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Archive of March 2005

Couple speak out about Victim Support

Thu 24th March 2005:

Stephen and Diane Jelicich were a couple whose split became as acrimonious as it can get. It culminated in January with Stephen running off with their baby daughter Caitlin and hiding from police for 10 days. Diane went back to Wales not knowing where her daughter was or when she would see her again. But […]

60% of reported child abuse false

Tue 22nd March 2005:

The rather startling news that 60% of reported cases of child abuse now turn out to be completely unsubsantiated (or “incorrect” according to current jargon) gets a completely different spin in the Dominion Post story below. Presumably Stuart Birks said something meaningful to the reporter about the subject of false allegations, but it didn’t survive […]

You may be splitting up, but things don’t have to fall apart

Mon 14th March 2005:

Sunday March 13, 2005 The Observer There is never going to be such a thing as ‘a good divorce’ but Suzanne, a 39-year old from East Anglia, reckons hers was ‘probably as good as it gets’. Her decree nisi arrived two weeks ago and her main feelings were of relief and sadness in equal measures. […]

Photos of Convoy 2005 – Albany

Thu 10th March 2005:

Here are some photos from the first day of Convoy 2005 – taken at the Albany Mega Centre last Saturday. The convoy is on its way to Lower Hutt this morning, and there will be a demonstration at Parliament at 1.00pm Friday.

Family Court fugitives and the role of the Police

Wed 9th March 2005:

After 20 years of turning a blind eye to women blatantly ignoring Family Court orders, a father taking the same action has attracted the immediate attention of Judge Peter Boshier. In a February 1st speech to the Retired Police Members Club he said: “The much-publicised Jelicich case has recently focused public attention on a recurrent […]

Women’s Refuge Selects New Chief Executive

Heather Henare has been appointed as the new chief executive of the National Collective of Independent Women’s Refuges. Ms Henare, 46, has worked throughout her career to eliminate violence towards women and children, most recently as chief executive for Child Abuse Prevention Services (CAPS). She is a qualified social worker and has held positions in […]

Govt’s cancer battle leaves men out in the cold

Press Release: United Future NZ Party Men facing prostate cancer are strangely absent from the Government’s new cancer initiative despite it claiming 500 lives a year, United Future MP and Men’s Advocacy Network facilitator Marc Alexander said today. “Its all very well to fork out $13.2 million for breast screen age extension and $2.2 million […]

We Got Us a Convoy

Tue 8th March 2005:

Men’s Convoy 2005 :

De facto couples in legal limbo

Fri 4th March 2005:

De facto couples are in legal limbo after a parliamentary committee backed down on plans to give them the same legal status as couples who marry or enter a civil union. The chairman of the select committee dealing with the Relationships Statutory References Bill, Tim Barnett, acknowledged that de facto relationships would generally lack the […]

BOOK by custodial dad – Game Plan to secure equal rights for dads in court

Thu 3rd March 2005:

Aloha John…great site!!! …just a quick question, ever wondered why so few dads are granted joint custody, much less sole? it’s really no mystery…makes perfect sense. I want to invite your readers to my website, … a 52 chapter how-to book on singleparenting specifically for dads. It’s the first ever book of such detail […]

Boys should be more like girls

There is some heated discussion regarding Celia Lashlie’s article about raising good men over on Trish Wilson’s blog (in the comments from March 1). One contributor, NYMOM writes: “Women in western society have finally, finally gotten to the point, over the last 30/40 years or so, where they can actually DO something on their own, […]

Making good men out of good boys

Wed 2nd March 2005:

If adolescent boys could tell their mothers one thing, what would it be? Chill out and stop asking so many questions, says Celia Lashlie. Boys want their mothers to understand they know she’s there, that she cares and that they will talk to her if something big happens in their lives, but they also need […]

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