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The Truth Will Out

Filed under: General — Mike @ 10:20 pm Sat 15th July 2006

The Truth Will Out….an old adage,which, like so many of its ilk, contains more than a grain of truth.

The Weekend Herald today had a front page article,as I am sure most of you are aware,titled “Tea Break Justice” and contained the following excerpts:

One judge admitted that reading documents on protection order applications and making decisions on them “often occurred during a 15-minute tea break”.

A lawyer who participated in the study said the adversarial system was a “ton of fun for lawyers” but “no fun at all for participants”.

I personally find these comments abhorrent and totally reprehensible and am at a loss as to why professional liars are, for once,being truthful. Reasons aside,I feel that such attitudes give credence to protests held kerbside outside their homes and that those who have felt otherwise, will now see the validity of such action.


  1. Mike, to me this makes me wonder about whether the morals of Judges, thier rulings and thier attitudes are actually monitored, and thier suitability for the position assessed on a regular basis.

    I admit I know nothing about how they are appointed thier positions, but who checks up on the judges (who polices the police?)

    Comment by Moose — Sat 15th July 2006 @ 10:35 pm

  2. Moose,

    No one polices the judges. the FC is accountalbe to no-one.

    Good name for the post Mike. Because it is about bringing enough attention to the truth (problem) that those in positions can think.

    They are shuffling their bums a bit because they are worried about thier jobs.

    Comment by julie — Sun 16th July 2006 @ 12:48 am

  3. That is the nature of all legal maker machinery some time they take every thing on their will

    Comment by david — Sun 16th July 2006 @ 12:59 am

  4. Mike

    I agree ‘The Truth Will Out” is an old adage,which, like so many of its ilk, contains more than a grain of truth. However one grain of truth is no reason we should have to put up with a whole mountain of bullshit. when two countries go to war, who woulod ever agree that justice is done? our conflict based system does only encourages delays and dishonesty. the sooner we do away with judge-made law the better

    Comment by Trevor — Sun 16th July 2006 @ 10:15 am

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