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Fri 31st August 2007

Judy Turner caring for the community groups

Filed under: General — Julie @ 4:48 pm

This is a quoted newsletter below and if you are in the Wellington area, I hope you get to make it. For 20 years that I know of people in the community have been speaking up to deaf ears and being blackmailed by Government and Policies and the Media and the Businesses that pay out funding but are too afraid to go against the mainstream feminists ideology.

MP Judy Turner’s newsletter. (Gosh this lady is onto it)

I’ve never been much of a ‘blogger’ which is probably due to my age and my aversion to addictive behaviour; however since UnitedFuture set up blogging capabilities on our website I confess to becoming increasingly hooked on checking to see who is making comment.

My next challenge is to embrace the art of uploading video comments. I’ve seen some really boring ones on other people’s websites and have figured that shorter is better when it comes to this approach of communication.

Communication, once an art is now a science. In politics we constantly have to check the language we use to ensure that we don’t inadvertently send the wrong message.

This weekend is UnitedFuture’s Annual Conference here in Wellington. Our theme has been carefully thought through to ensure that we clearly communicate what causes we are committed to.

Supporting Those Who Support Others‘ is a conference focused on our strong belief that a healthy society depends not just on its political and economic structures but also on the community resources that care at a personal level. We believe that there needs to be a greater sense of partnership between government and the community and voluntary sector.

The current state of this relationship is not positive. Contestable funding, onerous application mechanisms, short-term contracts, audit fatigue and a lack of regional collaboration sees money wasted and the safety net that should characterise local communities compromised.

UnitedFuture at this conference wants to demonstrate both a listening ear and responsiveness to these challenges. Regardless of who is government after the next election, we want to be part of that mix to ensure that the voice of this sector is well represented in parliament.

No picnic for Fathers in NZ.

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General,Men's Health — Downunder @ 1:36 pm

Kerry Bevin

In a Fathers Day Statement Republican Leader Kerry Bevin puts family devastation clearly at the feet of the feminist agenda, and its moderate face, NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark.

By allowing this Government to continue unchallenged in the implementation of its pink policy we leave unaddressed the underlying causes of family devastation.

“Family discipline is undermined and violence encouraged by Helen’s provocative feminist agenda, leaving fathers unable to fulfil their social obligations”, said Mr Bevin.

Link: Media Statement

Thu 30th August 2007

Ruth Dyson on Fathers

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 9:01 pm

I am pleased the Families Commission report into paid parental leave has
sparked a nationwide debate. Research has shown New Zealand parents have
benefited from our Labour-led government’s Paid Parental Leave scheme and
are eager to contribute ideas to improve and extend the scheme.

“Our government will look at four different areas where the scheme could
be improved – the 10 per cent of women in paid work who currently miss out
on any payment at all, the level of money that people get, the length of
time, and the fact that few fathers access the scheme at the moment.”

I hesitate to ask what the word “Father” might mean in Dykson’s Dictionary, but you can tell Labour is short of a vote when “Father” enters her vocabulary.

Wed 29th August 2007

Law society finds violence report ‘simplistic’

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 8:03 pm

A report about inadequate enforcement of protection orders has been described as simplistic by the New Zealand Law Society.

The report has also come under fire from the judiciary.

Interesting to note that from this sample :

“Indeed, this research found that 87.5 per cent of the women in its case studies who applied for a protection order without notice to the other party were successful – a rate that is higher than the national average which, in 2006-2007, was 78.4 per cent.”

Its a nice way of the Law Society treating this “research” as what it really is Social Marketing for the reforms it advocates. Its a sad reflection that Waikato University Academics have to resort to undertaking social marketing programs on behalf of the Ministry of Womens Affairs.

Tue 28th August 2007

An Opportunity To Do Some Good

Filed under: Law & Courts — Timo @ 9:20 pm

I am men’s activist engaged in a Victoria University review of family law.

Currently I am critiquing sections 7, 9A, 13 & 18B of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976.

  • Section 7 relates to assets outside New Zealand.
  • Section 9A defines when separate property becomes property of the relationship.
  • Section 13 allows unequal sharing if extraordinary circumstances make equal sharing repugnant to justice
  • Section 18B (as extended in 2001) gives court discretion to transfer money or property to compensate for contributions a spouse has made to relationship property after the relationship ended.

Is anyone willing to share their issues about those specific section?

I know that it is vital for men to support each other in dealing with emotions around the way we have been treated by family law. But this is not an opportunity to process trauma. It’s an opportunity to try to effect change. What I am looking for is dispassionate reasoned critique of any of those section, plus any suggestions for reform.


What’s up with those ISMS?

