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Archive of December 2005

CYFS and our baby

Fri 16th December 2005:

WE NEED HELP. Let me introduce myself, we have a 5 month old son called Alex. Alex was born in Chch Womens hospital in June of this year and was very premature coming 11 weeks early and weighing only 780g. My wife had a very troublesome pregnancy as she suffers from several health problems which […]

males getting in the way yet again!!

I was stunned and aghast at today’s news that a policeman was able to rescue a child in Mt Maunganui yesterday. Sergeant Dave Thompson found the girl 45 minutes after she was taken by a youth in a car while walking to school with her 7-year-old brother. Are there not police women who could have […]

Men’s Centre North Shore responds to White Ribbon Day

Mon 12th December 2005:

Last week’s North Shore Times had an article titled: Men’s group says they’re victims, too. Men’s Centre was responding to White Ribbon Day on Nov 25th – the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Jim Bagnall was quoted: “People need to get the whole thing in perspective. I think in most cases […]

Toots for Air New Zealand Protest

Mon 5th December 2005:

The intersection of Albert and Customs Streets in Auckland was filled with a cacophony of car, bus and truck horns at lunchtime today. Protesters outside Air New Zealand’s main office held signs which read: “If you are male and not a paedophile — toot!” On the opposite corner, Jim Bailey sat on the top of […]

A Dunne Deal.

The article concludes with a veiled suggestion that fathers should shut up, pay up, and the state will see to it that the nations children will get the financial support they are entitled to.

Bay fathers afraid to play dad

Thu 1st December 2005:

Bay fathers afraid to play dad By Natalie Bridges Mike Kino looks carefree as he rolls around with his four-year-old son Michael on the grass in Memorial Park – but he’s worried someone might accuse him of wrongdoing. The father of five from Ohauiti says a politically correct obsessed society has contributed to making him […]

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