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Thu 26th February 2009

Could you imagine if this was a Father ?

Filed under: General — golfa @ 3:29 pm

A 36-year-old mother who had sex with an under-age boy has been allowed to keep her interim name suppression for the sake of her two daughters.

The girls, aged 10 and 15, were described as vulnerable during the suppression appeal before Justice Christine French in the High Court at Christchurch today, the Christchurch Court News website reported.

When the woman pleaded guilty on January 16, District Court Judge Stephen Erber refused suppression but allowed the interim order to continue until the appeal could be heard.

Justice French said the judge was likely to have reached a different conclusion about suppression if he had been given the additional material that was now available to the High Court.

The woman admitted having sexual connection with a boy aged 15 about September 6 last year. (more…)

Wed 25th February 2009

Critique of the Axioms Maxims and principles of Feminism

Filed under: General — artpos @ 5:19 pm

Critique of the Axioms Maxims and principles of Feminism

If our old adversary feminism, had principles, axioms, tenets or maxims to which it adheres, what would they be?

A suggestion list please. I would like to have a go with a critique of these…

IE, ‘equal pay for equal work’, ‘our bodies, our selves’, ‘biology is not destiny’… feminism is such a slippery mess I would like to pin it down and examine it intellectually. Any more succinct quotable startements please…. with a source if you have one…Longer paragraphs OK. too
My posts, so far, are my credentials.

Tue 24th February 2009


Filed under: General,Men's Health — artpos @ 10:34 am

Julies post gives greatly distorted view: She says ‘At the moment women are outliving men by 5 years ‘ quoting a news item from AMERICA that actually says ‘babies born in 2009’ so postulated effect is 77 years in future!  And may not happen because of Americas likely collapse NOW along the lines of a Soviet Union meltdown model. So Julie, a gross distortion of reality. I do not now think ‘julie’ so masculinist friendly.

Our current situation remains as irrevocably distorted economically and socially by evil feminist practice

Mon 23rd February 2009

Life expectancy increasing for men

Filed under: General,Men's Health — Julie @ 12:55 pm

In the battle of the sexes, life expectancy is one area where women are still ahead of the game.

At the moment women are outliving men by 5 years but according to a new study, the life expectancy gender gap is closing and could have vanished for good within just two generations.

Researchers say that if improvements in health and lifestyle continue at their current pace, husbands will start to live as long as their wives by 2035.

That year will also mark the start of the first generation who can expect to live into their late 80s – far longer than the traditional three score years and 10.

The prediction comes from American government statisticians investigating the shrinking life expectancy gap between males and females.

Historically men have died earlier than woman. Men have tended to do more dangerous jobs – as miners, soldiers or deep sea fisherman – and have been reluctant to adapt to healthier lifestyles.

However, the latest statistics from the Atlanta-based Centres for Disease Control and Prevention found that the gap is shrinking quickly.

Although the figures are based on Americans, researchers say they apply to other western countries such as Britain.

The downturn is that this will come at a cost.

While people will live longer, their quality of life may not improve.

The Office of National Statistics says the number of people expected to live more than 85 years will rise to more than three million by 2032.

The number of people with dementia could double to 1.4 million within 30 years.

The booming older population will lead to higher health, pensions and social security costs for taxpayers. It will also put more pressure on governments to delay retirement age to pay for the extra health costs of an older population.

Mail Online

Masculinist Economics

Filed under: General — artpos @ 9:30 am

Applications of Animal Husbandry to Feminist Shortfalls

“Maximum Human Female litter is 27”

NOTE: Beware this sketch will be added to later along these lines so be tender in its regard (You may end up looking ridiculous)
Jonathan Swift had an amusing solution to supposed problems in Ireland: he suggested boiling babies in sauce and eating them. We shall apply only half un-seriously his solution to correcting feminist economics (we’ll boil them in poison and feed them to our enemies.) By the following proposal

Masculist Economic Tenet number one: The maximum human female litter has been hitherto approx 27 not counting multiple births or fertility drugs. Since population economy shortfall is some 4,000,000 (Yes, Four Million!) from feminist depredations in New Zealand alone over the last 30 odd years we urgently need to make up these numbers to avert economic meltdown. From the youngest possible to the oldest providing body weight and health combine: we could perhaps increase that over a fertile life of 45 years, one sprog a year or one multiple birth pregnancy a year/every ten months or so to over 100 individual survivable babies. Per woman. This can be done with modern science in a full Masculist economy. This would act as a marvellous stimulus to our fledgling New Aotearoa economy. This of course would be a republic. If we all made a determined national effort we could do it. See Taxocracy. (more…)

Sun 22nd February 2009

Gender Disparities in Democracy Are Fatal

Filed under: General,Men's Health — artpos @ 2:39 pm

FEMALE RUDDERS:Gender disparities within Democracy are larger than commonly understood.
(Beware reading this essay, it could destroy your faith in politics.)