Filed under: General — Julie @ 6:26 pm

When we think about different movements like feminism and conservatism and socialism and liberalism and all other isms we often see political and economical agendas.

But where do all these isms start? How do they come about? And what are WE in all these isms?

Lets look at their meanings.


Favouring free enterprise and private ownership. Also not wanting others to do what ever they please but holding back on certain actions in respect of others, wanting people to act certain ways. It is also about having traditional values.


Willing to respect and accept behaviour or opinions, different from one’s own. Favouring individual liberty; free trade and moderate reform. Giving freedom from being conservative.


An economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit. This was something that existed in Victorian Era where there were elite, middle class, low class and lower class. The elite were often the owners of most major assets.


A theory which holds that a countries land, transport, natural resources and chief industries should be owned by the community as a whole. It would be shared socially so that all could have the same. Opportunities are for all.

This is where the movement came to state owned, state control, state run. We have social sciences studying social relationships and study of humans in society.

We have social welfare, social security and so forth under socialism.


Why Wait Till Next Year?

Filed under: General — Rob Case @ 11:57 am

Telecom have announced that they will be making a web-site available next week where you can vote for your preferred charity. They will donate $250,000 to each of the top four. (Announcement here).

If we all settle on one charity only, this is a good opportunity to profile the depth of feeling on men’s issues.

If you care to post a comment nominating a charity or affirming one that someone has already made, I’ll keep this post updated with a tally for the next week.

I’ll start the ball rolling with a nomination for Paul Catton’s Men’s Refuge.

Nominee (Votes)


Paul Catton’s Refuge (2)

Protection Orders – The Quantitative Figures

Filed under: Domestic Violence — Scrap_The_CSA @ 10:45 am

The data used to create these charts is sourced from the Family Court Website.

I have published them in order to assist in critiquing the social marketing disguised as qualitative research of Waikato University Academics.

Total Applications Filed Final Orders Made

This shows a continuing decline over-time of applications filed and final orders made since the 1998-1999 year. (more…)

Mon 27th August 2007

Jimmy Bagnall

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Downunder @ 5:01 pm

Jimmy Bagnall

Jimmy Bagnall launches the Republicans Auckland Central Campaign.

It is the “fix that which is broken principle” says Mr Bagnall. Get rid of the family court and fix the family.

– We need real evidence in court cases.
– Mediation not agrevation.
– Real support for struggling families, not lawyers.

Protection orders ‘leaving women open to abuse’

Filed under: General — UF @ 3:13 pm

University Of Waikato Calls For Sweeping Changes To Protect Women From Domestic Violence

Press Release by Waikato University at 2:50 pm, 27 Aug 2007

University of Waikato researchers into domestic violence have called for sweeping changes in the treatment of battered women by the courts and government agencies coupled with amendments to the laws designed to protect them and their children.

Their report, “Living at the Cutting Edge Women’s Experiences of Protection Orders”, highlights serious failings in the way in which battered women are treated by the courts, the police, Child Youth and Family, immigration and other agencies. It makes a total of 46 recommendations.

Commissioned by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and released today (August 27), the report says the Domestic Violence Act 1995 has failed to realise its promise because of serious inadequacies in its implementation by the judiciary. (more…)

A little treasure of a comment

Filed under: General — Julie @ 2:14 pm

I found this comment on Markymark’s thoughts and thought maybe others would appreciate it as I have. But then as an individualist, I don’t mind nor care if it is not your cup of tea or not, so to speak. lol ….

Maidenvirgin writes under the post, Why do Women Insist on Changing Men?!

This is something of Society as a WHOLE. People are fucking selfish, always wanting you to live the way they want. I think you will be enlightened by what Oscar Wilde writes about a man under Socialism, this is my favourite piece: (more…)

dad still on the run ?

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Downunder @ 10:32 am

From stuff

While no formal custody orders were in place, the child’s mother was the primary caregiver, and the girl was taken without the woman’s permission, said Detective Sergeant Dave Clifford, of Palmerston North police.

Sat 25th August 2007

Warwick Pudney speaking up

Filed under: General — Julie @ 11:39 am

Oh, this is a good day.

Fathering Our City, a report for Waitakere City by Auckland University of Technology psychotherapist Warwick Pudney, says many services for children and families unconsciously exclude men through their “feminised” culture.

The report calls for both changing mainstream services to suit fathers as well as mothers, and developing specific services for fathers.

Mr Pudney, who founded the Henderson counselling centre Man Alive in 1996, says that agency focused mainly on abuse and family crisis and did not provide any specific support to fathers.


Men’s Refuge in Tauranga

Filed under: General — Rob Case @ 9:53 am

There’s a story in today’s NZ Herald covering the opening of the new men’s refuge in Tauranga.

