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Sat 31st January 2009

Women do rape men

Filed under: General — Julie @ 8:43 pm

A woman has been arrested for raping a man in Colorado, United States.

Fri 30th January 2009

Critiquing a Care of Coconuts Act s133 Psychologist Report

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 4:16 pm

I am not a professional psychologist. This is offered to help people to react sensibly and constructively to such a report and to not over-react.

Any suggestions you may make, will be received with gratitude.
Remember – if you’re not enjoying dealing with the familycaught, then your not dealing with them properly.
The familycaught only damages people who take them seriously.

Critiquing a Care of Coconuts Act s133 Psychologist Report


Reasons for getting a critique prepared
People who are about to have a familycaught hearing need to focus on legal strategy and factual evidence. A critique should help them to strengthen their strategy, showing how to improve the sympathy from the “judge” and as a last desperate attempt, to identify evidence that might be used as a poor man’s substitute for sympathy.


Feminists network for mothers to abuse children

Filed under: General — Julie @ 11:17 am

A mother was deemed unfit to raise her sons by the feminised Family Court system in Sweden. You know straight away the mother must be bad if Sweden stands to say it. So the Australian father was given custody of the children who are Australian citizens.

Then the Australian Family Court decided the children should visit the mother in Sweden which the father honoured.

But the children didn’t return because a network of feminists in Sweden decided to go against court orders to hide the mother and children and then set up websites accusing the father of horrific child abuse. All this is paid for by the Swedish Government using hard earned taxes of other fathers.

Mr Pesor, who has hired a private investigator to try to find his sons, said police would “not stand a chance” against Kobra, given its alleged network of safe houses and the strong financial support it enjoys. “This group has 30 safe houses in Sweden alone, with contacts in Denmark and Germany.”

Devastated by Canada’s Divorce Court

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Julie @ 7:58 am

Canadian man Wayne Tippett is broken, bankrupt and bunking in the guest room of his parents’ home after a divorce settlement that’s left him $75,000 in debt and racking up $1,000 more each month.

He’ll be appearing before a Judge at a default hearing to try to explain why he can’t afford to pay his ex-wife $3,300 a month, $16,000 in retroactive alimony and $42,000 of her court costs out of a complex case he himself still doesn’t understand. (the couple had no children)

Even his ex-wife’s lawyer calls the situation “a total tragedy.” And while he says Tippett “is paying for his own foolishness and stubbornness,” the settlement is, in many ways, a frightening example of bad timing, lack of adequate information, and a divorce court system that can be deadly unpredictable.

Thu 29th January 2009

Another Domestic Violence Suicide

Filed under: Domestic Violence — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:40 pm

I have retracted this post because I have become aware that the information it was based on was inaccurate. I regret trusting the source of my information. I apologize to Ms Francis and to any other party who may have been distressed by my erroneous statements.

I hope in due course and with Ms Francis’ permission to provide a more accurate account of the situation that was the subject of this posting. The inaccuracies in the original posting do not invalidate my criticism of current state management of domestic violence and how this contributes to male suicides.

Wed 28th January 2009

Global warming or Suicidal conspiracy

Filed under: General — Julie @ 9:44 pm

I get excited when I read expert opinion challenging not just the events of today but the last 40 – 50 years of leaders who have deviously manipulated the succeeding generations.

Blindly we have followed.

One such site contains research and debated information that affects NZ today. It is also a male friendly site and puts men in the company of former MPs, guest specialists and experts, as well as ordinary, political caring, men and women. Their recent discussion and debate is Global Warming. Below is an extract from a guest expert, Dr Zbigniew Jaworowski. He writes:

Surrogate mum ordered to help pay for child’s upkeep

Filed under: General — Vman @ 12:56 am

THE [Australian] Federal Government is demanding a surrogate mother from New Zealand pay child support for the baby she had for two gay Queensland men.

The woman gave birth to the baby girl a year ago and is refusing to pay for the child’s upkeep, New Zealand’s Sunday Star Times reported.

The baby is being raised by her biological father and his male partner, who have gained child support benefits for the father to stay home and care for her. The couple are the child’s legal guardians.

The woman has refused to talk about the case but a friend said the surrogate thought the baby’s upkeep was the gay couple’s responsibility.

“She’s told the couple they have to sort it out as there’s no way she’s paying,” the friend was quoted as saying.

“The deal was always that the men would sort out the legal and financial stuff.”

Centrelink and the Child Support Agency confirmed they would be seeking maintenance payments from the mother.

