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U.N. Report Seeks to Cover-Up Parental Alienation

Filed under: Domestic Violence — JohnPotter @ 9:08 am Tue 4th July 2023

The long-lasting effects of parental alienation are revealed by a woman who became alienated from her father at the age of nine:

“I’ve spent most of my childhood, adolescence, and teenage years grappling with self-esteem issues, anxiety, depression, eating issues, difficulty managing relationships, trust issues.”


  1. Heartbreaking. Know a man who has been through this. Mother alleged that Father was abusive to the kids. Judges in the Family Court believed everything the Mother said (for fear of being complained about.) So when she applied to the Court to relocate overseas with “her” 3 children, the Court couldn’t wait to say “Yes”.

    The ONLY true thing Judge Burns said in his decision was that “the Mother has successfully alienated the children from their Father but someday, they may come looking for him.” And with that she and the kids were gone in a matter of days.

    Within 2 years, the daughter had contacted the Father and asked that he come and collect her. They waited a few months until she was 16 and he flew to collect her. Naturally they were hassled by the NZ Police AND Oranga Tamariki. But to no avail. 6 months later, younger brother was back in NZ too. Again collected by Dad. Both kids were physically abused by the Mother.

    Comment by golfa — Tue 4th July 2023 @ 4:52 pm

  2. Just like that, a man banned from seeing his kids.
    The alienator, recruits others to win custody.
    Just like that, the man can no longer see his children.
    All along the alienator, was the offender.

    If the judges are scared, of getting it wrong.
    Why are they not scared, of getting it wrong.
    If the man is punished, who cares if it’s wrong.
    Nobody is accountable, scared for those wrongs.

    It’s not like anybody cares, just ask the government.
    The minister for men, the commissioner are silent.
    Nobody will lose the plot, WTF did you just do.
    The judgement was wrong, the man was harmed.

    The banned father suicide stats, many things are a mystery.
    Bastards I watched my brother, tears in his eyes.
    Just from the discussion, of what the Crown did to him.
    His child ending up in care, and for good reasons.

    If you do it to my brother, have you not done it to me.
    Is the child’s story, also not then done to me.
    Can I be like the judge, and ignore all the wrongs.
    The stories are true, to then be silent is to be just as guilty.

    Who threatened the judge, to be scared to get it wrong.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 5th July 2023 @ 7:48 pm

  3. Lawyer for child in NZ covered up the Courts own independent psychological report on the mother – detailing the harm alienation was causing the child, coupled with concerns for the mothers mental health and the ongoing gas lighting and psychological abuse of the father and the child by the mother. The lawyer for child lied to the courts and has never been held to account. We have lawyers protecting lawyers and this business of exploiting children for huge profits – the only reason some will want parental alienation discussion banned in the courts are those not wanting to be held liable for generations of abuse and harm – causing loss by deception – lawyers like any corporation dont want liability or damages. The harm to so many children over so many years as a direct result of PA, and the damages payouts on such a scale would financially cripple the legal profession – so they want to cover it up, and pretend this form of harm and abuse does not exist. PA has been an encouraged tactic by lawyers to enflame conflict. lawyers who Allow alienation and allow psychological abuse to children which went largely unseen. That was their business model.

    Comment by Hornet — Wed 5th July 2023 @ 8:53 pm

  4. I couldn’t find the UN parental alienation report. Was hoping to find it on the UN site.

    In my search, I found this interview. Meet Craig. He is an ex police officer. Goes into more detail. Unchecked child abuse by one parent. It didn’t work out too well for Craig or his children for a long time.

    Parental alienation doesn’t start at the date of separation. It is done over time, long before separation. An all too common form of child abuse, mainly carried out by women. It is all about money and power.

    The abuse isn’t just child abuse. It is father abuse too.

    “The most effective way to destroy families is to deny and obliterate a father.”

    Comment by Lukenz — Wed 5th July 2023 @ 10:20 pm

  5. It’s always about money, if not it’s about sex.

    Parental alienation, causes significant conflict.
    They make cases, and money for lawyers.
    Mum and dad not in conflict, equality makes no cases.
    The more petty the cases, the more cases you have.
    Like bait to prey, lawyers offer alienators everything for a case.

    Give a reward, for making allegations.
    You automatically get full custody, if you make an accusation.
    Any mistake by the male, portrayed in the extreme.
    Provide taxpayer funded services, making as many cases as you can.
    And promise no punishment, for any allegation.