It seems remarkably neutral in its tone until we get to the closer:

“An organisation like this wouldn’t work if it didn’t have some women in it because men don’t network and don’t have the passion,” she said.

Just can’t help themselves.

Fri 24th August 2007

Is there anything good about men?

Filed under: General — UF @ 3:56 pm

? http://www.psy.fsu.edu/~baumeistertice/goodaboutmen.htm

A very convincing? rebuttal to ideological feminism:

[T]his is not about the “battle of the sexes,” and in fact I think one unfortunate legacy of feminism has been the idea that men and women are basically enemies. I shall suggest, instead, that most often men and women have been partners, supporting each other rather than exploiting or manipulating each other.

Flyers to be distributed around Universities

Filed under: General — Julie @ 2:32 pm

In July a post was written on menz ‘utilising-our-resources‘ where an opportunity arose to fulfil an idea of taking men’s issues outside of the Internet and outside of Waitakere. (for me)

But this is a different area to pursue because now it is going to the younger male generation and providing them with not just information but a journey. One which I hope will benefit their lives and benefit the rights of men as human beings in New Zealand. And one which most likely will find many new readers here and on other sites.

From Monday 27th to Friday 31st August myself, a couple of friends and Jim Bagnall will be handing out 2000 of these flyers to 5 universities in the Auckland region.

Thanks to Rob Case and Saeed for the financial donations and to Paul Robertson for the design of the flyers and to Ken Maclaren for the printing.

You will find the flyer here and you can print some yourself for others if you wish. In fact it will be great to see them being used.

This is a promotion for MTGOW also. “Shock Horror”, some may think. “Julie has finally come around”. I will use this opportunity to say that I am promoting this because it is not about me. It is about the young men who we hope to save.


Thanx also to Angry Harry’s website and words of wisdom (and for allowing us to use it as written) and one of Mikeray’s comments on menz.

Drug Criminal Practising Law

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Downunder @ 11:47 am

The return of Eb Leary to the ranks of our legal profession shows a disturbing lack of reality amongst some in the legal profession and judiciary that have supported his return to practising law. This is a man who involved himself, not in the representation of criminals, in a fair trial, but in the operation of the drug trade. He helped drug dealers evade police prosecutions, for offences such as introducing drugs into prisons. He descended to defeating the course of justice, with acts such as bringing cash into the court room to buy drug dealers out of prison time. He took their money, to fund his life style, and thumbed his nose at our country.

Would you let a teacher who had assisted drug dealers to infiltrate a school have his job back? Would you let a policeman who had assisted burglars to evade detection have his job back? Why don’t we just keep lowering the bar so the next lawyer that does this does the likes gets back into the trade in 10 years?

If Mr Leary has risen above his previous pathetic level of existence, good on him, I congratulate him on his return to society. For those who have chosen to exonerate this man, and return him to the legal ‘profession’, they are fools to believe that they have restored this man’s credibility rather then lowering their own. This man was lucky not to be convicted of the crimes he committed, he got off lightly, and to see him rewarded in this manner by some of his former friends is an insult to the public of New Zealand, and a threat to the integrity of our justice system.

Thu 23rd August 2007

Waitakere Focus on Fathering Week

Filed under: General — Julie @ 9:21 pm

Elaine Dyer, Promoting Great Parenting says, “Sadly, in recent times it is not unusual to open the papers and read yet more disturbing stories that break the heart of any concerned parent. Fathers and step fathers get pretty tough press when things go wrong. So we looked at how we could improve support for fathering. All fathering is important! Come and join us in some great Waitakere fathering activities”

“Although we all know that the father roles are important, if you asked your average person why, they would probably be hard pressed to tell you” says Chris Davidson CEO of Henderson based Man Alive. “We recognise that fathers need good support, to feel valued, and be given attention, in more ways than just the times when the things are tough going.”

This week is supported by Ministry Social Developments SKIP project. Waitakere City Council. Te Korowai Manaaki Promoting Great Parenting. Barnados. Sport Waitakere. Man Alive. Waipareira Trust. Health West. Big Buddy. Unitec. Te Tari Puna O Aotearoa and Change Works.

See events

Waitakere Focus on Fathering Week

Filed under: Events — Julie @ 9:04 pm


What’s coming up for Fathering Week?