Tue 27th January 2009

New World Order – Global Governance

Filed under: General — Julie @ 5:47 pm

Cliff Kincaid, Editor of the AIM Report and writer for Men’s News Daily, has written an enlightening article about Global Governance -“Global Taxes and Global TV Now on the Agenda.

He states, “President Obama’s pick for Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, is being urged to lay the foundation for “global governance” by considering “international taxation” measures to loot more money from U.S. taxpayers”.

Cliff writes about the recommendation included in the report, “The Global Agenda 2009,” which is being considered by the World Economic Forum (WEF), meeting in Davos, Switzerland, January 28 – February 1.” The WEF is not an official government group but does include dozens of government, corporate and labor leaders at its annual meetings.

The meeting is subsidised by major media corporations who are hailing this meeting as the way forward; the road to recovery. One of the co-chairs is Rupert Murdoch.

Sun 25th January 2009

Questions Every Father Should Ask

Filed under: General — fatheringadventures @ 6:20 pm

When did you last have some serious fun with your kids? What about one-on-one time? Was your relationship with your own father all that you dreamt it would be? What will you do today to be the kind of father you had or dreamt about having?


Statistics reveal that 40% of all children will grow up without a father for at least part of their lives. A further 40% of children tell researchers that they don’t feel close to their dads. The biological father is the single most influential person, for better or for worse, in the life of a boy or young man between the ages of 7 and 21. Due to the ever-increasing costs of living however, dads have to spend less time at home, and more in the workplace.


As a result, our boys and young men are growing up with very few male role models today, and so they lack a clear and compelling vision for authentic manhood. Most do not know what a real man does, or how a real man acts, or how a real man treats a woman, or his children, which leads only to further dysfunction.


I’m often asked to offer tips and techniques on how to father well, but we must resist the temptation to treat our relationships like a formula. So my first “tip” for dads would be to become a student of their child… to look, listen, and learn. What does your child love to do? What are his or her dreams? What does your child do well? Where do his or her gifts, talents, and abilities lay?


This requires a significant investment of time, your most precious commodity. In our fast-paced society, time is something that always seems to be in short supply.  Our children are our greatest investments, and all investments require an initial outlay. At the end of your life, will it have been filled with beauty and wonder, intimacy and adventure? A life like that just doesn’t happen… it must be sought after, and fought for.  What will you leave behind? Many store up for themselves things that moth and rust will eventually destroy. Our children are our only true legacy that will remain. We should choose to act now–to make the changes we need to make now–so that the legacy we desire to leave becomes a reality.


It is for this reason I developed the ‘Fathering Adventures’ initiative… providing an environment for dads to simply come, enjoy, succeed, and be equipped for continued success in their relationship with their child.  Can you afford to partake in such an experience? Can you afford not to?


Darren Lewis is the founder and director of Fathering Adventures, located in North Queensland, Australia.  To find out more about this organization, you can visit their website at http://www.fatheringadventures.com.au

Celebrities coming out to fight for fatherhood

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General,Law & Courts — Julie @ 1:06 pm

Families have suffered greatly over the past 40 years of social experimentation throughout the Western world. The Family Court has especially been harmful for fathers and children.

Men’s Rights Advocate Mike LaSalle from Men’s News Daily has written a summary on Alec Baldwin’s book; A Promise to Ourselves: A Journey Through Fatherhood and Divorce.

Mike writes, “In the course of researching the book, Baldwin visited Harvard Law School and interviewed Jeannie Suk, a professor of family and criminal law.

Professor Suk said the term “Governance Feminism” was first coined by her colleague, Harvard Law Professor Janet Halley. The following is an excerpt from Baldwin’s interview with Professor Suk”:

Aborted babies to treat disibility victims

Filed under: General,Men's Health — Julie @ 4:55 am

British scientists have been given the go ahead to inject stroke patients brains with cells form a 12-week-old foetus. Experts believe the cells will regenerate areas damaged by strokes and restore movement and mental skills.

Scientists hope one injection could provide a long-lasting improvement to humans. The first group will receive two million cells, with the final guinea pigs getting 20 million.

Trial leader Keith Muir, of Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital, said: ‘If it works, it may allow new nerve cells to grow, or regeneration of existing cells.’

Congratulations to science, I guess. Who in their right mind would not want to save a life or save a person from unnecessary pain, disease or disability. But I wonder how this will work in the future. Will we be harvesting babies for our youthful looks also. After all, an aborted foetus is not considered a baby.

Fri 23rd January 2009

Taiwan gives aid to male victims of domestic violence

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General — Julie @ 7:18 pm

TAIPEI, Taiwan has new regulations passed by lawmakers for harsher penalties for human traffickers which will increase jail terms and fines for perpetrators who engage in human trafficking.

