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What Marama Said

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 2:31 pm Tue 28th March 2023

The fallout from the Albert Park protest in the weekend continues. Hipkins supports Davidson on the basis that she had a violent altercation with a mother cycle.

The handle bar of a motorcycle hit Davidson as she was waiting to use a pedestrian crossing seemingly without consequence. This was approximately 12 minutes before a Counterspin journalist recorded the statement from the prevention of violence minister.

Marama Davidson has according to media issued an apology to “our white cis prime minister” which I doubt came with any real sincerity but as a matter of protocol.

6 Responses to “What Marama Said”

  1. Evan Myers says:

    Right in the middle of the fine print from the Minister of Domestic and Sexual Violence is the good ole chestnut … “WE KNOW” …

  2. Lukenz says:

    Well it seems public servant Marama Davidson refuses to apologise publicly to white cis men. You know a couple of days back I discovered she means white Cisgendar men. That is a person born male, is still male. Does this mean we are now to have laws or special penalties that only apply to white males?

  3. DJ Ward says:

    She is correct in some ways, white men commit crimes.
    There are plenty, in prison for horrendous things.

    So her argument must be about race, and statistics.
    White men commit higher rates, of this crime.
    You can be certain, there is a crime and it’s true.
    But that requires honesty, about race.
    Every race must be examined, for every type of crime.
    Only then, is she telling the truth.

    Who does she blame, for statistics about her race.
    Are those crimes, not genetic like the white mans crimes.
    If you stereotype, you stop judging the individual.
    We get domestic violence statistics, by doing that.
    If there is equal violence, the male is arrested.
    Despite being also violent, the female is not arrested.
    She can say men are more violent, as a result.
    She could make the same argument, about race.
    Police stereotyping, targeting more of a race.
    But there’s no race policy, but there is for gender.

    Politically this is not good, as she controls justice.
    She makes policy, for the police to follow.
    She funds things, like services to groups.

    Not a cent spent, on women’s domestic violence prevention.
    And certainly no policy, on addressing female sex crimes.
    Good luck minister, explaining how white men did that.

    You did it, minister.

  4. golfa says:

    I think the timeline is bollocks. If you look at the video of her walking and talking in the street with a few other people, she doesn’t look in the slightest bit injured. I’d bet money she was hit by the motorcycle AFTER she made her idiotic statement. She’d changed the events around so it appears that she “misspoke” AFTER being hit by a motorcycle. Have a look at the video. Does she look injured ? Not to me. Apparently she went to A+E too. Not too injured to attend a protest first though ….

  5. DJ Ward says:

    I don’t like, arguments about race.
    Sadly, I don’t think it’s going away.

    In thousands of years, there will be new races.
    Humans on earth, will interbreed to be one race.
    Humans on the moon, will evolve to be new humans.
    They will be very different, from earthlings.
    Humans on Mars, will become there own race.
    Humans will evolve, to live in spaceships and asteroids.

    Will there not be four, species of humans.

  6. Downunder says:

    #4 I think you will find the time line is correct and the bullocks is Davidson being hit by a motorcycle.

    At worst she received a glancing blow from a passing handle bar but the trauma of the occasion was the Prime minister’s excuse for understanding that his minister was not considered about what she was saying.

    Of course, the same standards wouldn’t be applied to a man walking down the road being angry about what happened 12 minutes earlier.

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