  • Photo exhibit of local dads plus community support for fathering at Waitakere Central railway air bridge, Railside Avenue, Henderson.
    1. Make sure your dad’s photo is displayed on the air bridge!
  • Supporting New Dads Forum
    1. Tuesday 28th August 7pm – 9pm
      Supporting new fathers panel and group discussion with Frank Hayes of New Born Fathers , Chris Davidson of Man Alive and Joe Waru of Family Works Northern. Supper Provided
  • Free Health Check
    1. Wednesday 29th August: 9:30 am – 4pm
      Health West health check bus will be parked in Station Road between the City Council building, the railway station and the Westfield Mall. Health checks free to men aged 35-75. Look out for the bus and go in to give your kids the best gift of all, a healthy father!
  • Active Movement and Games
    1. Thursday 30th August (7pm – 9pm at The Trusts Stadium)
      Contact: Sport Waitakere on 837 4849
  • Playback Theatre – Stories of Dads
    1. Saturday 1st September 7pm – 8.30pm, (Unitec)
      Contact Violence Free Waitakere 837 4849
  • Brothers Event
    1. Sunday 2nd September (all day event)
      For details contact (09) 836 6683 or www.waipareira.com
  • Father’s Day for the whole family
    1. Call 839 0288 extn 729
  • Journey to the Falls
    1. 8 & 9 September
      For those dads and sons who are fit. Overnight stay on the West Coast.
      Contact: Ron or Steve at Change Works on (09) 832 2720, 021 414857 or ron@changeworks.org.nz

    For more information check out waitakere.govt.nz

    The NZ Forum on the family – Family First NZ

    Filed under: Events — Julie @ 4:58 pm

    The NZ forum on the family will bring together a national network of pro-family and pro-life organisations, scholars, lobby groups and leaders that seek to promote and protect the well beings of families, the roles of parents and the welfare of our children.

    Details and registration

    John Tamihere is standing for Mayor of Waitakere

    Filed under: General — Julie @ 4:50 pm

    John Tamihere will run for the mayoralty in the October 2007 elections. John Tamihere is presently the Waipareira Trust chief executive and has been speaking up for men’s rights and will be speaking at Family First’s NZ forum on the family meeting in October 2007 on the topic of ‘Engaging the political process’ He was an MP for the Labor Party until Ian Wishart had coffee with him. lol


    Anti-male initiatives

    Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:17 am

    As well as the gender-specific interrogation of female hospital patients, other government anti-domestic violence initiatives are arising. Check out the information provided by the WINZ programme. Note how the pictures show only a man abusing a woman and later feeling remorseful. Note also the emphasis on sharing information with other departments. So if some unqualified WINZ feminist suspects domestic violence people can expect to be hassled by police, CYFS etc. I have asked to view the relevant guidelines given to WINZ staff for identifying and responding to possible domestic violence, and for their training programme and training providers. I don’t expect they will want to pass on this information though.

    Wed 22nd August 2007

    Family Matters?

    Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 10:39 pm

    Terry Carson: Court struggles to stand tall in a community where family matters
    5:00AM Wednesday August 22, 2007

    The Family Court Matters Bill before Parliament is apparently designed to improve the standing of the Family Court in the eyes of the community……………………

    While much of our family law legislation continues to lack any connection with the values still held in most parts of our community, the Family Court is likely to continue to struggle to attain the respect it should have.

    * Terry Carson is a South Auckland lawyer, with more than 35 years practising in the Family Court

    Mon 20th August 2007

    The Fashioning of Men’s Minds

    Filed under: General — Rob Case @ 5:14 pm

    A no-holds-barred critique of the methods used by women, mothers in particular, to shape a man’s thoughts and behaviour. Recognise any of it? (Originally posted here)

    This is The Rude Guy. The Medicine Man of Men’s issues. The audio antidote, to the mass Shaming of Men.

    On earlier shows I talked about how our country is run by feminized men. Men who are winsome and charming and tricky and changeable. Men with no detectable moral center. Duplicitous men who lie and deceive. George W Bushes and Bill Clintons and Karl Roves and Dick Cheneys. How the hell did this happen? How did the worst possible species of men, the most feminized men, the LEAST honest men, become the most successful men? (more…)

    Invitation to Kidz Need Dadz Opening

    Filed under: Events — JohnPotter @ 4:59 pm

    Kidz Need Dadz Inc. and Union of Fathers invite all present, past or prospective members of UOF to the official opening of Kidz Need Dadz’ new premises at 538 Fraser St, Tauranga on Sunday 2nd September at 2pm followed by a BBQ.

    Kidz Need Dadz Logo

    More information from Sheila Ewart:

    Kidz need Dadz is the charity arm of UOF. We have leased a 3 bedroom house in Tauranga for offices, meeting room and training facility as well as for fathers in need of emergency accommodation and to accommodate fathers that travel to Tauranga to have contact with their children. We have only just taken it over so the next twelve months will be busy and interesting.

    Postal address: PO Box 15 155, Tauranga.

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