Other new rules passed by the Legislative Yuan included welfare aid to male victims of domestic violence and the families in which the children are in the care of their grandparents.

Something else also interesting ….

2 death sentences given in China milk scandal
SHIJIAZHUANG, China — A Chinese court condemned two men to death Thursday and handed a life term to a former dairy boss in the first sentences for those involved in the country’s contaminated milk scandal.

National news in NZ

The Green party has called on the Government and Fonterra to condemn the death sentences handed down in China to two men involved in the tainted milk scandal.

The difficulty of righting wrongs in caught

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General,Law & Courts,Sex Abuse / CYF — MurrayBacon @ 9:31 am

This paper discusses removal of children, in a perceived emergency. The unwillingness of familycaught “judges” to admit that they have ever made a mistake or an error of judgement, results in bad decisions being difficult to impossible to reverse.

It is this rigidity that makes parents extremely fearful of losing a custody hearing in familycaught, as this may then seal them into a non-custodial role forever.

This realistic fear, increases the extortionate pressure onto the parents, from the “judges” and legal workers. People who behave in this way are showing that they have no integrity whatsoever.

NZ legislation “requires” “judges” and legal workers to work in a conciliative way. This is a serious conflict of interest, as they can scrape more money off parents, by enhancing extortionate winner-takes-all approach to familycaught hearings.

This rigidity may maintain an air of mythical infallibility for the familycaught, it also seriously degrades the upbringing that tens of thousands of NZ children receive and results in several unnecessary child deaths each year in CYFs custody.

He who has never made a mistake, has never done anything of value.

CYFs suffers from pathological lying by some social workers, largely related to poor staff wages, training and selection procedures.

The article is from USA, different legislation – but exactly the same evidence weighing skills deficit, ethical and integrity problems.

Thu 22nd January 2009

A worthy comment for discussion

Filed under: General — Julie @ 5:41 pm

I deleted my last post because I don’t know enough to comment on communism. And I was way off the mark. Oh well, these things happen, unfortunately. Gender studies is not my chosen field.

But this is interesting. I see a movement like this on websites. So I wondered if others have something to say about it.

The author hasn’t a clue about what is communism and is IGNORANT of what is “left”. Feminism is not a “Leftist” movement. It is a “movement” of upper class women who seek to gain an advantage over men within the confines of CAPITALISM. In fact Feminism is extremely harmful to WORKING CLASS men and women. Working class women are asked to embrace Feminism AGAINST their own working class interest becuase upper class women don’t care one twit about them.

Working class women don’t have much to gain from child support from working class men who don’t make much. In fact working class women would gain more from a society providing free health care, education and housing. This goes against the interest of upper class women who want lower taxes and tax-free government sponsered aggrandized that they can get from upper class men.

Feminism is an UPPER CLASS movement that harms WORKING class men and offers only marginal gains for WORKING class women.

It is this lack of understanding among the so-called men’s movement that prevent the men’s movement from making RADICAL demands. Why the hell would any man who has gotten screwed by the divorce system would want to reform or perserve this system is beyond me. The entire system needs to be OVERTHROWN and that can only happen when men understand that their best interest for themselves and their children comes when you put the FEAR OF GOD into your oppressors by DEMANDING a RADICAL change.

Understand that Feminism is NOT socialism and it is NOT communism. It is all about the AGGRANDIZEMENT for upper class women at the EXPENSE of the ENTIRE working class.


Sun 18th January 2009

Domestic Violence – time for a change

Filed under: General — Julie @ 8:52 pm

Bill Ralston of the NZ Herald has written a wonderful article- “Try a new pill for old ills”.

For example, take one of my pet hates, the “It’s Not OK” campaign against domestic violence in which a collection of earnest men smugly entreat other men to not give their partners and kids the bash.

This campaign followed an earlier series of commercials depicting thuggish blokes battering their way through the household.

The last government’s strategy was to place the burden of responsibility for domestic violence always on men. To suggest otherwise was heresy, so the bureaucrats produced advertising campaigns solely targeted at stopping men being violent towards women.

Sadly, domestic violence continues unabated. This may well be because the government doctrine of “Blame the Bloke” ignores some very real scientific research that questions the conventional thinking on the issue.


Thu 15th January 2009

Who are the real victims for false rape conplaints?

A 17-year-old New Zealand girl was arrested this week after falsely claiming that she was dragged off by three youths and sexually assaulted at knife point, The Rotorua Daily Post reported. (“Calls for help, not charges,” January 8, 2009.) The news report explained that this was the second alleged false sexual assault claim local police have dealt with since November.