    Have policy, with arbitrary arrest.
    The woman abuses the male, so the male responds.
    The male is arrested as policy, the woman gets protected.
    Lawyers make money, prosecuting the males.
    As long as females can offend, they make more money.

    See that fatherless children, commit more crime.
    All the extra rapists, make fortunes for lawyers.
    Have policy, resulting in more fatherless children.
    As each generation passes, more and more money is made.
    Who cares about society and crime, lawyers are making money.

    Don’t ignore the sex, even lawyers have sex.
    White nights coming to rescue women, look at me the hero.
    Patsy men, besotted and doing the women’s bidding for sex.
    Coward men complying, to scared of women to fight for a man.
    If only to be a rich lawyer, the ladies love rich men.

    Does law serve society, when it becomes a parasite.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 6th July 2023 @ 10:22 pm

  6. For some reason, I like this person.
    Just like this post, she protests the UN and protests the world.
    She sees a problem, and critiques human failure.
    She gives us arguments, like banned subjects.

    So does the protest, harm anyone.
    There’s no violence, nobody was injured.
    Imagine that on your CV, willing to go to prison.
    What do you do, make her more a hero.

    So parental alienation, is the same as climate change.
    We know it’s happening, but nobody can fix it.
    Protest all she likes, humans exploiting can’t be stopped.
    Protest all we like, parental alienation can’t be stopped.

    So it is solutions, that is the problem.
    What’s the UN plan, to transform our use of energy.
    Greta is correct, humans must change not the climate.
    Worse if the UN, is completely silent on your topic.

    Taking wrongly children overseas, is a global problem.
    Violence in the home by both genders, is a global problem.
    Broken homes and fatherlessness, plagues every nation.
    What nation then, has a solution for parental alienation.

    She is an interesting subject, why do we see her as special.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Fri 7th July 2023 @ 11:02 am

  7. The now grown children speak.

    Comment by Lukenz — Sun 9th July 2023 @ 2:20 am

  8. Your video has good information, you can get to 60% with 50/50.
    I don’t think there’s statistics, not from our secret court.
    In the video it’s lawyers, campaigning against 50/50.
    They pay lobbyists, they do not want change.
    Child support an income, government getting 100s of millions.

    But who cares right, it’s only poor men going to prison.
    They pay all they can, broke and it’s still not enough.
    Interest on debt so high, and the end results prison.
    So government policy, is to put poor men in prison.
    They dare not have a child, or they get destroyed.

    So the woman is poor, just like the poor man.
    She can’t support the kids, just as he can’t pay child support.
    The solution for the woman, is all the benefits she needs.
    Housing and food, all provided by the taxpayers.
    The end result, is not prison for the poor mother.

    Why prison for the father, but not for the mother.
    He pays and pays, she gets and gets.
    With 50/50, none of that happens.

    How can a government have prison, as a social policy.
    One identifiable group gets prison, the opposite group gets rewarded.
    The crime with a financial punishment, the crime poor male having a child.
    How the hell is that not, a crime against humanity.
    The lobbyist are good, poor men still inherently go to prison.
    What a price to pay, just so lawyers make money with conflict.

    That’s how crazy the US can get, we just don’t have prison yet.
    But the government policy, is the same.
    Someone must pay, for the poor mother.
    Nobody would punish the mother, but the father is automatically punished.

    The system so perverted by lawyers, even the rich man can be made poor.
    Even the rich man doesn’t get 50/50, they to must fight for custody.
    The maximum child support, like winning a lottery.
    If it’s 50/50, why should even the rich man pay anything.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 9th July 2023 @ 7:36 pm

  9. The UN seems powerless, to stop war.
    Even when the UN votes, the vote gets ignored.
    Some nations, completely ignore its laws.
    Some nations have not signed, crime against humanity laws.
    Abusers have a veto to kill and invade, for any reason.

    The UN was powerless, in stoping abuses in Ukraine.
    But it’s a long history, just think of the US recently.
    Afghanistan then Iraq, and now stealing half of Syria.
    The UN voted to stop the war, but US bombs fall on Gaza.
    Now we just have to watch, it’s just another war crime.

    The UN pretends it has power, it has the ICC.
    If your African that’s a problem, you will get arrested.
    See how cynical you can be, justice is not blind.
    It’s sees the things done, and who you are matters.
    Lucky I’m not an ICC judge, everyone would be in prison.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 7th November 2023 @ 5:59 pm

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