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Archive of September 2007

In every New Zealand classroom.

Fri 28th September 2007:

Scoop Release The stark reality behind New Zealand’s family violence statistics has seen the emergence of a new profession – that of Child Victim Advocate practitioner. Child Advocates from around New Zealand will gather on 4 October 2007 for a Hui sponsored by the Family Safety Team (FST) initiative and supported by the Ministry of […]

Latest Air NZ Policy.

Let a women have her way regardless. The flight was already 15 minutes late leaving, dogged by continual relocation of passengers to accommodate lone children. There was frustration in the tone of the flight officer’s voice as he announced a delay due to documentation. At this point one attendant was moving two passengers from one […]

Latest DV response

Thu 27th September 2007:

The police shooting and killing of a man in Christchurch last night appears to be another tragic example of the DVA’s principles in action. The police were called to a domestic indicent and no doubt followed their current guidelines as demanded by feminist groups including Wimmin’s Refuge. They will have treated him immediately as a […]

11 Babies from 11 Different Fathers

An article on Campell Live on Tuesday night deserves comment. (Sorry, this video clip will only be available for a short time and I don’t currently have the skills to save the clip in a useable form). The clip is about a 21-year-old mother in Australia who advertised for sperm and impregnated herself from a […]

Families Commission Poll

Wed 26th September 2007:

Fathers might like to share something of their perspective on this poll being done by the Families Commission.

Feminist Radio

Tue 25th September 2007:

State funded National Radio (actually, I appreciate it immensely much of the time) broadcast an interview this morning on “research” into youth violence by Presbyterian Support researcher Sue Milligan. You can hear it for the next week on Radio NZ’s website. The research was based on 34 case studies and interviews with 40 people who […]

Protection Orders

Mon 24th September 2007:

Intersting to see Henare and Brian Garder ‘snickering’ when the suggestion that women sometimes make things up to get protection orders is raised. This is ‘Eye to Eye’ from about three weeks ago

WARNING to all men

Thu 20th September 2007:

I draw readers’ attention to our laws on unlawful sexual connection. Note particularly the section on consent, which seems to allow almost any situation to be defined as unlawful. If you are considering having sex with someone (I will assume for this posting it is a woman), keep in mind the following information.

Gender bias in sentencing

Wed 19th September 2007:

The following is an excerpt from the daily 3 news e-missive detailing lead stories to be seen on 6:00 pm news. Woman jailed after drug-fuelled sex with 14-year-old 27-year-old Nelson woman Kursty Anne Hunter has been sentenced to 18 months in jail for supplying a 14-year-old boy drugs and having sex with him. The boy’s […]

Gender Gap in Education – Abysmal.

Commenting on boys education Republicans Education Spokesman Paul Haynes said “The Ministerial Reference Group for Boys Education admits that even in traditionally male subjects boys are lagging behind girls, because the assessments are increasingly written and not practical.” Full Release….

How to vote.

The Human Rights Commission has been taken to task today by the Republic of NZ Party, after a media release from EEO Commissioner Dr Judy McGregor, urged “Women to vote in the up-coming local body elections and to consider voting for quality female candidates.” More…..


We don’t yet know all the details about the case of “Pumpkin”, the little Chinese girl whose father abandoned her in Melbourne on his way to the US. However, the case stands already as another dramatic failure of the Domestic Violence Act (DVA) because a protection order was in place that failed to protect and […]

Beauty and the Beast Show

Tue 18th September 2007:

Southern Star Charitable Trust presents a “Kids In Show Seats” benefit in aid of The Burn Support Charitable Trust. Auckland Single Parent’s Trust has received a number of free tickets for this event which we have heard are worth $30.00 each to the general public. Date: 6th October 2007 Times: 10 am, 1 pm and […]

Support for the women regarding child support

Hi All, I had recently written a post for women to get us all together to fight as a team so that we can do our best to change situations regarding child support. I took the post off because I felt that I had used harsh words and felt that maybe I might be taken […]

View from the National Party

Mon 17th September 2007:

Just in case anyone thought National? had not bought into the “only men commit violence’ argument… Blue has also said she wants? Women’s? Affairs expanded and given more power and funding under National, as they try to? gain the Women’s vote that they believe cost them the last election.? ___________ “Anyone who considers that women […]

More Double Standards

Fri 14th September 2007:

An article in the Herald yesterday entitled “Teen, 16, in violent tiff with lover, 42” highlighted the gender double standards and female privilege applied by police, Courts and the media. Police treated the case as one of domestic violence by a male and charged him accordingly. If the young person had been female and the […]

Little daughter is marching.

Herald Link: Jim Hopkins – Big Mother is watching. – Highly Recommended “Enough!!!” shouted Inspector One. “Citizen 3124583, I’m recommending you for immediate re-education as an unsuitable parental entity. Do not approach your child unless supervised and do not attempt to escape. We will be waiting outside until your re-educator arrives!” With that, the two […]

Milky Science

Thu 13th September 2007:

Professor Woodford is currently attracting plenty of media attention for his book that will expose the research and public management of research concerning A1 and A2 milk. A literature review was commissioned several years ago by the NZ Food Safety Authority who then discarded the lay summary the author had made for public release and […]

Human Rights for NZ children and UN CROC

Call for assistance – from Benjamin Easton: The inappropriate (if not unlawful) discrimination against the child is direct. The indirect as unlawful discrimination is against fatherhood. A child is protected under UNCROC to an association with dad. The process of assisted human reproductive technology as protected relative to the care of children under the COC […]

Groupthink – how safe are we from it?

I am concerned that the MENZ website group may be suffering from Groupthink? The following description is extracted from Wikipedia: Groupthink is a type of thought exhibited by group members who try to minimize conflict and reach consensus without critically testing, analyzing, and evaluating ideas. During Groupthink, members of the group avoid promoting viewpoints outside […]

Oh Colin James….

Wed 12th September 2007:

Oh Colin James…..She still walks the furrowed fields of your mind…..oh yeah, come in Kenny Rogers. The senior moments are coming more frequently in the extending mid life crisis of Colin James. His continuing infatuation with a younger Helen Clark is reducing the objectivity of his writing, column by column. If his obsession is Helen, […]

Sex-Obsession and Declining Birth-rates

Tue 11th September 2007:

An interesting essay that draws a connection between our modern day obsession with sex, and declining birth-rates. (also hints at the reason feminism arose at exactly the same time as the TV in every house). SEXUAL UTOPIA IN POWER F.ROGER DEVLIN (Excerpts): It is well known to readers of this journal that white birthrates worldwide […]

Prime Minister of Corrections.

Mon 10th September 2007:

“I think that continuing as Minister of Corrections is the punishment, not the other way around,” she said at her post-cabinet press conference today when she was questioned about the future of her errant minister. Helen “lock in up in cabinet” Clark Mr O’Connor, will not receive any reprieve from his full term of imprisonment […]

The Femugabi Regime.

With the Electoral Finance Bill, being dumped on parliament amid the flailing clutches at power by a desperate feminist regime, we have some solid objection from the electorate. The injustice they say. What hasn’t been realised in the past, by many people, is the reality of what has been happening in the Family Court and […]

Every Man’s Duty.

Sun 9th September 2007:

It is every man’s duty to pay the least amount of tax, or it was in the days when he was allowed person responsibility toward his family. These days we have child support theft and tax theft. stuff.

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