Men’s activist Glenn Sacks has written a good post on this article giving Dr. Kim McGregor’s usual response that “international research showed 2-3 per cent of all sexual abuse allegations made were false.” She also believes the women needs therapy and not arrest.

How many times have we heard this before???? There is no consideration for the 60-85% of false claims police have stated to occur.

Also quoted is Louise Nicholas, who notes that “it didn’t help sexual abuse victims making legitimate complaints, particularly those who feared not being believed.”

Ms. Nicholas also suggests that “there could be underlying issues surrounding the false complaints which needed to be resolved,” and that “there needed to be more services available to help women who had been sexually assaulted as the current services were stretched.”

Glenn also gives his view stating that counsellors routinely insist that false rape reports are not a serious threat to men.

Fri 9th January 2009

Twins not his, but man must pay child support

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 10:27 am

In making her recent ruling, the judge referred to a 1999 Supreme Court of Canada decision that said if someone acts as a parent and provides support for a child during a marriage, they are obliged to continue that financial support after separation or divorce — even if the child is not biologically theirs.

“While the failure of Ms. Cornelio to disclose to her husband the fact that she had an extramarital affair and that the twins might not be his biological children may well have been a moral wrong against Mr. Cornelio, it is a wrong that does not afford him a legal remedy to recover child support he has already paid, and that does not permit him to stop paying child support,” Judge van Rensburg wrote.

Paternity Fraud, supported by legal systems the world wide. (more…)

Thu 8th January 2009

Equal Parenting Petition – A child’s right.

Filed under: General — Julie @ 11:27 pm

If you believe that children should have the right to family please sign this petition.

If you believe that it is wrong for a mother or father to have the right stop relations between children and their loving grandparents, please sign the petition.

All over the western world families are being destroyed and all over the world groups from every nationality, race and gender are trying to hold back the destruction of families against a legal system lost from common sense of the greatest emotional need of a child.

Please take a moment to add your voice

Wed 7th January 2009

Making a Difference: Diane Vivian’s Story

Filed under: General — Julie @ 9:07 pm

‘… if we all hold hands and walk together we can move mountains.’

This is Diane Vivian’s inspiring story of how she came to create the organisation Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.

It all began for me in 1997 when we had two foster grandchildren unexpectedly arrive on our doorstep. We took them in and the journey was sheer hell – involvement with the family court, CY&F social workers and lawyers. As well as that we were dealing with severely traumatised children and that was hard.

After two years I thought, ‘I can’t be the only one who is doing this.’ I decided to put an advert in my local paper to see if there were others. I couldn’t believe the phone calls we got. After fielding many, many calls we called our first meeting and ten people turned up. For about six months we cried, we vented and ranted and raved. After that we felt confident enough to take it to the next level. That was to call in some Ministers and explain our experiences and talk about what was wrong in the system.

From there the word spread and I got contacted by another set of grandparents and asked if they could start a support group and it went from there. Now it’s been going for 7 years we have got 43 support groups throughout the country.

I knew right from day one that was something special. It was just a gut feeling. One of our early mottos was ‘we can and will make a difference.’ And that’s true. As more and more people came on board I had to keep expanding the boundaries and thinking ahead.

Politically we are here and we need to be listened to. (more…)

How Does Society View Fatherhood?

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 12:51 pm

Two different articles that speak volumes about how  society views Fatherhood.

Helping boys turn into good men (Dompost)

Every Saturday, Allan Johnson and Nathan meet up and do guy stuff: they build steps, drive go-karts, go fishing. And they talk.

Who Impregnated the justice chief? 

(B3 The Dominion Post, Wed, Jan, 7,2009) It’s all France wants to know, writes , Ben Macintyre

Note : This article was orignally published in  The Times with the following Headline and Intro. :

Rachida Dati: Who’s le papa?

All of France is agog, gripped by speculation over who fathered the Justice Minister’s child.

Tue 6th January 2009

Submission to Minister Justice – different time delays for litigants

Filed under: General — MurrayBacon @ 9:14 pm

Mike Wilding has been protesting outside Mr. John Key’s house in Parnell, complaining about excessive time delays in the family court, delaying and preventing his children from seeing him, for two years now.

Mike Wilding has passed his complaint on to Simon Powers Minister for Justice, who has agreed to look into time delays in any chronologies/cases submitted to his office. Although other issues are not guaranteed to be investigated, we will be highlighting other gross problems, such as decisions made against the evidence available to the family court, breaching rights of appeal by making them nugatory etc.

Please consider to supply your family court chronology and case file, to Mike or myself, for inclusion into this Justice Department invesitgation into the quality of the family court.


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