Boyish prows on the ship of state
“Biology is not destiny” Simone de Beauvoir

Despite appearances to the contrary our liberal democracies of today have considerable female leadership in the foreground and in the background, a majority influence. Sailing ships often had female names on the bow and stern and frequently sported a mermaid sprite or womanly clasping bust as effigies under the bowsprit, yet almost  all profits on the voyage, control of the cargo and manning operations went to men. Today, do our ships of state exhibit a similar tendency in reverse; men are now carving out political careers beneath the overarching wand of women. Women voters have the overwhelming numerical influence within advanced democracies and this has distinct downside effects for the estate of men. Excess female influence can distort notions of democracy from being a fair system of government. Some alternatives by way of correction are sketched as future possibilities. This essay is shows how men must not and cannot support a current biased feminist liberal democracy for it is not a fair system of Government. Democracy today is unfair to men. (more…)

Fri 20th February 2009

Man in coma made father without consent.

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — Vman @ 1:22 pm

ROME – Prominent Italian gynecologist Severino Antinori will artificially inseminate a woman with the sperm of her comatose husband, in a first in Italy that has drawn Vatican criticism, press reports said on Wednesday.

“I decided to act because … there’s a woman who wants to become a mother to overcome the immense sadness” brought about by the brain cancer that put her husband in a coma, Antinori told the leading Italian daily Corriere della Sera.

Antinori is well known in Italy for controversially helping post-menopausal women to bear children, earning himself the nickname of “the grandmother’s obstetrician”.

The in vitro fertilisation of the woman will be the first in Italy using the sperm of a man in a coma, Corriere said.

Antinori, who extracted the sperm on Tuesday, told reporters he would carry out the procedure in about a month.

The daily La Repubblica reported that the couple live in Vigevano, northern Italy, and that the husband is 35 and the wife is 32.

The couple had decided to have a child when the husband developed brain cancer a month ago, the report said.

Antinori said he is protected by a court decree authorising the extraction of the sperm as well as a law on assisted procreation.

But a Vatican prelate blasted the plan as “illegal”.

“The consent of both parents is needed for an act of procreation. In this case the husband is treated merely as a receptacle of cells,” Monsignor Elio Sgreccia, the president emeritus of the Pontifical Academy for Life, told Corriere.

Sun 15th February 2009

Mel B’s Tui Billboard

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 7:18 pm

Eddie Murphy : Eddie Murphy’s multi-million pound child support deal with Mel B

The latest Child Tax Tui Billboard Suggestion.

“Mel is delighted that the case is over as she just wanted what was right for her girl. It was never about money – it was Mel’s way of asking Eddie to show consideration for Angel,” News of the World quoted one of Scary Spice’s pals as saying.




Thu 12th February 2009

America the free

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:43 am

Check this out for some humour. The US Women’s Media Center calls for a public apology from Fox News because some male presenters humourously criticized the work of an ageing female journalist. I provided the following response on their comments blog, though as they are moderated my contribution may not be considered politically suitable. Others may disagree with my view and I would welcome any new insights:

What you don’t acknowledge is that the male presenters were not simply ridiculing Thomas for the sake of it or in any way because she is female, but they were expressing genuine criticisms of her questions and performance in a press conference. A degree of humor was appropriate in the chat-show format. Where was the sexism?
I’m sure you wouldn’t show the same indignant response if a female presenter spoke humorously about a male journalist whom she saw as asking inane questions and becoming an embarrassment to his profession. Even if she compared him to “the scary ogre of the East”, joked about him moving forward in his zimmer frame, and parodied him by talking in a deep voice.
The WMC seems to be trying to enforce new, self-created feminist commandments: “thou shalt never criticize any woman” and “all humor used by males must conform to WMC preferences” and “feminist preferences override all other rights such as freedom of expression”. Therein lies the real sexism.

Tue 10th February 2009

Big Buddy- Dangerous Window Dressing?

Filed under: General — John Brett @ 9:52 pm

The Big Buddy program is based on the philosophy that boys need good male role models in their lives to become good men. Implicit is that good male role models provide a substitute for a father.
There is no provision to provide good male role models in the lives of girls to become good women.
There is no provision for female big buddies for the children, who need a female role model in their lives,
The big buddies are interviewed, police checked, and screened by a psychologist
The selection of “Big Buddies” does not seek men who are, or have been fathers, and most big buddies are probably childless single men.
The candidate Big Buddies are not asked about their sexual orientation.
The ‘little buddies’ and their mothers are NOT Police checked, interviewed by a psychologist, or have any checking done into any possible history of abuse committed by them. (more…)

Sat 7th February 2009

The Silent Killer

Filed under: Child Support — Tigerseye @ 7:28 pm

This is an article I wrote awaiting news paper publication.


There is a killer moving among us that can strike at anytime. It’s been with us for the better part of thirty years becoming more lethal as time goes by. In 1991 it gained strength and became virtually unstoppable. Although it has been known to kill teenagers it’s main target is men, killing almost one a day.

