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False MAF charge aftermath

Tue 24th December 2019:

Having spent 3 years in a relationship with someone (and having a child together) only to find that you have been accused of assault after separation can be rough. Having met my ex-partner while working as a teacher, we fell in love very quickly. The relationship was a wirlwind of ups and downs but that’s […]

Family justice reforms seek public support – closes 9 November 2018

Mon 10th September 2018:

Posted by Andrew Little on September 05, 2018 Justice Minister Andrew Little welcomes the release of a public consultation paper by the Independent Panel considering the 2014 family justice reforms. “The Panel is calling for public submissions, inviting everyone with experience of the family justice system to share their stories and have a say about […]

Forced to allow ex access despite DV charges.

Fri 17th November 2017:

Please help, my daughter is being forced to unsafe and abusive visits with my ex. My daughter is 11 and lives with my partner and I full-time. The Interim Parenting Order states my ex is allowed supervised visits only. This is because my ex wilfully breached a trespass order and attacked me. My ex was […]

Examples of Family Court rulings on Admin Reviews?

Thu 22nd January 2015:

I’ve been assessed at a ‘potential’ income which is three times greater than my actual income as a result of a staggeringly unfair Admin Review. As a result I’m launching a counter review, as well as taking the existing review to the Family Court to challenge the review findings. I’m needing to find examples of […]

What are the upcoming changes to the Family Court?

Sat 25th January 2014:

Hello everyone, I’m hoping that you might be able to help me understand what is currently happening in my case. In late November I filed papers seeking changes to my current contact arrangement. Most of the changes are rather minor issues, the biggest ones would be increasing contact from 1 to 2 overnight stays a […]

Family Court Lump Sum Payment

Thu 14th February 2013:

The mother of my children is going to the Family Court asking them to make me pay a lump sum Child Support payment.

Ex-partner trying to provoke foreclosure

Thu 20th January 2011:

I moved out of our joint family home two and a half years ago and my ex hasn’t paid me a penny towards the rent and of course I cannot evict her or force her to pay as half of the house is hers (we are both on the title). She has trespassed me from the property so I cannot use my share. I asked her to pay loans mortgage on the house from what she owes me in rent. She said she is putting my rent aside to ‘bail me out’ with the bank, obviously in her view I am incapable of paying my own loans. I have now received a final demand from the bank. Now my ex refuses to pay saying she had other expenses and she spent the money.

Family Court changes announced

Sun 11th April 2010:

Article here A shake-up of Family Court processes will speed up child care cases, with those involving abuse or violence to receive urgent attention. Principal Family Court Judge Peter Boshier, who announced the changes today, said cases involving family break-ups often saw bitter disputes between parents. “This can cause considerable delay in resolving the issues, […]

Family Court Involved or Not involved

Wed 3rd June 2009:

Pumpkin’s father goes on trial Let us play a guessing game: Has this man been served with a protection order by the family court? Has Nai Yin Xue been thrown from his home by the family court? Has Nai Yin Xue been barred from seeing his child by the family court? Has Nai Yin Xue […]

Behind every violence or murder there is a protection order

Sun 24th May 2009:

When the man in the following article murdered his wife, I as a vaccinated Family Court bonded client, thought there must be a protection order behind this case. And here it comes.  A few months later a doctored article in the press vaguely refers to a protection order. Notice how they write ‘ punctuated by […]

Stopping Violence Programmes – one size does not fit all

Mon 2nd March 2009:

At a hui for anti-violence providers in Auckland on Feb 16th, Principal Family Court Judge Peter Boshier told the participants that too many offenders were dropping out of anti-violence programmes, possibly partly because of the current “one-size-fits-all” approach. Boshier asked: “If there is a one-off act of violence, which is limited to and caused by […]

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