    If a man did or decides it, or if a woman did or decides it.
    We are different, men and women do think differently.
    The family court is not science, it’s examining people’s emotions.
    Unlike science with fixed answers, it can be biased by gender.

    If it’s true, that we think differently in some way.
    Are we permitted to celebrate men, for being better.
    There will be a trait, where males are better than females.
    Just as females will, be better on average than men at things.
    It may all be natural, men and women choosing job types.
    If all bigotry was eliminated, you still get the same result.

    Think of politics, both genders get the same information.
    But when voting, the percentages are different.
    Even if intellect is equal, the thinking by gender votes differently.
    So when judging emotions, genders do bias or think differently.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 28th September 2023 @ 8:53 pm

  10. My car has a fault, and it’s near impossible to find.
    Like a glitch, that’s completely unpredictable.
    The car is otherwise good, but the fault is real.
    There becomes an end, you can’t continue.

    Think of society, it behaves the same way.
    The beginning references the car, like new.
    Things go well for years, but slowly faults appear.
    No matter how good things are, it will break down.

    The car is complex, just as society is complex.
    The fault hard to find, with many suspect things to blame.
    The worst that can happen, is things break down completely.
    The car scraped for a new one, just as society must change.

    I am still thankful for my car, just as I am for society.
    It’s not the best car, but it has been good to me.
    I find I cannot give it blame, for the endless hours together.
    Despite all its flaws, it was taking me to my destination.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 6th October 2023 @ 10:53 pm

  11. War is evil at the best of times, the present an example.
    If there is a war between the sexes, you will see evil things.
    But the war goes on, if the problems are not solved.
    If you always have a victim, you will always get revenge.

    See what you get, when you make victims of young men.
    The boy who lost a mother, a sister or everyone.
    The boy who saw, his best friend or father killed.
    There is plenty of boys, victims ready to die.

    The sexual holy war, would look the same.
    Men do bad things, women becoming victims.
    The women then do bad things to men, men becoming victims.
    Then you will be shocked, people will do evil things.

    What then with irony, does Israel have as a solution.
    Presently it’s revenge, and when does it stop.
    What then of taking turns, how evil will this get.
    I think the next Palestinian boy, is being made today.

    Maybe it’s cursed land, where even God lost his son.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 10th October 2023 @ 6:06 pm

  12. You would think feminism, would support marriage.
    Think of the wedding, women can spend fortunes.
    It’s the most equal thing, to become married.
    Yet while feminism took over, marriage fell apart.
    It’s meaning lost, women get everything without it.

    You can give meaning, if it actually changed something.
    Imagine that, it could control sex again.
    You dare not have sex, outside of marriage.
    If you do, you can’t claim child support even benefits.
    But men could do anything, women cannot.

    So that’s not equal, feminism would despise marriage.
    Yet that’s what marriage means, a partnership.
    An agreement, to have children together.
    Even if things go bad, you committed to the outcome.
    It still means that, all is not lost.

    Presently men are prey, no agreement is needed.
    Is it men that need marriage, so they get equal rights.
    If they have random sex, they can lose badly.
    The response would be, men not having sex.
    Just as my above example, would stop women having sex.

    I am guilty, having children outside of marriage.
    Even the shotgun wedding, was due to sex outside marriage.
    See I am guilty, I can only blame myself.
    Marriage did mean something, but I didn’t listen.
    Somewhere it was written, it’s a good idea.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 11th October 2023 @ 8:14 pm

  13. War is interesting, how the genders are treated.
    There is a narrative, that women are not involved.
    Somehow war takes place, and nothing happens to them.
    Women are civilians, you are not allowed to harm them.
    Any Palestine male, is a legitimate target for example.

    But if they promoted the war, are they not guilty.
    If they sent the son to fight, are they not guilty.
    If they voted the politician in, are they not guilty.
    If they live on stolen land, are they not guilty.
    Yet it gets demanded for women, they are not to be harmed.

    Can you not see, war kills and abuses plenty of women.
    They are just as guilty, as the men getting killed.
    Should war pass them by, with no punishment.
    The males life is worthless, but so can be the woman’s life.
    The men now posture for war, the women should be horrified.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 6th November 2023 @ 5:27 pm

  14. Control of sex, I guess were our first laws.
    And I struggle to think of society, without any laws for sex.
    For women we get extremes, like Afghanistan.
    Or with Hamas using rape, it’s only an infidel in its laws.
    We can’t avoid people wanting power, and control of sex.

    Is the law bad laws, or is the law good laws.
    Saying rape is acceptable, doesn’t sound good to me.
    Or forcing people into marriage, like selling children.
    Things go further, control of sex includes adultery.
    Or the assumption your a father, and laws to make you pay.

    Without laws for sex, society would be in anarchy.
    But it can also be, the organised abuse of people.
    In some way the individual, has less consent as a right.
    Either consent being ignored, or right to consent removed.
    The more free consent is, ironically you have less law.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 9th November 2023 @ 9:49 pm

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