As seemingly unknown as this killer is to the general populous there are many groups around New Zealand offering help and support as well as lobbying to get something done. Unfortunately all requests, letters and demonstrations have fallen on deaf ears. But this is no joke and the killer is a very real killer taking the lives of over 300 men each year. The name of the killer is The Child Support Act and it’s close cousin The Family Court. (more…)

Men’s sperm belongs to MEN

Filed under: General,Law & Courts,Men's Health,Sex Abuse / CYF — Julie @ 5:03 pm

What’s the difference between sperm samples and discarded toenails?
Answer: A landmark case in the UK has ruled the former is still a man’s property.

Sperm samples – given by the men after they were warned by doctors that chemotherapy might damage their fertility – were the property of the six NHS patients who can claim damages for the loss according to the ruling.

The six men have won their claim for damages in a landmark judgement which establishes the legal principle that a man’s semen is his own property.

The precedent is worthy of celebration yet a lot more is needed for men to truly have ownership of their sperm.

Some women steal sperm from men and use it to impregnate themselves. Whether it by having sex with an under-age boy or using syringes to squirt the sperm into their vagina, they bear a child and claim 19 years of child support because of the biological link.
Strange how biology only matters when child support is wanted.

Thu 5th February 2009

Family First newsletter (3 Feb 09)

Filed under: General — Julie @ 2:34 am

1. Vaccine Drug Company Targeting Boys For Profit
Family First Media Release 3 February 09

Family First NZ says that calls for the cervical cancer vaccine to be given to boys as well as girls is based on shonky research, marketing pressure, and wrong spending priorities. “The claim that Gardasil prevents penile cancer is based on a study of 16 to 26-year olds, funded by the drug company Merck which sells the drug, and the study lasted only five years,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “But penile cancer does not normally present until a person reaches the age of 50, and is extremely rare at approximately 1 in 100,000 men. There has also been no research on whether the vaccine actually reduces the carriage of HPV in the community and this is acknowledged by NZ’s Immunisation Advisory Centre.”
“Any research by Merck should be treated with extreme caution as they have just funded a $4.85 billion payout to settle 26,500 lawsuits regarding Vioxx — a painkiller which caused heart attacks, strokes or deaths. They were accused of waging ‘a campaign of deception to promote its drug, moving slowly to warn of possible hazards while at the same time dressing up in-house studies as the work of independent academic researchers’.” READ MORE

Cervical cancer vaccine for boys
The Dominion Post 03 February 2009

The cervical cancer vaccine should be given to boys as well as girls, to protect them and their future partners from genital warts and cancer, public health experts say. The main introduction of the $177 million vaccination programme, which aims to immunise 300,000 Kiwi schoolgirls over five years, begins this week. READ MORE

The women’s refuges in the news; And the funding crisis

Filed under: General — Julie @ 2:15 am

I have often found it hard to believe women’s refuges would stand and say, “Women are only victims” because women’s refuges often take in women who are part of the problem. They work closely with CYFS and I have known of board members being on both boards.

Sometimes women’s refuges take children away from the mothers and place them in CYFS care. In more recent years women’s refuges have made programmes that mothers must attend to help them be better parents. The refuges are consistent in putting the needs of the child as important and sometimes they even ask the father to take custody of the children.

Mothers are also referred to addiction centres for treatment (when needed) and some programmes allow the mothers to keep their children while in treatment. These programmes have been funded through women’s government spending plus other donations from business and even judges. These programmes are also available to fathers and their children. Both sexes can share the facilities in programmes well developed.

Tue 3rd February 2009

Mother loses custody for alienating dad

Filed under: General — Julie @ 11:04 pm

In a stunning and unusual family law decision, a Toronto judge has stripped a mother of custody of her three children after the woman spent more than a decade trying to alienate them from their father.

The mother’s “consistent and overwhelming” campaign to brainwash the children into thinking their father was a bad person was nothing short of emotional abuse, Justice Faye McWatt of the Superior Court of Justice wrote in her decision.

This is a major turn around for fathers since feminists have continually denied that PAS exists. PAS stands for Parental Alienation Syndrome and it is very hard on the children and fathers. Many of NZ adult addicts have a story to tell how hard it was living through their parents break up and how their parents fought over them. And many have lived destructive lives because they suffer from one parent alienating them from the other.

Mon 2nd February 2009

NZVPA Symposium on Violence Prevention – Early Intervention and Therapy

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Events — JohnPotter @ 1:33 pm

Director of the N.Z. Violence Prevention Association Warwick Pudney has organised a Symposium at AUT University on:

Preventing violence and making our communities and homes safer.

Until Proven Innocent – David Dougherty – TV1 Sunday 8th

Filed under: Events,Sex Abuse / CYF — JohnPotter @ 12:15 pm

This week’s Sunday Theater at 8.30 pm on TV1 is a feature-length drama about the wrongful conviction and imprisonment of David Dougherty – falsely accused of rape.

After serving three-and-a-half years of his wrongful sentence, he received a public apology from Justice Minister Phil Goff and compensation of almost $900,000.

This case has been documented and discussed on MENZ since 1996

Sarah Barnett reports in the Listener promo Fight for Justice, David’s lawyer Murray “Gibson told reporters at the time of Dougherty’s release that his client, who screamed when he heard the guilty verdict, was all but broken by the experience.

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